Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


54. 54


I looked at my phone, it was ringing for the 10th time today with a private number. I hadn’t picked it up any of the times it had been calling because I knew it would be the magazines asking about the ring. The pictures had been all over the internet for a couple of days now and in a lot of different magazines. So many people had asked about it, and I never gave them an answer. Of course all of the management, agents and so on knew about what was going on. It was just a present from my boyfriend, but I guess that they didn’t really understand.

I had gotten a few texts when I looked at my phone after he had finally stopped ringing.

Abby: hey stranger! Can you and Nialler come down? The others are here. You guys are the only ones missing.

Dina: Sure. Just need to freshen up, be there in 10.

Niall: Who’s texting you?

Dina: Abby… she wants us to come down. Everyone’s at Harry’s place.

Niall: let’s go then!

Dina: Just give me a second to freshen up.

Niall: sure.

He smiled at me as I walked into the bathroom where I put some water in my face and put my hair up in a ponytail. Honestly I didn’t bother to wear make-up when I was only around my friends. They didn’t judge me on the way I look, but on my personality. After all I had known them for a year already.

Before I knew about it we were all sitting with a cup of tea down at Harry’s place laughing and just enjoying being young. I was sitting beside El, Abby, Perrie and I were all laughing really loud and just having some girl time together while the boys were fooling around. But that was only until Niall fell on the floor and soon all of the boys were lying on top of him.

Eleanor: They are so not gonna do that on their own!

El jumped up from the couch and placed herself of top of the pile of boys on the floor. Perrie, Abby and I couldn’t stop laughing. El was just another part of the boys and she enjoyed it. She acted like a kid even though she was older than most of them. She was turning 21 soon.

Harry: El you’re hurting my balls!

Eleanor: shame…

She just sat there and laughed even though Harry was complaining about the pain.

Niall: What about me! I have 5 elephants on top of me!

Dina: Aww poor babe.

I was really sarcastic in my voice before everyone fell to the floor and was spread all over. All the boys and El were both laughing and taking their hands to wherever they had hurt themselves.

Perrie: Silly boys.

Dina: But quite funny anyway.

We laughed together before everyone got back to their seats in the couch.

We were really enjoying the afternoon at Harry’s place, just sitting around doing whatever we wanted to do. I was sitting in couch speaking with Eleanor while Abby and Perrie were at the other end of the living room drinking coffee and just speaking about Perrie’s band.

Louis came into the living room and threw a magazine on the table while having a cheesy grin on his face.

Louis: I didn’t know you were engaged.

He was being sarcastic, but honestly I was getting really tired of this rumour.

Dina: Yeah apparently my boyfriend can’t give me a ring before we’re engaged.

I smiled back at him just as my phone started ringing again.

Abby: Who’s calling you all the time?

Dina: I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know.

Abby: Why not?

Dina: Because I’m off from the world.

I smiled at her and looked at my phone that had just stopped ringing but started again.

Abby: Come on. Just pick it up…

Dina: Fine… but you guys have to be quiet.

Abby: of course.

I looked at my phone and pressed the answer button.

Dina: Hello?

Woman: Hello this is Emily Hunter from xPress magazine calling. I’m looking for Miss Dina McMahon.

Dina: speaking.

Emily: Well hello again Dina. It’s been a long time.

Dina: Yeah it’s been a pleasure.

Emily: Pardon?

Dina: Nothing. What do you want?

Emily: I have a few questions about the rumour about your and Mr Horan.

Dina: Well you will have to call the agents and make an interview appointment then.

Emily: But I’m speaking with you right now?

Dina: Sorry I don’t have permission to do that.

Niall and Liam came into the living room just as I said that and looked at me confused.

Niall: What is it you don’t have permission to babe?

I gave him a death glare for speaking in the near, but on the other hand he couldn’t know who I was speaking with.

Emily: Is that Mr Horan with you Miss?

Dina: Yes, yes it is, but as I said you will have to call our agent and make an appointment if you want an interview. Thank you. Bye.

I hung up before she even got the chance to answer me and looked at Niall and Liam who was still confused.

Liam: What was that about?

Dina: xPress magazine that wanted an interview with me.

Liam: But sweetie you don’t have an agent.

Dina: No but you do, and they will have to contact them if they want an interview about Niall and I.

Liam: You’re probably right.

Abby: Why don’t you just get it over with?

Dina: Because I don’t know what to say ok? They are gonna try and convince me stuff that isn’t true and continue building up the rumour. Remember back last year? She didn’t freaking give in until we sent her those personal pictures and the story from our point of view. Remember? It was when we were fighting with Melanie and Hollie.

Abby: Yeah I remember.

Dina: good. I’m not gonna go through that again.

We spoke for another good hour before Niall’s phone rang. I could see on the screen that it was Simon, as Niall had left the room with Harry and had left his phone on the table. I picked up his phone and answered it.

Dina: Hey Simon, what’s up?

Simon: Dina? Did I call up the wrong number?

Dina: No, if you’re trying to reach Niall you didn’t. He just left the room with Harry a couple of minutes ago and left his phone with me.

Simon: Oh… well can you find him? I need to speak with him about an interview you and him are doing tomorrow morning.

Dina: sorry?

Simon: The people from xPress magazine called, and they want you to do an interview about the rumours with the two of you tomorrow morning or tonight. I told them that tomorrow was better.

Dina: I guess…

Niall walked in with a sandwich in his hands. Of course he was eating again… he usually never stopped.

Dina: Niall? Simon wants to speak with you.

He took to his pockets with one hand and looked for his phone before he smiled at me and realized I was speaking from it.

Dina: It’s about an interview tomorrow.

I handed him his phone and heard him go on for a couple of minutes while eating his sandwich. He looked at me and felt how he felt sorry for me because he knew how I felt about the woman who was going to interview us tomorrow morning.

Niall: What time is it again? *pause and eating another bite of the sandwich* sure we’ll be there…

He hung up and then looked at me while chewing.

Niall: Sorry…

Dina: I hate that woman! She’s never gonna give up on you guys. She’s gonna do everything it takes to get me down. She hates me.

Niall: Why would she?

Dina: She knows me that is why…

Niall: How does she know you?

Dina: The article about Abby and me last year. She wrote that…

Niall: Oh I forgot that… It’s gonna be okay. I’m there with you remember?

Dina: Yeah…

He sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

We were with everyone for the rest of the night, just having some fun together. Harry and I were cooking dinner for everyone, and it was a huge mess because Louis and Eleanor kept interrupting us and Niall stepped in the way. But we did have fun anyway.

Niall and I went home around 11pm as we had to get to the interview by 10am. I didn’t get why they we were doing it that early, but it really bothered me, as I would just love to have another day in bed where I was doing nothing, but instead and I had to get up and look like a model while people would be looking at me and asking questions.

We were lying in the bed and looking at each other that night.

Niall: You’re gonna do great tomorrow.

Dina: That’s not what I’m afraid of…

Niall: Then what is it?

He moved closer to me and started playing with my hair.

Dina: She hates me Niall. She’s going to be really mean and sneaking into stuff that is none of her business just to get me to speak. You know I get nervous.

Niall: It’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna be there for you.

He kissed my cheek before we both dozed off. I was really tired and annoyed so I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. 

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