Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


38. 38


I had been staying with Niall ever since he got home from America. I enjoyed every single moment we had together. We were sitting on the plane right now. We were on the way to Ireland. This was my first trip to Ireland and I was actually really nervous to meet Niall’s family.

I took a deep breath and looked out on the beautiful green island under me as we were about to land in Dublin airport.

Niall: Enjoying the view?

Dina: uhuh!

Niall: I’ll take you over there. It’s the cliffs of Moher, it’s a really beautiful place.

Dina: How’s it like?

Niall: Like nothing you’ll ever see in England.

He smiled to me and kissed me on the cheek before we landed on the ground and was on our way out of the plane. There were a lot of fans at the airport and it was really funny to watch them all. I looked around in the airport and smiled to all of the people, as Niall pulled me through them all. We were both smiling a lot and actually had a really hard time believing that I was here already.

We were going to stay for a week before we would go back to London. Everyone was going home this week. Harry had invited Abby home to Holmes Chapel, so I couldn’t stop thinking that something would happen between them. They had been hanging out a lot over the past week. Abby had basically been living there after we went home to Bishop’s Stortford to get all of our stuff.  

Niall and I didn’t spend much time in the airport; we basically just walked through it and then go into a car as soon as we were out of the terminal.

He took my hand as we were sitting in the taxi that would drive us all the way to Mullingar.


Harry: You excited?

Abby: A bit, but it’s gonna be strange isn’t it?

Harry: Not really.

He smiled at me and kissed my hand as we continued the drive to Holmes Chapel.

When we drove up into the driveway I was quite shocked. I guess I had expected something more, but I don’t know. There it was a regular house looking quite the same as the ones around it. Harry’s car was probably more expensive than the whole house.

Abby: Nice.

Harry: I know it’s not like London.

Abby: No it’s better.

I smiled at him as we both got out of the car. We got our bags and walked inside. We barely got inside before his mum Anne and sister Gemma was out in the hallway to greet us.

Harry immediately hugged his mum and kissed her on the cheek and then turned to his sister and gave her a short hug.

Being the shy type of person as I was I just kept standing in the back without really saying anything.

Harry: Mum, Gemma this is Abigail.

He wrapped an arm around me and smiled to me.

Anne: Nice to finally meet you.

Abby: Aww thanks you too! And thanks for letting me stay.

Anne: You’re more than welcome.

Anne gave me a short hug before Gemma turned to me and did the same thing.

Harry: Let me show you around.

I smiled at him and followed him upstairs with all of my bags. He threw all of his bags on the bed in his room. It was the casual teenage room for a boy. Posters, a bit messy, though his mum had done something in here which was really easy to tell…

Harry: well uh, you already know how messy I am.

Abby: It’s okay.

I put my bags down on the floor and looked around. There was so much clothes, God he must love it much. Not to mention the music posters.

He walked up to me and took my hands and laid them both on his shoulders and then put his hands on my waist all why keeping focus on my eyes.

Abby: What?

I smiled at his smirk while he kept staring into my eyes.

Harry: Nothing.

Abby: Harry?

I turned my eyes into the most adorable puppy eyes I could make.

Harry: You are seriously too cute to not care about.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me really tight and close into his body. My fingers found their way up in his hair and I started playing with it as he leaned in closer and closer to finally close the gap between us. His kissing skills were amazing. So sweet and yet so careful and vulnerable. It was like it hurt him to kiss me, because he was afraid that he was going to ruin me, but at the same time he couldn’t resist it. That was for me what made the kiss even more powerful.

He smiled at me when I opened my eyes after the kiss and shortly pecked my lips before someone knocked on the door.


We walked inside in a house that looked kinda like mine. It was nothing special but it was everything a family needed.

Niall: dad? We’re here.

A short guy not a lot taller than Niall walked out into the hall and smiled all over the face. He looked so nice, and I suddenly felt really comfortable being in the house.

I greeted Bobby with a smile on my face, and of course I got a hug from him.

Niall: Where’s Greg at?

Niall looked at his dad as soon as his dad had let go on the hug he had given me.

Bobby: Tesco.

Niall: oh…

Bobby: He’ll be here in a minute. I’ll just send him up.

Niall: Thanks.

I took my bags and followed Niall to his room. It was kinda messy and there wasn’t really anything special about it beside the couch which was standing in the middle of everything. It was like someone had tried to find something behind it and hadn’t pushed it back to the place it was supposed to be.

Niall: Well it’s nothing much.

Dina: It’s better than my room. Beside the fact that I don’t have a couch in the middle of everything.

I laughed a bit for myself, before I threw my bag in the corner and helped Niall push the couch into the wall. I fell as Niall pushed it really hard when I wasn’t really pushing at all and ended up lying in the couch laughing really hard.

