Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


5. 5


We arrived at this really fancy restaurant after about 20 minutes in the traffic.

The dinner went really well, but acting as if Niall and I were only friends was quite hard for me as our eyes kept meeting. His sparkling blue eyes met mine shortly before our food arrived. I think some of the other boys noticed, because I saw Louis whisper something to Harry, who then elbowed Liam who at last elbowed Zayn. I guess they didn’t want me to notice what they were doing, but I did.

Liam: So Dina where are you from?

Dina: Essex.

Liam: Really? Which town?

Dina:  Bishop’s Stortford

Louis: Is it nice there?

Dina: It’s kinda small and it’s right next to the airport, so it can be kinda noisy some times.

Louis: Wait, which airport?

Dina: Stansted airport of course?

Louis: Oh yeah…

Our food arrived to the table and everyone started eating immediately. There was a lot of talking through the food from everyone except Niall. He was really into his food and didn’t pay much attention to what happened around him.

I felt as if I really got to know the boys. Not the singers but the boys. They were all really kind people and it was really easy to tell that they loved what they were doing. Niall joined the conversations we had as soon as he finished his food. God that boy could eat.

When everyone finished and we had been speaking and laughing for a while we paid the food. When I said I wanted to pay my food everyone was just staring at me.

Niall: You’re not going to pay for yourself sweetie. I invited you, therefore I’ll pay.

Dina: Niall really I can’t take that. I hate when people spend their money on me.

Niall: Honestly it’s okay.

He smiled at me and squeezed my hand a bit and went off to pay for the food. When he got back we all went back to the hotel.

I was followed to my room by all the boys. Niall and Harry were staying together in one room while Louis, Zayn and Liam were staying in a room further down the hall. We stopped in front of my room all 6 of us.

Dina: Well this is my room. Thanks for a lovely night guys! It was so amazing meeting you all.

I smiled and gave each of them a hug. Niall kept staring into my eyes, there was definitely flirt in his look. I didn’t know if I wanted to invite them in but I did it anyway.

Dina: Hey come on in. I want a picture with you all.

They all smiled and followed me gladly.

When we had taken the picture everyone was just chilling around in the room. Zayn was fixing his hair in front of the mirror and Harry, Louis and Niall was having a pillow fight in my bed. Liam and I were having a conversation on everything and nothing. We didn’t really know what to speak about.

Liam: So when are you going back home?

Dina: Friday, but honestly I would love to stay here forever. There’s nothing much to do at home, and after this episode my best mates will be a pain in the ass to be with. I mean seriously Abby, who’s one of them, started crying and freaking out when she was speaking with Niall on skype earlier.

Liam: wow… I’m sorry.

Dina: Don’t be. I knew it would be like that if I met you. My biggest problem, will probably Melanie. She’s a huge fan and she’s gonna kill me for not telling her that I met you guys.

Liam: But why? I mean we’re not that special.

Dina: The thing about Melanie is that she lost her mum 3 months ago and then she turned into this really obsessed fan. It’s like everything she thinks of is you guys and it’s kinda keeping her happy, so I’m glad for her.

Liam: Oh I’m sorry to hear that.

Dina: Yeah but at least she’s found a great addiction instead of hurting herself. You guys are keeping her happy.

When Liam was about to say something back to me Niall came and threw a pillow at my face.

Dina: Niall!!!

Niall: Sorry I couldn’t help it.

He was laughing so hard, as was Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam. I pretended to be sad. What the boys didn’t know about me was that I’m a quite good actor. In the beginning they didn’t buy that I was hurt, but when I kept going they started to get really worried. Niall came up to me and hugged me from behind.

Niall: Look Dina I’m really sorry. It was just meant as a joke. Don’t cry okay?

He held me tight and I really enjoyed the feeling of having him close to me.

Zayn: are you okay Dina?

They all stood around me, when Niall kissed my cheek. When he did that I couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing really hard.

Dina: you bought it? Boys you are so naive.

Niall: You were joking?

Dina: Do you really think I would cry from getting a pillow at my head?

Niall: No…

He blushed a little and I smiled back at him.

Harry: Well it’s getting kinda late so I think we’re gonna go.

Harry looked at the other boys and kept me and Niall to us selves. They all got up except for Niall who was still smiling at me.

Dina: You leaving already?

Liam: Yeah we have a busy schedule tomorrow so we better get some sleep.

I hugged the boys. They all left except Niall. Louis was calling him from the door.

Louis: You coming Niall?

Niall: Yeah I’ll be there in a second.

Louis closed the door behind him and Niall turned to face me.

Niall: Today’s been a really perfect day. It feels like I’ve known you forever.

Dina: Forever is a very long time Niall…

Niall: I know but it feels like that, and after the feelings I got when I saw you last night I just freaked out inside of me. I’m sorry if I’ve scared you away. I just really, really like you.

He smiled that very attractive and adorable smile of his at me.

Dina: You didn’t scare me. Actually I’ve been feeling the same way. I know it might be wrong in some ways and stuff and it is moving really fast but I don’t care. I like you a lot Niall and I don’t want anything to change. And know I didn’t freak out when you kissed me earlier.

Niall: shoot! I had actually forgotten about that for a second.

I giggled a bit at him and then stared back into his eyes. He was holding his arms around me and mine were wrapped around him.

Dina: Not that I wanna kick you out but it’s 11.30 and my mum is probably worrying like sick and will probably be here any minute, so you should get going.

Niall: Yeah I should, I have an interview at 9am on the radio tomorrow morning, and then a photo-shoot at 11.30. Then I have lunch with the boys, book signing, you know for one of our books thing at 2pm and then another interview at 5pm.

Dina: Then go to bed. You need your sleep.

I smiled at him and moved a bit closer to him. We kept staring at each other; I saw Niall looking at me while gently bite his own.  I didn’t hesitate at all when I leaned in and kissed him shortly on the lips.

Niall: Good night beautiful.

Dina: good night. Text me if you wanna hang out tomorrow, I’ll be in town with my parents.

Niall: I will.

He hugged me against and kissed me shortly before he left the room.

Shortly after Niall had left I went down to my parents’ room. I wanted to speak with them about everything that had happened and tell them about the boys. The thing about my dad was that he didn’t really like that I was hanging out with boys, but these? This was gonna be a nightmare, but I better get it over with. 

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