My holiday romance

Juliyetta goes on a school trip for three months. She's in America and ready to part-ay! However, her last trip to America ended in tears as she had ti say goodbye to her bestfriend. This time, she vows to not get too attached. Friendships from vacations will never end happily. So whatever will she do when her next holiday 'aquaintence' is sexy, charming, hilarious and irrestible. Whatever will she do when doesn't want to be 'just friends'? Holiday friendships are bad. So holiday relationships should be even worse......


5. Oh my god!

"Oh my god!" Sara exclaimed, fingering the spikes on the head. "I thought the statue of Liberty would be much bigger than that!" Clara said, stroking the blue hand. Jarah smacked her round the head. "Obvi!" She said, adjusting her make up in a photo frame. "This is just a cheap museum replica." She mumbled, stretching out her eye and putting on some eyeliner. "Ms Jyroale would you please stop smudging eyeshadow over a $789 million dollar painting. I doubt even you have the money to pay for the damages done." Mrs Gargoyle snapped, greedily snatching away Jarah's make-up bag. "Fine but if I see you wearing any of it then I'll-" Jarah began to mutter. "Then you'll what, Ms Jyroale?" Mrs Gargoyle challenged. "Nothing." Jarah mumbled, folding her arms. TJ and me just sighed and shook our heads. "I can't believe we're actually gonna go to the Statue of Liberty this afternoon!" Sara squealed, doing a little jump. "What I can't believe is that we're stuck in this boring museum all morning." Jarah muttered angrily. "You have no respect for cultural things." Sara replied, shaking her head and walking away. Jarah followed yelling, "Of course I do! Shopping's cultural right?" Me and TJ laughed. That day I decided to go au natural. I wore peach lipgloss and light brown eyeshadow on top of orangey. Fake eyelashes obviously and eyeliner. I wasn't obsessed like Jarah but I did like to look good. As for my clothes, I wore shorts again, neon pink converse and an MTV top. Au natural. "Urgh! Let's go and have some coffee or something!" TJ sajd, dragging me towards the museum cafe, Clara following closely behind. We sa
t down and Clara offered to go order something. "When do you think we go to the coaches?" I asked TJ. She shrugged her shoulders in reply, staring at something else. "Ooh." I cooed as I elbowed her. "Somebodys smitten for Derek." I continued elbowing her. She punched me in the shoulder. "Nobody says smitten anymore." She said, still staring. I think he beckoned her over. She was hypnotised and just stood up. I swear she didn't blink once. I guess it was okay to be in love with someone from England, considering they went to our school. I suddenly felt like a loner and started to look around for Clara. Surprise surprise, she was making out with someone. I rested my head on my arms and felt soo depressed. "Hey er... This seat taken?" A smooth voice asked. "No." I snapped, not even bothering to check who it was. When I did, my heart stopped. It was the fit boy. "Hey, my name is Caleb." He said, settling down and ripping the rapper off of his sandwich. "Err, I, em..." I stuttered. My brain had fell asleep. But I saw this girl walk past and she reminded me of my lost friend.
"Nice." I snapped rudely. "You have a name?" He asked me. He was so nice. "Erm.. Yeah! I'm Juliyetta." I replied, holding out my hand. Stupid. I mentally thumped myself in the brain. It was like a meeting with the queen and not a fit boy. He starec at my hand strangely and raised an eyebrow. He looked soo sexy. Instead, he made a fist and pointed it at me. "Safe." He said, taking another bite of the sandwhich. "I know what it is!" I snapped, putting my hand down almost immediately. "Sorry, I just figured you british types were-" He began to say but I intertupted. " British types?" I nearly screamed at him. "Well you yanks-"..
