Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


60. 60


Eleanor: Allie, come on! We have to keep going!

I was sitting on the couch in the flat I shared with Niall, I didn’t want to do this unless someone was going to tell me what was going on.

Dina: Fine but someone needs to tell me what’s going on soon.

Eleanor: It’s a surprise!

Dina: El I’m not good with surprises.

Eleanor: I know, but you’ll get it anyway.

She teased me a bit while getting my stuff gathered in the bedroom. I got up from the couch and helped her pack the stuff and leave to Louis’ flat. This was going to be such a long and odd day I could feel it already.

When we got to Louis’ flat Abby and Perrie was there as well. Apparently they were going to help out with making me ready. It was like being in a beauty salon. First I was sent to the shower where I spend almost 30 minutes because I had to get all sorts of shampoo in my hair. It was really weird just being there and having the girls work around my body.

When I got out of the shower and was all dried I got my eyebrows and legs waxed. I was screaming every time they ripped off a piece of paper from my legs.

Abby: Stop crying Dina.

Dina: oh you wanna try this? Because it hurts freaking bad!

Perrie: Just calm yourself down, it usually helps.

Dina: It’s kinda hard when you’re hurting me all the time!

I folded my hands over my bump and tried thinking about what I had gotten myself into. It didn’t take the girls long to finish my legs and eyebrows. I got my robe back on and was placed in a chair to get my feet and hands done. My nails were being polished and painted in a beautiful bright red colour.

Before moving on to my hair and make-up we took a short break where we got ourselves some tea and snacks. It was about 5pm and I wasn’t supposed to be done until 7pm where Harry was going to take me to the place I was meeting Niall. Speaking of the boys, I hadn’t seen any of them since I arrived home.

We were sitting in the couch when I started wondering and looked around.

Dina: Where are all of the boys at?

Eleanor: Just around doing stuff.

She smiled at me and I could see that they knew so much more than I did, and I really wanted them to tell me what was going on, as I started to get really nervous about everything.

Dina: Well… uh…. Great.

I smiled and pretended to not care about it at all, when in reality I really did care about it.

Abby: Come Dina, let’s get your hair and make-up done before you’re going.

She smiled at me and helped me up from the couch and into the bathroom where I got my make-up done like something I was pretty sure I had seen on every movie star in Hollywood at least once. I got light brown/grey smokey-eyes make-up on, that made my green eyes shine even brighter.

Dina: Wow…

I was looking into the mirror and I was actually really beautiful.

Perrie: What is it?

Dina: It’s beautiful.

Eleanor: Yeah someone here’s good with make-up.

I smiled to Perrie that had done my eyes. Eleanor finished the look with a baby pink lip gloss that made my lips shine bright.

My hair was being curled shortly after the girls had finished my make-up. It was so messy and big but they tamed it and made it look really pretty by gathering it and let some parts hang loose over one of my shoulders. I looked at myself in the mirror when they had finished making me look like I was taking out of a Hollywood movie and placed into this real world.

Abby: You’re beautiful Dina.

Dina: Thanks.

I smiled and admired myself in the mirror before the girls went into the bedroom and found my clothes. They had picked everything out and dressed me in blonde laces underwear and dressed me up in the pink dress and my black leather shoes that I had just gotten. I looked at myself once more in the mirror. I was real, and I was beautiful. I don’t think I had ever felt this beautiful before.

Eleanor: don’t get too excited you’re still not finished. You need jewelleries!

The girls all looked at each other and went through all of my jewelleries. I had so many and I loved every single one of them.

After about 20 minute the girls finally agreed on the jewelleries. They chose a simple heart formed diamond necklace that I got from my dad after his first trip to China, and the ID bracelet I got from Niall last year. It was beautiful and simple. They also placed the N ring over my finger and smiled by their work.

Perrie: Let’s get a picture together before Harry’s picking you up.

We went into the bedroom where Louis had a huge mirror and got a picture all four together. Perrie uploaded it to twitter and mentioned all of us, and soon people were spamming my mentions asking me where I was going since I was dressed all nice.

Dina: Perrie people are asking questions now…

Perrie: Just let them. They’ll have fun.

Dina: But I don’t even know what to answer them.

Eleanor: You know you’re not forced to answer any of them at all.

Dina: I know but I like speaking with them, they are nice.

Eleanor: Just leave it for now.

She smiled at me and at the same time Abby looked up at me.

Abby: Harry just texted me that he’s on the way over here. So he’ll be here in like 5 minutes.

I found a small purse and filled in my phone and whatever I thought I would need for the night out. Eleanor found a jacket that would go with the dress just as Harry arrived and stepped inside. He said hi to everyone but stopped and stared at me for a while before he finally got himself to say hi.

Harry: wow… Dina you’re really beautiful.

Dina: Thanks Harry.

I hugged him and pecked his cheek. He walked up to Abby and kissed her before we were leaving. He blindfolded me as I sat into the warm leather seats of his black Audi, and took off. We were driving for a long time and Harry refused to tell me anything about where he was taking me.

Dina: Can I accuse you for kidnapping me?

I laughed a bit for myself and let a smile appear on my lips.

Harry: Very funny Dina.

Dina: I know! I’m hilarious!

I heard him laugh as we continued driving and listening to music. We stopped after what felt like 30 minutes and everything was silent. Where was I?

Dina: Harry?

