Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


50. 50


I parked the car and stepped out still staring confused at the house and the police car that was parked in the driveway where my car was supposed to be. My mum was standing outside wearing her usual shorts and of course her favourite shirt with them. I lifted my ray bans and put them up in my hair. 

Police officer: excuse me miss this is a private area. Please step back. 

Dina: sorry. I'm Dina McMahon, Jeanette's daughter. This is my old house. She called me to visit her. 

My mum looked up at me. I couldn't really read her face so it was really hard to tell if she was sad or angry, though I kinda felt as if it was a mix. 

I looked at the house that was so different from how I left it. Broken windows, huge scratches on the door, ripped curtains and graffiti all over the front. 

Police officer: miss! 

She snapped her fingers in front of my face and got me back to reality. 

Police officer: miss I have a few questions for you. If you would just follow me to the car. 

Dina: of course. 

I followed her to the car and sat down on the front seat when she opened the door. 

Police: do you know who did this? 

Dina: no. 

Police: do you know anyone who hates you and would hurt your family? 

Dina: well... This is kinda complicated. You see I moved from this town after I started dating my boyfriend Niall Horan from One Direction about a year ago, and ever since we started dating I got a lot of hate in this town and from his fans in general, but I never thought anyone would take it to this level. Though I might have one idea of who did it. 

Police: who? 

Dina: there were these two girls from my college that I used to be really close to Hollie and Melanie. We were like best friends a year ago and we were all huge fans of my boyfriend and his band and we have been fighting ever since Niall and I started dating. 

Police: I will need all the information you can give me on these girls. 

Dina: really? We won't be done until tonight if I have to tell you everything I know... 

Police: just social media, full name and address please. 

I wrote all of the details down on a piece of paper for the officer and then went out of the car to comfort my mum. 

Dina: mum I'm really sorry about this. I never thought it would go this far. What happened? 

Jeanette: I was sitting in the kitchen when it happened and I saw the back of Hollie before they took off. 

Dina: don't worry, they are gonna pay for this. I'm gonna make sure of that. 

Jeanette: don't do anything stupid. 

Dina: trust me I won't... I'll be back soon. 

I plugged in my earpiece and got back into my car when the police officer started speaking with my mum and some others were looking at the house. I took my sunglasses out of my hair and made them cover my eyes before I started the engine and took off for a short while. 

I called Abby while driving the road I knew so well down to Melanie's house which lay about 3 miles from mine. 

Dina: Abby? It's Dina. 

Abby: what's up? 

Dina: I'm on my way to pick you up. You're going with me to Melanie's house. Be ready in 2. 

I hung up before she got the chance to answer and shortly pulled up in front if her house. She was already standing outside when I got there. 

She jumped in on the front seat and looked at me. 

Abby: what's going on? 

Dina: those freakish bitches made vandalism on my mum's house. Broken windows, broken door and graffiti on the whole front of the house. 

I speeded the rest of the way and pushed the break hard as we got into the driveway at Melanie's place. 

I stormed out of the car with Abby right behind me and ran up to the door. 

I knocked hard and felt my knuckles hurt before the door was nicely opened by no other than Melanie herself. 

Dina: you filthy little pathetic bitch. 

I took a hold on her shoulder and pushed her against the wall and look with directly hate onto her. 

Dina: you can call me nasty things; make up rumors and lots of other things but ruining my mum’s house. Who the fuck do you think you are?! 

I pushed her even harder against the wall and I could see that she was scared of me. Neither of them had ever seen me like this before so it must have been really scary. 

Melanie: Dina stop it you're hurting me. 

Dina: YOU TOOK THE ONLY THING SHE HAD LEFT!!! Do you think that's funny huh? You know I have the best lawyer in the entire country right? And you're gonna pay for every freaking bit of it! And I'll make sure that none of One Direction or crew members and family will ever talk to you again! 

I saw the tears grow in her eyes before I let go of her. She didn't say anything, but I knew she would so before I left. 

I knocked my fists against the wall causing one of them to bleed, before I turned around and was about to leave the house. 

Melanie: wait Dina? 

I turned around and gave her a death glare. 

Melanie: I did all this of jealousy. This isn't me! You must know that! You were my best friend through 10 years. We used to always be there for each other. I was jealous because you had everything I wanted to have and when you got Niall you got the very last hope I had left. I'm sorry for all the terrible things I've done. Please forgive me. 

