Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


36. 36



I felt the phone vibrate in my pocket while Niall and I were lying naked on his couch. His need for sex was unbelievable sometimes but I can't deny that I did enjoy it every single time. 

I looked at my screen. Abby was calling me. I guessed she wanted to know if we were still heading out. 

Dina: hello? 

Niall was teasing me while I was on the phone. With her so I had to slap him in the chest at one point just to make him stop touching me. 

Abby: Dina? What are you doing? 

Dina: nothing. 

I slapped Niall and he just started laughing. 

Abby: ew... Don't answer your phone when you're having sex... 

I could hear Harry laugh hysterically in the background and it made me smile. 

Dina: I wasn't having sex... 

I got up from the couch and wrapped Niall's hoodie around me, so I didn't get cold. 

Abby: sure... Are we still heading out? 

Dina: can we do it tomorrow instead?

Abby: yeah sure. I just need to go home and get some clothes if we're staying here though. 

Dina: I have some clean underwear over here you can borrow and then just steal a pair of Harry's sweats. 

Abby: heading out in sweats? You're crazy. 

Dina: come on you'll look pretty anyway. Beside my jeans are way too short for you anyway. 

Abby: I can just wear my jeans from today. 

Dina: then come over here and pick up a shirt and some undies. Not that you'll need them though. 

Abby: Dina! 

Dina: what? It's the truth. You want him don't you? 

I was standing in the kitchen now and drinking some water. 

Abby: I do but not tonight.

Dina: if you say so. 

Abby: well come around whenever you've had dinner. Ok? 

Abby: fine. 

Dina: just text me before so I can get dressed. 

I laughed into the phone and I could hear Harry laugh as well so I guessed she had put me on speaker. 

Abby: Dina! 

Dina: sorry! See you later! 

I hung up and laughed a bit for myself before I went back into the living room where Niall was still lying naked on the couch. I smiled by the sight and went into his bedroom to get the quilt before I lay down next to him. 

I rested my head on his chest and cuddled myself up to him before I kissed him on the cheek. 

Dina: I've really missed lying like this. 

Niall: yeah me too. 

We kissed again before I sat on top of him. 

Niall: what are you up for? 

I winked at him as he sat up as well and started kissing me passionate. 

Dina: don't worry this is not my pay back for you teasing me while I was on the phone. 

Niall: aww why not? 

Dina: because pleasing you isn't embarrassing. 

I smiled at him before we continues kissing. 


I leaned up against Harry's shoulder on the couch after I had hung up on the phone. I had just been speaking with my mum. She didn't really like the idea of me staying at Harry's place because she hadn't met him, but when I told her that Dina was staying in the same complex things suddenly changed. I don't know why but whenever Dina was with me my mum allowed me to do everything. That's why I basically lived with Dina. We had both been speaking a lot and as soon as we both had the money we would find a flat together in the city center. 

Harry: You tired?

Abby: Just a bit.

He wrapped an arm around me and kissed me on the forehead.

Harry: what did you mum say?

Abby: I can stay, but only because Dina is close to here, and she wants to meet you.

Harry: She what?

Abby: She wants to meet you.

Harry: Great?

Abby: I guess… BTW we need to go over to Niall’s place after dinner to pick up some clothes for me to wear tomorrow, and if I have to stay longer we have to go to my place and pick something up, because I refuse to wear the same underwear two days in a row.

Harry: It’s fine… what do you want for dinner?

Abby: I don’t know I’m not really hungry.

Harry: Really it’s like 6pm already.

Abby: Oh…

The thing was I was actually starving, but I didn’t want to eat in front of Harry. I don’t know it just really made me uncomfortable.

Abby: I was wondering, would it be okay if I went out for coffee with Dina. I have to speak with her about something. You can go out for dinner while we’re gone?

Harry: ehm sure?

I ran out to the hallway and got my stuff before Harry barely said anything.

Harry: Are you okay Abby?

Abby: Yeah I’m great. I’ll text you if I need you okay?

Harry: sure?

He thought I was acting strange and honestly I was, I just didn’t know what to do about myself or how to react around him. I mean I had calmed down now, and he was still very easy to speak with, but I didn’t know what to do about food and whenever I had to sleep. I was nervous that some things were gonna go on between us, knowing that I didn’t know if I was ready or not to have sex yet.

He stood in the door right behind me while I was zipping up my boots and putting on my jacket.

I looked at him before I was about to walk out of the door. I opened the door and was about to walk out but Harry pulled me back and crashed his lips onto mine.

Harry: Don’t stay away too long.

I was out of breath when he moved away and said that. It was not like I wanted to leave I just had to speak with Dina about what was going on.

Abby: Don’t worry I won’t.

I kissed him again shortly but this time it felt strange. It was as if he was worried about me.

I ran outside and tried to reach Dina but she didn’t pick up, so I ran over to Niall’s flat. I knew where it was because Dina and I had been sleeping there a couple of times if we had been out partying in town.

I knocked on the door and it was fastened opened by a half-naked Niall who stood there only wearing his boxers.

Abby: I need to speak with Dina.

I walked into the flat before he got the chance of saying anything.

Niall: Dina. Abby is here.

Dina: What?


Niall got up and opened the door when we heard someone knock. He was only wearing boxer so I really hoped it was something really important just he would be teased.

Niall: Dina. Abby is here.

Dina: what?

Abby walked into the living room and looked really stressed. I was still naked so I covered myself in Niall’s quilt and looked at her. She looked scared and didn’t know what to do about herself.

Dina: Abby what happened?!

Abby: We need to talk.

Dina: Just give me a second.

I got up and turned my back to her and zipped up the shirt that covered my butt. I walked around and found my clothes and slowly started putting it on. I was dressed really fast and then got my jacket and shoes. I also found my purse in my bag and then looked at Abby.

Dina: Ready?

Abby: Definitely.

Dina: babe? We’re heading out for coffee. Can you take some food home for me?

Niall: Sure. When will you be back?

Dina: I don’t know… this might take a while.

I was just about to walk out of the door when I turned around and went back into the living room where I found my phone and then went out in the hall to Abby.

We went to the nearest café and sat down at a table in the far end of the café. 


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