I heard his door open and close and I was alone in the car. I wanted to take the bind off of my eyes but I wouldn’t want to ruin my surprise either.  I heard my door being opened shortly after and I could feel Niall’s hands as he took a hold on mine and gently placed his lips over mine while opening my seatbelt.

Niall: Hey princess.

Dina: hey.

Our voices were only whispering and I could sure tell that he was smiling all over the face as he helped me out of the car and helped me place my feet safely on the ground. He took the bind off of my eyes and looked at me as my eyes were still closed.

Niall: Keep your eyes closed for another second.

He placed a kiss over my cheek and made me smile all over my face. I heard Harry’s car start and drive away which meant Niall and I was alone.

Niall: You can open them now.

He whispered into my ear while standing behind me.

I blinked a couple of times and was a bit blinded by the light. I didn’t look at my surroundings I just turned around and looked at Niall who was all dressed up in tuxedo. ¨

Dina: You’re beautiful.

Niall: Not as beautiful as you are.

I lay my hands on his chest and placed my lips over his.

Dina: I’ve missed you Niall.

Niall: I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as I’ve missed you.

He took my hands and turned me around so I was facing the restaurant that was placed out here. It wasn’t really out of town but it was a silent place. It was a fancy place in a silent part of London.

We went into the restaurant where we were greeted by the waiter that led us to a table that was placed almost in the middle of the restaurant.

There was a red rose placed on the middle of the white misting. The whole thing was really beautiful and it looked like I was suddenly placed in the middle of gala dinner with only the most famous and important people around me.

We were seated and the people brought in wine for us but we both thanked no. We got water served and the food was there within no time. The food was better than everything I had ever expected.  The whole thing was so overwhelming and I couldn’t believe that Niall would do something this special for me.

Dina: Are you ever going to tell me what we’re celebrating?

We had just finished the dinner and waited for a desert we were going to share.

Niall: Not until we come back. But right now we’re just celebrating you and me, and what’s about to come to us in the near future.

I smiled at him just as the waiter placed our dessert on the table.

Waiter: Enjoy your dessert.

Dina: Thanks.

We kept looking at each other through the dessert and finished up quite fast. We left the restaurant after spending a little over an hour in there.

We sat down in the car and looked at each other. Niall had a seducing look as he started the engine and drove back to the city centre.

Dina: So where are you taking me now?

Niall: The place we first met.

Dina: The hotel? But it’s like right beside where we live?

Niall: I know, but I have something prepared for you there.

We pulled up at the hotel I had been spending time at last year when I first met Niall. Someone parked the car for us and Niall took me directly to the lift.

Dina: Wait have you already checked in?

Niall: Yeah I was here earlier.

He smiled at me and led me to the left were he pushed the button for the 4th floor. We stood in the lift for about a minute and then the door opened again and he led me out into the hall. I remembered everything as if it was yesterday I had been here last time. He took my hand and made me follow him all the way down to room 405 that had been my room last summer.

Niall: welcome back.

He opened the door to the huge room and I saw the rose petals all over the floor and the bed.

I walked inside of the room where Niall took my jacket and purred a none alcohol wine up in our glasses.

Niall: Don’t worry there isn’t alcohol in it.

Dina: good.

I smiled at him and took a sip of the glass. It was a sweet taste that met my lips and ran all the way down my throat.

Dina: What now?

I placed my glass on the table and looked at him. I knew he hadn’t just booked this to make me feel special. There was something more in this.

Niall: There’s something I wanna ask you Dina…

He put his glass down on the table and I was pretty sure that I knew what was going on now. I knew the question he was going to ask me and I knew it was something that would change my life forever. He placed my hands in his and looked deeply into my eyes before gently placing his lips over mine for a short moment before he pulled back and stroke my cheek.

Niall: Such a beautiful girl. How could I ever be this lucky?

I blushed and felt how the warmth filled my whole body with every single touch of his skin against mine.

Dina: How was I lucky enough for such a wonderful person to knock on my door?

Niall: I guess it was faith bringing me back to you.

I smiled and turned so I was kissing the inside of his hand before I took it in mine.

Niall: Dina you’re the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met, and you’ve changed my life completely. I love you with all of my heart.

He moved a step closer to me and looked at me with an expression I had never seen before, but now I knew that it was a good thing. He took his left hand to his right pocket and found a beautiful small diamond ring, it was kinda like the N ring, but it was a little different as well.

I looked at the ring as tears filled my eyes and started streaming down my cheeks.

Niall: Dina McMahon, will you do me the honour and be my wife?

Dina: yes!

He looked deeply into my eyes. I knew we had our fights and I knew we would have them in the future as well but spending forever with him would be something that I would kill myself for. He was my soul mate and we belonged together no matter what anyone said. 

Dina: I love you. 

Niall: I love you more. 

The words was only formed and partly whispered over our lips before we closed the gap between us with a kiss. 

Dina: so it's forever? 

Niall: forever till the death will separate us and even after. 

He leaned in and kissed me again before placing the ring over my finger. I admired it for a short while before I looked back into his eyes.

Niall: you're gonna be beautiful when you walk down the aisle. 

Dina: I can't wait. 

I looked at the ring again. It was really beautiful.

Dina: It’s really beautiful Niall.

Niall: It has to fit to my beautiful girl.

I smiled at him and placed both of my hands in his as we sealed our love with a kiss. 

Dina: I love you with all of my heart.

Niall: I love you too.



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