Can You keep a secret ?

Maddie, a 6 year old girl discovers who her father really is and run for her life, while in the processed meets 5 boys about her age who have a very good future and she becomes best friends with and when they find out about her past it goes down hill from there. No one knows her story, and when someone finds out her story, she makes sure it stays a secret. Can you keep the secret ?


40. Thats all mine

Its finally time for me to go back to school, its been 6 months since I've been to school.  Zayn is going to drive me to school to make sure I get there safely.  We finally pulled up to my school and Zayn had one of the those fancy cars that you only see in movies, you know?  Well all eyes were on that car, the guys came running up the car to see who owned it, only to see when Zayn Malik from One Direction stepped out of the car the girls went crazy!  I must be one lucky girl, Zayn Malik chose me, he chose me, I'm not the most popular girl in the grade, ore the prettiest I'm just an average girl.  And of course as soon as Kara, the most popular and prettiest girls in school saw Zayn Malik step out of the car she came dashing over. 

"You're Zayn Malik!" She yelled stopping him in his path

"Yes, I know." He said laughing.

"We should go out sometime." She said giggling

"Uhm, I'm just here to drop off my girlfriend." He said

She had the most disgusted look on her face when she saw me step out of the car.  I turned towards Zayn gave him a hug and kiss, I turned to walk away when he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him, he playfully bit my ear and whispered into my ear

"I love you, I'll see you later."

He let go of my hips and I started to walk away when he walked up behind me and slapped my butt.

"That's all mine." He said laughing.

Kara looked at me with a really disgusted look on her face.

"Why would Zayn Malik choose you?" She asked laughing. " I mean, we all know hes gonna leave you."

"I doubt that.." I said smiling.

"Uh, why?" She asked

"Well, first off I had his children." I said with a smirk

"You two had kids?!" She yelled

"Yes. We had twins." I said

Everyone gave me a disgusted look like I've done something wrong.

Kara was off talking to her friends while I was talking to one of  my old friends Jacob. I over heard Kara talking about how shes going to steal Zayn away from me.

"Ohmmgee, I can't believe Zayn would go after something like that."

I walked over to her and let me tell you, I have never been so mad in my life

"Uh, excuse me.  Do you have a problem with me?" I asked

Kara looked at her friends and started laughing. They all started to fake cough and say whore after they coughed.

"Uh, I'm sorry that Zayn loves me and now a slut like you."

She looked at me then back at her friends. She stood up from her chair, made her hand into a fist and was about ready to punch me.  She threw the first punch I caught it with my hand spun her arm around her body and slammed her face onto the desk. 

"Eat the desk bitch!" I yelled as the teacher walked in


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