Can You keep a secret ?

Maddie, a 6 year old girl discovers who her father really is and run for her life, while in the processed meets 5 boys about her age who have a very good future and she becomes best friends with and when they find out about her past it goes down hill from there. No one knows her story, and when someone finds out her story, she makes sure it stays a secret. Can you keep the secret ?


27. Silenced

I turned around to face Hayden's father..  "Your the one that killed my family!?  What the hell is wrong with you!?"  I yelled

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my Batman switchblade. 

"Okay, calm down, no need to get violent."  He said throwing his hands up into the sky.

"Really?!  No need to get violent?  You violently killed my family!"  I yelled getting closer to him pointing the knife at him.

"Put the knife down!"  Yelled a man behind me

I turned around to see the cops flashing a light on me. 

"Put the weapon down!"  The cop yelled

"I had to, you would of killed him."  Hayden said

I dropped the knife and walked towards the cops.  I looked straight into the cops eyes.

"You'll never catch me."  I said running down the stairs and out the door.

I ran into the wood looking for the old shed where my family is.  I tripped and fell over a stick, well what I thought was a stick.  I started to dig up the stick, and there was something attached to the stick, I kept digging.  I ended up digging so much to reveal 3 dead children, freshly buried.


From:  Zaynnn

"Hey, I miss you.  I'm sorry for everything.  Please forgive me?"

To:  Zaynnn

I don't know.  I'll talk to you tonight."

I heard sirens blaring through the woods.  I was slowly walking and heard the crack of twigs off in the distance.  I turned around to see Hayden.

"Please, turn yourself in." He said

"Why did you call the police on me?!"  I yelled walking towards him

"You would of killed him!"  Hayden said backing away.

"He killed my family!  He deserves it!"  I yelled while still walking towards him

Hayden tripped over the little girls hair buried in the ground.

"Wh- what is this?"  Hayden asked while trying to pick up the hair.

"Your father did this, hes the one that did everything.  He killed my mother and my brothers and sisters!"

Hayden got up off the ground a deep rage in his eyes he looked up into my eyes walked towards me

"You're next." He whisper into my ear as he was walking away.

I turned around only to see 5 or 6 children running towards me..  The pushed me to the ground and  all stood around me in a circle. 

"Hello Madisyn." Said a fimarliar voice.

I looked up only to see Hayden & Grayson standing above me.

"What, what is this!?" I screamed.

"Scream, scream all you want.  No one will hear you." Hayden said


My phone when off and it was Zayn.


Hey babe, you okay?"

I read the text and was about to reply when Grayson ripped the phone out of my hands and swung it across the woods.

"Like I said, no one can hear you." Grayson said.

Hayden looked at me, he lightly grabbed my face turned my head and wispered into my ear,

"Guess you shouldn't trust someone you just me aye?"

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