Can You keep a secret ?

Maddie, a 6 year old girl discovers who her father really is and run for her life, while in the processed meets 5 boys about her age who have a very good future and she becomes best friends with and when they find out about her past it goes down hill from there. No one knows her story, and when someone finds out her story, she makes sure it stays a secret. Can you keep the secret ?


15. Home School.

Maddie's POV

"Hey Mom?"  I asked

"What?"  my Mother said

"Do you think I can be home schooled?"  I asked with a smile

"Now, why would you want that?" Mother said

"So my Father can't find me.."  I said quitly

"Oh, I suppose.  Today can be your last day." Mother repiled

"Thank you!"  I said while skipping off upstairs

Louis and I got into the car ready to go to school. 

"Today is my last day of you having to drive me to school!!"  I said happily

"Why is that?" Lou asked

"Mother is going to home school me, so my Father can't find me.."  I said

"oh."  Louis replied

Louis stopped the car to let me out at the front doors.  I walked into the school and a bunch of people were whispering and giving me dirty looks as I passed them.  I walked up to Peyton like I always do, she gave me a dirty look slammed her locker and walked off with the "popular" girls..  I don't even know what I did, was it something I said?  Was it something I did?  I walked the halls alone, I got laughed at all day, slammed into lockers, walls and thrown into trash cans.  I texted  Zayn to come and get me.  *Knock Knock*  Mrs. Smith went to answer the door, and in walked Zayn Malik.  All the girls in the room let out a gasp, they all ran up to Zayn asking for autographs. 

"ZAYN MALIK!!!! Can I please have your autograph?!" Some girls screamed. 

"Sorry, I'm just here to get my girlfriend" Zayn said

"Who's your girlfriend?!"  Screamed some popular girl

"Her" he said while pointing to me.

"What !?!"  Gasped tons of girls.

"Yes, her.  Ready to go babe?" Zayn asked

"I sure am" I said proudly.

I got up and left the class room, people walking in the hall ran up to Zayn asking for autographs but he walked right by.  He was only interested in me.  This day started out horrible, but then became amazing.

"Ready to go on that date now?" Zayn asked

"yeah, where we going?"

"I don't know, you're just going to have to wait and see." Zayn said



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