Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


8. 8


As the limousine stopped it was surrounded by the fans. I didn't expect it to be this crazy, but it really was. Louis smiled all over his face as he opened the door and the security helped us all out without getting hurt by the fans. 

Niall covered me up for the fans and wrapped a friendly arm around me. 

Niall: you okay? 

Dina: yeah it's alright. Just a bit scary. 

Niall: it's gonna be okay. It's not gonna be as bad as it looks as soon as we're down by the table. You're gonna stand behind us all, so it's gonna be all safe for you. 

Dina: I know. You wouldn't have taken me if it wasn't going to be safe for me. 

He smiled and kissed me on the cheek and then walked up to where they were gonna sit. 

Liam: you know you guys should really not be playing too much around now that we're around the fans. They are gonna ask questions and they are asking enough already. 

Niall: I know... 

Liam: you good Dina? 

Dina: a bit scared. There are a lot of people here and probably even more people from my school, so it'll be really strange after today where everyone will know my name. 

Zayn: it's gonna be ok. We're all here for you. 

He walked up to me and hugged me just as they were about to take their seats and start the signing. 

Niall: you know you can always pretend that you're working with us. 

Niall winked at me and then sat down while he got himself a drink from his bottle of water. 

The signing started and I didn't expect it to go anything like this. People came in and took pictures with the boys and got everything they fans had with them signed. After about 15 minutes I saw the first person I knew and I started to freak out a bit. Zayn was the one to notice while Niall was taking a picture with a fan. Zayn paused everything by getting up and walking over to me. 

Zayn: you ok? 

Dina: yeah just continue signing. I just saw someone I know, who I didn't know was gonna be here today. 

Zayn: just turn around so they won't recognize you. 

When he had said that he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I'm sure there was gonna be a lot of pictures of that later, but that was only because the fans didn't really understand that this was something we did to our friends. 

When Zayn had sat down it was Hollie's turn to get something signed I didn't realize until it was too late and she had yelled my name all across the yard. 

Hollie: OMG Dina!!! What are you doing here? 

She was smiling and sounded way to glad to speak with me. We weren't really close at all so I hated that she pretended it like that. 

Dina: hey Hollie. 

All the boys turned around and looked at me. 

Dina: we go to the same school. 

It was my answer for their questioning eyes that pointed at me. 

Dina: Hollie can we talk about it later. I'm guessing you'd rather speak with the boys up here. 

Hollie: sure? 

She spoke a bit with the boys and asked them questions about me and how we knew each other all while getting her book and CD signed and a picture with all of them. 

Hollie: See you around Dina.

I hated how she was yelling my name, it was like she wanted everyone to know that I was there, and honestly I didn’t like getting the attention. Though I knew I would get some when I chose to go with the boys and when I had been in Niall’s twitcam yesterday.

Dina: Guys I’m gonna go get some drinks. Do you want some?

Niall turned around to face me, just as he finished signing something for a girl.

Niall: No don’t go. We’ll get the security to bring you something. Just tell the man over there what you’d like.

Dina: Well okay then…

I went up to one of runners who was standing in front and asked him to bring me a bottle of water. He did as I told him to, and just as I was about to leave some girls started talking about me really close to where I was standing. One of them called me over and I didn’t know if I should walk out to them or not. They hadn’t seen me, so I quickly turned away as they started calling me.

Girl: Dina? Come over here! Dina!!

All the boys looked up at me and I questioned if I wanted to go or not. Honestly I was kinda worried.

Harry: it is okay Dina you can go. We know you’re with us, so you can always come back.

Dina: I guess.

I got my bottle of water from the runner, and walked up to the girls that had been calling me. When I came up to the girls I could see that it was some girls from my school. I knew their names but we never really spoke with each other. Sienna, Amy and Nicole was the girls that were standing there. They were all going to start in year 12 after the summer break, so they were all younger than me. I was going to start at my last year.

Dina: Hey girls. What’s up?

Nicole: What are you doing here with the boys?

Dina: We’re kinda friends, and Niall couldn’t drop me off at my hotel here in London, so he told me to come hang with them while they were here.

I smiled and enjoyed the feeling of feeling better than them.

Amy: How come you haven’t told anyone that you know them?

Dina: Because I recently became friends with them, and it’s not something to brag about. Look they are normal guys, and very easy to speak with.

Sienna: How did you get to know them? They are like really famous.

Dina: I know they are, but that doesn’t make them less humans. We ran into each other at the hotel the other day.

Sienna: so you were the girl in Niall’s twitcam last night.

Dina: Yes? I was actually there with him.

Sienna: I didn’t see you, I had to shut down before it finished.

When Sienna said the thing about the twitcam a lot of people turned to face me and wanted to speak with me. It became really crazy so one of the security guards came and helped me get back to the boys.

Niall: seeing the fans loving ya.

Dina: Very funny Niall.

I pushed him a bit while he wasn’t signing anything.

After about an hour I finally saw Abigail in the crowd. I wanted to shout her name but I could see that she would be here soon. When there were about 5 people in front of her she called my name.

Abigail: DINA!!!

Dina: Hey Abby!

I pushed everyone away to run out to my best friend who was standing there in the line, and was about to meet her idols for the first time.

Dina: Are you excited?

Abigail: OMG I’m dying. I can’t believe this is finally happening! It’s been 2 years already.

Dina: Promise me you won’t do that when we get to the table. They are really just regular boys.

Abigail: regular boys?! Have you even met them?!

Dina: Abigail, I believe I have. Was it you or me who spend the whole day with them yesterday and ended up snogging with one of them?

I whispered the last part and that made her scream really loud. Everyone was looking at us.

Abigail: YOU DID WHAT?!

Dina: Shh! People can’t know.

But it was too late, some girls longer down the line saw me and mentioned me and there we went again with people knowing my name.

Dina: Thanks a lot.

I walked to the boys as soon as Abby reached them.

Dina: Boys this is my best mate Abigail.

I sighted and rolled my eyes. I was really annoyed from what she did right now. The boys were really nice to her and let her get pictures with all of them and answered most of her questions.

Shortly after Abby had been there the signing ended and the boys had 1.5 hour to get back to the hotel and get ready for their interview.

When Niall had finished he walked into my room. He had like 45 minutes before they had to leave.

Niall: Dina? Can I come in?

I opened the door and wiped away the tears that had filled my eyes.

Niall: Are you okay sweetie?

Dina: Sorry I wouldn’t have let you see me like this.

Niall: What’s wrong?

Dina: Remember the girls we were speaking with earlier? Abby and Melanie?

Niall: Yeah why?

Dina: Apparently one of them took a screen shot of when we kissed and it’s all over twitter now.

Niall: You’re kidding me right?

Dina: No.

I sobbed and sat down on the bed. I was looking at the ground as the tears were running down my cheeks.

Dina: Why would any of them do this to me Niall? They are my best friends. That’s why everyone at the signing was acting so weird. Some of them must have seen the picture already. And what are you going to do if they ask you about it in the interview?

Niall: I don’t know…

He sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around me.

Niall: Look whatever people are going to say to you don’t listen to any of it.

Dina: They are already saying things. It’s on facebook pages, tumblr and twitter.

Niall: I guess we better pray for the best then. I’m gonna go get the boys. They have to know this.

Dina: I guess they have…

Niall got up to get the boys and I went back to my bed. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that to me, and I didn’t expect my best friends to do it to me at all. I’m guessing it was Emily because she was jealous of the fact that both Abby and I had met the boys which left her out of it all. 

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