Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


4. 4


He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight for a while. He kissed my neck a couple of times. My eyes were closed and while he moved his lips from my neck to my mouth and running one of his hands through my hair and the other one holding me very close. We were living in our own world just being me and him together, but we were interrupted when someone knocked the door. I looked at my phone and saw 5 missed calls from my mum. 

Dina: that's probably my mum. 

I opened the door while Niall just stood there and stared out in the air thinking everything was gonna be okay. 

And as I thought it was my mum who was outside my door. 

Dina: hi mum. 

Dina's mum: why didn't you answer your phone? 

Dina: because I'm with a friend. 

Dina's mum: and who is this friend. 

Niall came up behind me. 

Niall: hi I'm Niall Horan from one direction. 

My mum stared for a second. It was clear to me that she didn't know what to reply. 

Dina's mum: hi I'm Dina's mum Jeanette. 

Niall: oh pleasure to meet you. 

They were shaking hands and my mum stared at me for a while. 

Jeanette: what are you guys doing for the night? 

Dina: actually Niall invited me out for a dinner with the rest of the boys. 

Jeanette: oh that's okay. I think me and your dad will go out for a nice dinner and then to the theater. 

Dina: that's okay. I don't know what we'll be doing after dinner, but I'll text you as soon as I know when I'll be home. 

Jeanette: sure. 

My mum left and Niall hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. 

Dina: we should get ready to leave. 

Niall: why? It's only 6.10 and we don't have to meet the boys before its 7.30. 

Dina: And I’d love to take a shower before I’m going out with 5 really good looking boys who’ll be surrounded by fans and cameras.

I gave him a cheeky smile and kissed him shortly on the lips before walking out into my bathroom to take a quick shower.

Niall: Do you mind if I use your laptop for a second?

Dina: Not at all.

I was quick in the shower and as soon as I got out I forgot that I hadn’t brought any close to the room so I had to take the towel all the way around me and walk into the room where Niall was sitting. Lucky for me I had a long towel so it covered me really well.

I heard Niall speak as I unlocked the door into the bathroom.

Dina: what are you doing?

Niall: Twitcam? Wanna join?

Dina: I’d prefer not to.

Niall: Come on they are asking who I’m with.

Dina: Then tell them. I need to get dressed for the dinner.

Niall smiled cheekily at me and then got up from the bed and walked over to me.

Dina: Niall you’re live and I’m only wearing a towel.

That was all I had to whisper to him before he moved away from me again.

Niall: Sorry…

Dina: It’s okay. I’ll be back in a minute.

I went out into the bathroom to change into my underwear. I could easily walk in front of him in my underwear. For me it was like walking in front of him in bikini, so I didn’t really mind. Niall was still in the middle of doing his twitcam when I walked in and he looked all dead.

Dina: Niall sweetie you’re staring. Please keep a focus on your twitcam.

Niall: Sorry yeah. Hey everyone keeps asking if they can see you and they wanna know who you are.

Dina: tell them I’ll be there as soon as I’ve figured out what to wear. BTW how nice should it be? Like high heels and dress or just some casual yet pretty clothes?

Niall: Just go with something casual. I think everyone will be wearing jeans.

Dina: Good. What time is it?

Niall: 6.40 so I’ll be going in 20 minutes.

Dina: Okay.

I changed into this: ( and then sat down beside Niall to join him last five minutes for his twitcam.

Niall: You look beautiful.

I smiled at Niall and blush a little.

Dina: So what do you want me to do?

Niall: Introduce yourself.

Dina: I’m not really good at this, there are so many people watching.

Niall: I know like 5000

Dina: Well… uh… Hi! I’m Dina, I’m from England and I’m 17 years old, and this is Niall who’s stolen my laptop and who should go to his room and change into something a little nicer.

I smiled cheekily at Niall who took a pillow and therefore started a pillow fight between us.

I stopped after a short while all red-faced and laughing and took a quick look at the chat box.

Dina: OMG what does it say? Dina, are you the girl on the photos with Niall from earlier?

I looked at Niall all confused about what to answer.

Niall: Yes that’s her. Isn’t she beautiful?

I blushed when Niall called me beautiful. He really did something about me. We spoke for a while and when it was five past seven Niall got up from the bed.

Niall: sorry guys but I have to get ready or else Harry might kill me.

Niall kissed me on the cheek and then smiled at me.

Niall: I’ll be back to pick you up in 20 minutes with the boys.

Dina: Sure or we could just meet in the lobby?

Niall: Yeah let’s do that.

Dina: Ok just text me when you guys are there, or if you’re changing at Harry’s come knock the door.

Niall: I will. See you in a bit.

I turned back to the twitcam after Niall had left.

Dina: Do you guys have any questions for me before I leave?

I saw the chat being spammed a bit.

Dina: My twitter is @DinaMcMahon that’s D-I-N-A-M-C-M-A-H-O-N

I answered a few other questions and then turned off the twitcam after saying goodbye. I took my phone and looked at the time 7.28pm the boys could be here any minute.

Someone knocked on my door and I opened to find Niall alone.

Dina: Hey handsome.

I smiled at him and pulled him in for a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

He took my hand and showed me off to the world. We walked to the lobby where I saw Harry speaking with the other members of the band that I hadn’t met yet.

Harry: Look who we have here? I’m guessing love birds.

He smiled childishly and walked up and hugged me.

Harry: Good to see you again Dina. You look absolutely stunning. 

Dina: Aww thanks Harry.

Niall came up to us and introduced me to all of the other boys who gladly gave me a huge before escorting me to the taxi that was waiting out in front of the hotel. We were lucky that the paparazzi weren’t there when we got out. It was actually nice not being attacked; this was what I preferred when I went out for dinner with my friends. 

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