Dina: FORGIVE YOU?! AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE?! THE HATE, THE THREATS, MY HOUSE!!!! I will never forgive you. For any of this Melanie! I don't care how much you say sorry. You're just a two faced hypocritical bitch and will always be. You'll be hearing from my lawyer. Good luck with paying it all! I'll expect it. 

I left her house feeling a bit weird but honestly I had gotten to a point where I didn't care. These bitches were going down. I could leave with the rumors and empty threats because they were only trying to hurt me, but doing this to my mum after my dad got sick, I moved out, and the separation... 

We got into the car and took off without saying anything. Abby looked at me with a confused and sad face. 

Abby: you're not gonna make this easy for them are you? 

Dina: nope. 

Abby: why Dina? 

Dina: because I've been facing too much from them. They've gotten away with so many things over the past year. Telling the work about Niall and I, rumors, death threats, bullying and now this? What would you have done?

Abby: let the police do their job. 

Dina: they need to know Abby! They've done so many things when I just wanted to give them a chance to get closer to their idols. 

Abby: you kept them all to yourself in the beginning. 

Dina: yeah like 12 hours. 

Abby: still. 

Dina: I introduced you didn't I? And I let you speak with Niall on Skype and stuff. 

Abby: I guess you're right. But be nicer this time. 

Dina: ugh fine... 

We stopped in the driveway in front of Hollie house and walked with a good amount of speed and a serious angry look on my face before I knocked the door hard before it was opened by Hollie's mum. 

Dina: hello Mrs. Barry. Is Hollie home? 

Mrs. Barry: Dina? Abigail? You two are not welcome here. 

Dina: I'd like to have a word with Hollie please. 

Mrs. Barry: I'll have to ask you to leave or else I'll call the police. 

Dina: don't even bother. They are on their way already. 

I smiled at her with a face that made her know I had the power. She looked at me confused. 

Dina: you see my home here in Bishop's Stortford is a private ground. That means if you're stepping onto MY ground without permission it's trespassing, and your daughter Mrs. Barry she's gonna pay for what she did. Broken windows, broken door, broken curtains not to mention the graffiti. Shall I keep going? 

Mrs. Barry: Hollie would never do that. 

Dina: she would and she did. And trust me I can charge her for so much more but I'm just gonna go with the vandalism to be honest. So it was really nice speaking with you. You'll be hearing from my lawyer. 

I smiled to her as I put on my sunglasses and walked back down to my car. 

Honestly it felt good to have the power in your hand. I knew I would get used to that. 

We drove the path back to Abby house where I dropped her off. I went back to my own house afterwards and asked my mum to pack her stuff. I would take her to London. Honestly my mum had never seen the flat I lived in now. She had been care of my dad ever since he got cancer in the beginning of the year, but it was too much for her, so basically moved in on the hospital. He didn’t have much time left and I was really scared that I would lose him, but on the other hand I couldn’t handle seeing him this sick.

Dina: Pack your stuff. We’re staying at my flat over the next couple of days. We’ll get the house fixed within no time.

Jeanette: Dina I can’t pay for all this.

Dina: Don’t worry you won’t.

Jeanette: I can’t take the money you and Niall have either.

Dina: Trust me, that’s not gonna happen either. Hollie and Melanie are going to pay for it. Every little bit of it. I’ll be calling Simon who’ll get us a lawyer when we’re coming home.

The drive back to London was shit. My mum was really sad, and we had to stop in Colchester where we were visiting my dad. My mum knew I hated seeing him like this, but he had the right to know. They still cared about each other, but it was better if they kept separated. It was not like they got a divorce, but mum knew dad would pass soon.

I parked out in front of the hospital and saw a couple of pictures being snapped. Ever since I had done a model job in April people were noticing me even more, honestly it was quite annoying, but at least I wasn’t just known as “Niall Horan’s girlfriend” anymore.

Jeanette: Dina?

Dina: Yes?

Jeanette: I know you hate seeing him like this, but he’s your dad.

We were walking down the hall to my dad’s room, and had stopped right in front of it.

Dina: I know…

I opened the door and smelled death all over the room and saw my dad lying there in bed almost too weak to open his eyes and mouth. He had lost the rest of his hair. My young father all ruined and weak from the chemo that had filled his body.

Dina: Dad?

He looked at me breathing heavily. He was really sick, and he just waited for the death to enter. I ran to the bed with eyes filled with tears. I lay down next to him on the bed holding his hand. This was gonna be a long afternoon, but I didn’t want to leave my dad now that I was finally here. 

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