My holiday romance

Juliyetta goes on a school trip for three months. She's in America and ready to part-ay! However, her last trip to America ended in tears as she had ti say goodbye to her bestfriend. This time, she vows to not get too attached. Friendships from vacations will never end happily. So whatever will she do when her next holiday 'aquaintence' is sexy, charming, hilarious and irrestible. Whatever will she do when doesn't want to be 'just friends'? Holiday friendships are bad. So holiday relationships should be even worse......


1. Introductions

Hi. My name is Juliyetta and this is my story. A year ago, I had the school trip of a lifetime! We went to America! To study the national history of course bit we got a lot of extra time to do whatever. On my previous trip, I met this girl, Jess. We were bestfriends forever and did everything together. I had so much fun and I ignored everyone else. When we retirned hime, I barely had friends left and I missed Jessica loads. We still chatted on Facebook but soon she kept posting pictures of her and this girl called Ellie. Most of them were labelled BFF's. So I deleted her and we never talked again. I did not want to make that mistake again. So I vowed to not get too attached. That worked out pretty well. Not.
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