Niall: You’re so silly.

He sat down on top of me and started tickling me and flashed his braces at me.

Dina: Niall!! Stop. It. I. Can’t. Breathe.

I kept laughing and so did he, just as who I guessed was Greg stood in the doorway.

Greg: Knock, knock.

We both looked up and smiled.

Niall: Hey Greg!

Niall got up but pushed me playfully in the chest first and then hugged his brother.

Niall: This is Dina.

He helped me up because I was about to fall back when I got up.

Dina: Hi!

Greg: hey.

He gave me some sort of hug and a peck on the cheek.

Greg: Dinner in an hour so don’t head out.

Niall: Don’t worry, we won’t.

Greg: Good. Nice meeting you Dina.

Dina: You too!

Niall wrapped his arms around me as soon as his brother had left and carried me over to the bed bridal style.

Dina: Niall don’t!

I was screaming and laughing at the same time as he threw me on the bed.

Dina: You’re so gonna pay for this!

Niall: how?

He smirked at me as he got up into the bed.

Dina: oh you’ll see.

I smiled back at him and then crashed my lips onto his. He was trying to lie down but he never got really far because he pulled me even closer to him and sat up straight. His hands were running up and down my back whilst we were kissing. Suddenly I felt my bra open and I stopped and looked at him with an evil glare.

Dina: you’re so unbelievably.

Niall: I know. I’m so charming and sweet right?

He smirked against my lips and I couldn’t help but smile.

Dina: Silly little Irish guy. Can you please close it again?

Niall: No.

He smiled at me and intertwined his fingers with mine so I couldn’t close it myself.

Dina: Fine… then I’m just gonna go downstairs like this.

Niall: Fine with me.

He smirked and kissed me again.


Gemma: Harry?

Harry: Yeah?

Gemma: Dinner’s ready in about an hour, so mum told me to tell you not to head out okay?

Harry: sure.

I smiled at Gemma when she closed the door. She was really beautiful and so was Harry’s mum. Harry looked back at me and then picked me up.

Abby: Harry! What are you doing?!

He smiled all over the face but honestly I was kinda scared that something might go wrong.

Harry: Having fun!

Abby: put me down! You’ll drop me on the floor!

Harry: No I won’t!

He kept laughing and I didn’t know if I should do so too… I held on to him even tighter until he threw me on the bed.

Abby: You’re so mean!

Harry: You still love me.

He smirked at me and flashed those really beautiful green eyes of his.

Abby: Says who?

Harry: You wouldn’t have come if you didn’t.

He winked at me and then shortly kissed me. His lips moved from my lips and all the way down to my collarbone. I stopped him when he moved his hand up under my shirt.

He opened his eyes and looked at me.

Harry: You okay?

Abby: yeah.

Harry: wanna talk about it?

He lay down on the side beside me and looked into my eyes.

Abby: Rather not… it’s embarrassing.

Harry: hey nothing’s embarrassing.

Abby: honestly this is…

Harry: Abby you can tell me.

Abby: It’s just…

I started playing with a loose thread on the bedcover and kept looking at it.

Harry: It’s okay babe.

He put a hand under my chin and forced me to look into those beautiful seducing eyes.

Abby: Harry I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Meaning you’re the first that has ever gotten this close to me.

Harry: Are you trying to tell me you’re a virgin?

Abby: yes…

Harry: don’t be embarrassed about that love.

Abby: Harry I’m 18…

Harry: so? You said yourself you haven’t had a boyfriend before…

Abby: Yeah but still I’m 18 years old and I barely know how to kiss a guy without being shy and all weird…

Harry: I don’t find you weird…

Abby: That’s because you’re too busy making the next move on me.

I smirked at him and we both giggled, and then continued kissing. Harry stopped after a while and looked at me while holding me hand.

Harry: just so you know… I’m not gonna force you to do anything.

Abby: I know.

My voice was only a whisper against his lips. Honestly he wasn’t forcing me to anything. Everything I did was something I wanted to do. Just as I wanted to have sex with him.

He lay down beside me resting his head on the pillow, which for me mean I was only able to see a little more than half of his face and only one of his eyes. He smiled at me and played with my hair.

Abby: I love you Harry.

Harry: I love you too Abby. 

I blushed a bit and felt the way my cheeks got warmer, but I didn’t care about it. The words completed me. Dina was right. He did love me and he did care about me. Otherwise he wouldn’t have invited me all the way up here. He would have left me at home for the week where everyone went to their home towns. I took his hands in mine and kept staring into his eyes for God knows how long, but I didn’t care. Just the thing that we were this close to each other was enough to satisfy me, and I could see how happy he was, because he was with someone that loved him for the real him, and not the famous boy from the famous band. 


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