"Yanks? You do realise no one in America actually says that." He laughed. "Well everyone in Britain does." I replied. "And ain't you British as well?" I asked him, eyeing up his sandwhich. I hadn't eaten anything. I think he noticed me staring because he pushed one half towards me. I shook my head. "Just take it. And what makes you think I'm british? Do I sound british?" He asked as I tried so hard not to devour the sandwhich. "Well not really but.. I saw you getting out that plane. If you were from America then why would you-" He raised his hand to stop me. "Wow! You're a bright one." He said sarcastically. "If you live in England, do you walk to Tho'Scotland? Take the bus to France? Cycle to Germany?" He asked, trying to hide his laugh. I made a face. "Whatever. I'm human. So what are you doing in New York?" I asked, my heart was starting to pound again as he stared into my eyes. He didn't answer the question.
"You're so cute!" He exclaimed. Brushing up the crumbs. "With your little British accent." He continued. It was already going too far. No attachments. "Thats not exactly an appropriate thing to say." I said, folding my arms and giving him a filthy look. "So is it against British customs to compliment a girl?" He asked, raising his eyebrow again. I could feel my heart thumping really loudly. I was scared he could hear it. "I'm Just saying you look so much more beautiful without all that make up like you had on yesterday." He said. My heart stopped. So he had seen us yesterday. So he did say something to me. "Erm.. You saw me?" I stammered feeling really sick. "Erm duh! Hard not to notice a girl with neon pink eyeshadow on." He laughed, opening up a can of coke. Where did he get all the food from? "I mean, your friends were flirting with me but... I only had eyes for you!" He said and cracked up laughing. "Haha very funny." I mumbled sarcastically. My phone started ringing. "Hello... Babe.. Erm where are you?" It was TJ. She sounded really worried. "I'm at the cafe." I replied, getting really worried myself. I had just about finished my sandwhich and Caleb was just sat there, staring at me.
Fuh-ree-kay! "Oh my god you like totally need to sprint... The bus is leaving!" TJ screamed down my ear. I squealed loudly and nearly dropped my phone. I didn't bother hanging up, I just stood up and frantically got all my stuff together. I kept muttering "Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!" I kept dropping my stuff and was gonna have a panic attack until Caleb touched my arm. It sent a shudder straight to the tips of my toes. "Juli! Calm down. Whats up?" He asked. "I'M GONNA MISS THE BUS!" I screamed at him, whilst grabbing his collar and violently shaking him. "Ow. Whats wrong with you britons? You can call a cab." He said, rubbing his neck. "What the heck is a cab?" I yelled at him and dropped my coat. I bent over and half the stuff fell out of my bag. "Oh!" I moaned. My phone started ringing again. "Wha-at?" I whined. "TJ's just popped 2 tyres so if you hurry you can just about make it an-"
I sighed. "It's down five flights of stairs cuz the lifts are out of order and I have to run all the way to the other side." The other end was quite and then Jarah was back again. "All tyres now... God speed darling. God speed." Jarah said. I hung up and started putting everything back in my bag. Caleb just stood over me. Laughing. "Well help me then!" I said, putting in my make-up bag. He snatched it away and hung it over the bin. "Okay, I will. You don't need this." He said. I grunted and pushed him aside. He fell. "I don't have time for this!" I yelled as I sprintef down the stairs. I was down two flights and I stopped at a window, panting. I could see the bus having it's tyres done. TJ looked up and saw me. She beckoned for me to hurry and I shook my head. I saw her take a knitting needle from Mrs Gargoyles bag and pop another tyre. The needle snapped and TJ ran. I kept panting and started to sprint again. I was getting really bad cramps at the third flight. Two more left. I wheezed and coughed my way down the last flight. I heard a beep. "Where the heck did you get that from?" I asked as Caleb sat in a mobility vehicle. "Nobody's gonna miss it." He said as he patted his lap. He did that cheeky smile and said, "Hop on baby." He said, making his eyebrows jump up and down. I reluctantly got on his lap and he put an arm around me. "This comfortable." He whispered. I jumped off. "You know what? I'll take my chances." I said. "Come on! I'm sorry." He said, I climbed back on because I needed to get there fast. "So whats up with you?" He asked as I held on to his hand. Man, those thin
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