Can You keep a secret ?

Maddie, a 6 year old girl discovers who her father really is and run for her life, while in the processed meets 5 boys about her age who have a very good future and she becomes best friends with and when they find out about her past it goes down hill from there. No one knows her story, and when someone finds out her story, she makes sure it stays a secret. Can you keep the secret ?


18. Attack of the fans!!

"Zayn, I thought you were sleeping?" I said

"I was, but you woke me up"  Zayn said while smirking

"Oh, sorry.  I can leave you be so you may rest."  I said while getting up

"No, stop. I want you to lay here with me."  Zayn said while grabbing my hand.

"What happenend?  Why are you in the hospital?"  I asked.

"Well, I was on my way to your house and I just passed your fathers house, and as soon as I passed a rusty old pickup truck slammed into me.  The car flipped and fell into a "death ditch" as my mother would call them.."  Said Zayn

Chills went running down my spine, just to know that my father now knows about my boyfriend too.  Why can't the stupid cops just catch my father and put him in jail already!  He is ruining my life !!

"Excuse me, Mr.Malik needs his rest, so if I may ask you to leave."  Said the nurse.

I got up from Zayns bed and walked out of the room towards Peyton.

"What has been your deal lately?!  I haven't even done anything to you and your acting like I did something terrible.." I said

"You lied for attention..."  Peyton said as she walked away.

I walked over towards my mom.  My mom gave me a hug and told me everything will blow over soon and it will all be okay..  The elevator opened and saw Liam and Harry with two girls standing behind them.  As they slowly walked out of the elevator I saw some faces I knew, I thought about it for a while and I realized that It's Madii and Allie!  Allie saw me and ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"What are you doing here?!" I asked

"Our car broke down and Harry and Liam picked us up on the side of the road!"  Allie said.

Madii ran over to Peyton and gave her a hug, they started talking and walked off. 

"Maddie, you okay?"  Liam asked

"I've been better.." I said

"Do you need a hug?"  Liam asked

"Sure.." I said

Liam gave me a big hug, Madii and Peyton wondered  their way back into that waiting room, Peyton came up to me. 

"Listen, I'm sorry, I was being stupid.."

"What did I even do to you!?"  I said

"Some girls at school said you li-" Peyton was cut off by a bunch of screaming girls

The girls kept screaming about One Direction, and holding up a bunch of signs.  Liam and Niall walked over to the crowd and told them to wait outside, they will be out later.  The girls didn't listen.  Even the girls from school were there, they saw me balling my eyes out.  I am so glad I won't be going back to that school Monday.. 

"Wheres Zayn?! screamed one girl

As soon as she yelled that I started crying all over again.  Harry and Liam ran over and gave me a hug.  All the girls gasped and tried to "cry" to get Harry and Liams attention.  As they let go I walked off towards Zayn's room, the nurse was helping him get into his wheelchair. 

"She said I am free to leave" Zayn said

"I'll help you out of the hospital" I said

I openend the door of his hospital room and walked out in the hallway, the girls gasped.  Yes, that is right, Zayn Malik is in a wheelchair.  And is being pushed out of the hospital by a nobody.

"Who are you?!"  Screamed some fans

"Why would Zayn like you!?" Another screamed

"Yeah! He could do sooo much better than you!!" Said another

"Shut up!!" Liam screamed as he stormed off behind me.

I was helping Zayn get into his seat, I shut the door and when back to the hospital to give the wheel chair back, as I was walking in.  Boom!  Some stupid fan punched me in the face.  Another threaten me with the knife she had in her pocket.  I ran away, Liam and Harry right behind me.  We all hopped in the car.

"Babe!  What happened!?" Zayn asked

"Your stupid fans!" I said



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