Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


9. 9


I took out my phone and called Abby.

Dina: Abby? Hey it’s Dina.

Abigail: Oh hey.

Dina: Look can we talk?

Abigail: I guess we can.

Dina: I’m really sorry that I freaked out earlier. I shouldn’t have been treating you like that when you met the boys.

Abigail: It’s okay. I wasn’t being fair either. I’m glad you look happy around them.  

Dina: There’s something else…

Abigail: What is it?

Dina: Did you take that snap shot of me and Niall kissing on skype? You and Melanie were the only ones in the conversation and I know one of you spread the picture.

Abigail: I swear Dina! It wasn’t me. I would never do something like that to you. It’s probably Mel! She’s been very furious over the past days because you met the boys and she knew I was going to meet them, so she’s probably doing it for attention, you know after everything with her mum.

Dina: Yeah it’s just always been me and her until you came around 2 years ago.

Abigail: I know, but have you even heard half of the things she’s been saying about you over the past months? She’s been acting all weird and she’s been really angry with you.

Dina: Why would she be angry with me?

Abigail: Because we’re not stupid. We know that you don’t really love One Direction the way we do.

Dina: You’re right, but she wouldn’t hate me for that.

At the same time the boys knocked on the door and I walked up and opened but I kept talking to Abby.

Dina: Abby look. Honestly it doesn’t really matter who uploaded the picture, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t you, because I can’t trust the one of you that did.

Abigail: I swear Dina it wasn’t me. I hope you believe me.

Dina: I do… Well I’ve got to-

Abigail: Wait! Go check Melanie’s facebook. She just uploaded some pictures!

Dina: Abby what’s going on?

Abigail: Just do it and then we can write on the chat.

Dina: Okay.

I hung up and looked at the boys.

Liam: what was all that about?

Dina: You guys better be prepared for some crazy shit, because Niall’s gonna be in big trouble in the interview if people keep reposting a certain picture.

I took my laptop and found Melanie on facebook, she had uploaded a lot of pictures of me and Niall, and was bragging about the fact that her “best friend” was hanging out with him to her 1000 friends on facebook. This wasn’t good at all. I turned the laptop around just as the Zayn opened his mouth and asked what picture I was talking about.

Zayn: Holy! When was that taken?!

Dina: It’s taken when Niall and I forgot about the webcam in my laptop and we were speaking with my friend Abby whom you met earlier and my other friend Melanie. Melanie uploaded this picture and it’s all over twitter and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve posted it on Alan Carrs’s facebook as well. He’s probably going to ask about it, and honestly I wouldn’t want to drop out of college because of too much attention.

Louis: Hey Dina. Calm down.

Louis sat down beside me and wrapped a friendly arm around me.

Dina: Do you know what my dad is going to do to me when he finds out?

I let a tear escape my eye and wiped it away, as soon as I had the chance.

Harry: was it your dad that Niall and I met last night?

Dina: Yeah why?

Harry: Nothing…

Liam: We’re just gonna do our best to cover it up, and then you guys will be really careful with who you speak with and what you’re doing.

Niall: I guess.

Liam: Sorry Nialler, but it’s the only thing we can do for now. We can’t just take down the picture. There’re probably a lot of people who has saved it already.

Niall: You’re probably right.

Niall looked at the ground.

Niall: How long till we’re leaving?

Harry: 20 minutes. I’ll go get ready. Be in the lobby on time!

Niall: I will.

The rest of the boys followed Harry out of the room.

Dina: I’m really sorry Niall. I didn’t know she was going to do this. I never in my life thought she would do anything like this to us. She knows how much I hate the attention, and it can ruin so much for you as well.

Niall: Don’t worry about it. It’s just gonna be easier from now on.

Dina: What do you mean?

Niall: Have you ever had that feeling that when you’re just looking at a person and you heart start skipping beats? And everything you want to do is to take care of that person and save them from all harm in this world? And then kiss them, and make everything else around you and the person disappear? Have you ever felt all this with someone you’ve only just met. Because this is how I felt when I saw you the first time.

I felt a tear escaping my eye. What he said was really beautiful, and I knew that was why I liked him as well. I had been feeling the same way as he did. I just wanted to be with him. Not because he was Niall Horan, but because he’s a really amazing person.  

I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless. I just hugged him really tight into me and jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I hang there and kept myself tight into his body as I started kissing him. We kissed really passionate for a while before our tongues started playing with each other. After about 3 minutes we stopped kissing and looked at each other.

Niall: I really like you a lot Dina. Don’t you ever forget that!

He kissed me shortly on the lips again before I had the chance of saying anything.

Dina: I love you Niall.

I felt how my cheeks turned red as I looked him into the eyes and said the three magical words. But I mean them. I really did love him. He had changed so much for me in a really short time and I just wish I could stay here with him in this moment forever.

Niall looked at his phone, Harry had texted him that their limo was there early so he had to leave already.

Niall: Stay here and watch the interview. I’ll come home with some dinner afterwards. Deal?

Dina: Deal.

Niall: Good, see you in a couple of hours.

He kissed me shortly and then left to meet up with the rest of the boys.

I sat down with my laptop on the bed. It was time for me to speak about what was going on. I couldn’t handle the questions anymore. I was being spammed everywhere, twitter,, tumblr, facebook and skype. Everyone wanted to speak with me about what was going on between me and Niall. Honestly I didn’t quite think we knew so ourselves, but I would be answering the questions about who the girl from the pictures was. I decided to upload the pictures of me and the boys on my facebook profile as well, because it was time for my friends to realize the truth.

I made an album and uploaded all of the pictures, the ones where Harry, Niall and I were fooling around, the ones with each of the boys as if it was fan pictures, and the one with all of them on it. Some pictures from the signing and some pictures of me and Niall that we had taken while we had been together yesterday. I had actually taken a lot of pictures, but I really liked it.

It didn’t take long before I turned on the TV and was ready to watch the boys, as I did the comments on my pictures started to run in, people were commenting, sharing and liking my pictures. It was really crazy and surreal at some point.

I changed my profile picture to a picture of Niall and me where he was kissing my cheek, and then I took to the keyboard.

“I know there have been a lot of rumors over the past two days and a lot of you probably saw me with One Direction at the singing. Truth is the past 2.5 days have been really surreal for me, and I have been hanging a lot out with the boys from One Direction. They are some of the sweetest and caring people I have ever met, and I can honestly say they are the easiest people to speak with that I’ve even spoken to.  To clear something up, whatever you’ve been seeing with Niall and I is a lie. Niall and I are just really close to each other and all there has been was when we went out for coffee. Don’t believe what you hear on twitter, I’m not who they think I am. I’m still me and I will stay me, even though I got new friends.”

I didn’t really know how to express myself on facebook, it was kinda weird, but I ended up sharing my short phrase anyway. 

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