Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


42. 42


Abby: Mum? Dad?

No one was answering, so we went into my room with my bags before we walked up to the living room. My house wasn't really that big and it was in the cheap end, because my parents were never the ones to have money for a decent house.

When I walked in both of my parents sat glued to the screen watching the news.

Abby: Hey.

My mum turned and looked at me first and then up and down of Harry.

Camille: Hello.

Abby: Harry is staying here until tomorrow where we’re going to pick up Dina and Niall at Stansted.

My mum turned off the TV and turned around in the chair she was sitting in.

Camille: Abigail there is something we need to talk about.

I looked from my mum to my dad who had just turned around.

Abby: sure? Harry will you give us a moment.

Harry: Sure love.

He kissed me on the cheek and then went into my bedroom before I sat down on the couch across from my parents.

Abby: What’s up?

Camille: Abby what’s going on?

Abby: What are you talking about?

I looked confused at my mum who had my dad supporting her right behind her.

Camille: Hollie and Melanie have called us.

Abby: Seriously? What is this first grade?

Camille: Abigail now shh. We are just trying to help you.

Abby: Help me what do you mean?

Camille: Hollie said that you might have a drinking problem.

I didn’t know if I should get angry or if I should burst out laughing, so I did the last thing.

Abby: Me having a drinking problem? I’ve been drunk 3 times since I got 18 in July…

We spoke for a long time, and my parents kept insisting that I would stop hanging out with all of the boys, Dina and Eleanor, because apparently it was their fault because they were drinking a lot.

Abby: Look it’s not gonna happen ok?! So just drop it already. Dina and Eleanor are my best friends and I actually happen to love the five boys if you haven’t noticed. Harry is my boyfriend and I have no intention of leaving him, so just drop it all. This is another stupid rumor because they are pissed that these things didn’t happen to them. Forget it… you just don’t get it.

Charlie: Now Abigail please…

Abby: No you please. You don’t know what’s going on between Hollie, Melanie, Dina and I, but yet you choose to believe them because of one or two stupid article about me being drunk with a member of One Direction. I see it… ok?

Charlie: You will be going back to college from next week.

Abby: I most definitely will not. I’m not going to go back and go through what Dina went through. I’m gonna be home studying from now on with Dina. Beside that I’ll be looking for a job as soon as the boys are back doing things every day.

We kept going for about 1 hour before I went into my room and slammed the door really hard behind me. Honestly I had forgotten about Harry so I just threw around with some stuff while screaming.

Harry got up from the bed and wrapped his arms around me as the tears started streaming down my face.   

Harry: shh…. It’s gonna be ok.

He kissed my forehead as my legs started feeling like jelly and I was unable to stand on them. The tears kept streaming down my face but turned into anger after a while when I had let it all out.

Abby: I need you to stay here while I go do something ok?

Harry: No.

Abby: Harry please…

Harry: Not until you’re telling me what’s going on.

Abby: I need to speak with some girls I used to go to school with… nothing else.

Harry looked into my eyes and he could see the hurt in my eyes. I really needed to speak with Melanie and Hollie, but maybe it was better doing it with Dina. She was the strong one, but on the other hand I knew I just had to get it over with.

He kissed my lips before letting go of me. I reached for my phone and called up the girls.

Hollie: Speaking?

Abby: Hey Hollie. It’s Abby. Ehm Harry and I were wondering if you and Melanie would like to hang out. We’re kinda bored and the others won’t be back in London until tomorrow…

Hollie: Sure meet us at Sainsbury in 5.

Abby: Great see you there.

I hung up and looked at Harry who looked really confused about everything.

Abby: I had to tell them you were going as well otherwise they wouldn’t have wanted to meet up with me.

Harry: well okay… hurry back.

He kissed me as I went out of the door and crossed the road to the Sainsbury parking lot where Melanie and Hollie were already standing.

Melanie: Where’s Harry at?

Abby: He’ll be here in a minute. I told him to wait because there’s something I really wanted to speak with the two of you about, but don’t worry he will come.

Hollie: let’s just go. She’s a waste of time anyway.

Abby: Oh so I’m the waste of time. Actually you’re wasting the time I have with my boyfriend before he goes back to work.

Melanie: Boyfriend?

Abby: Harry…

Hollie: Nothing’s official.

Abby: I don’t care, you don’t know what happened in Holmes Chapel. Look whatever you guys have going on against Dina and I, it’s got to stop ok? You might not know this but it actually hurts. I know I ditched you guys for Dina and I’m sorry, but you ditched her because she got new friends and a boyfriend who she’s insanely in love with. Yes she did change, but it was to the better. She’s not bragging about Niall like I’m not bragging about Harry. It’s never been about that. The boys might have a huge talent and they might be world famous, but hang out with them for an hour and you’ll know that they are actually amazing humans as well and they are really ordinary in many ways. So pack up all of your shit and grow up ok? Your hating hurts and as Dina said it’s your own fault that your idols stop saying stuff to you and start lying because whenever you hurt someone they really care about you hurt them as well.

I turned around and was about to leave when I heard Melanie clear her throat.

Abby: what?

Melanie: You used to be my best friend.

Abby: Yeah and I used to think that you were a best friend. I guess we both made mistakes. Just leave Dina and me alone. You might make us look bad in the press, but we’ll be the ones making you looking bad in front of your idols. So maybe it’s time for you two to grow up instead of calling my parents to tell them I’m an alcoholic.

I crossed the road and went back into my room where Harry was playing with his phone on my bed.

I sighted and lay down beside him.

Harry: What?

Abby: I hate your fans.

Harry: What did they say?

Abby: They didn’t really say anything but they told my parents that I was alcoholic, because apparently there’s an article about us from Holmes Chapel, but honestly I don’t care. What I said was they might be able to make me look bad in the press but they are the ones who’ll end up looking bad in front of you guys.

We spoke about it for a while before we cuddled up in the bed while watching a movie. Our fingers were intertwined in each other’s, and Harry was holding an arm around me. Once in a while he would kiss my neck or my cheek and smile down at me while giving me a hug. My cheeks would go warm and turn pink every time he did so.

When we were about 45 minutes into the film I turned around and cuddled up to him where I dozed off while he was stroking my hair. 

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