Can You keep a secret ?

Maddie, a 6 year old girl discovers who her father really is and run for her life, while in the processed meets 5 boys about her age who have a very good future and she becomes best friends with and when they find out about her past it goes down hill from there. No one knows her story, and when someone finds out her story, she makes sure it stays a secret. Can you keep the secret ?


4. **Big News**

Peyton and Niall walked hand in hand all the way to the car.  I stood in the background with the rest of the lads talking about the performance. 

Niall's POV

Oh my gosh, I can't believe i finally did it, I told Peyton how i really felt and the best part is,  is that she felt the same exact way !!  This has truly been the best day ever !  Now her and I are walking hand in hand while the lads and Maddie stumble behind, best day ever !

Peyton's POV

Niall did it, he finally confessed his love for me !  And now with him being in this band he might even be famous !  This is amazing !

Peyton and the lads decide to stay the night at our house and of course Peyton slept with Niall in the extra bedroom, Maddie in her room and the rest of the lads in the living room.  And of course, we had to watch Toy Story cause of Liam, hes sitting in the chair rocking in a ball crying.. "LIAM SHUT THE HELL UP !!!" Yelled Harry.  "No this movie is so emotional" Liam said back. I came stumbling down the stair, "bros shut up and go to bed !"  I shut the light off and went back upstairs. 

Harry's POV

The lads and I are heading back to the X-Factor to see if we won or not.  "One Direction please report to the stage"  said the man on the speaker.  The lads and I are so nervous as we walk up the stairs to the stage.

Liam's POV

We are about to find out if we won or not, here we go I am so nervous.  "Hey Liam" whispered Harry.  "yeah Har-" Liam was cut off my Simon.  "I'm sorry to say this but you did not make it, you finished in 3rd place.  It has been a wonderful time with all you fine lads, I hope you continue this singing career.


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