Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


34. 34


I woke up by someone throwing a magazine at me.

Dad: What do you think this is?!

Dina: huh?

I robbed my head before I realized my dad was back from China. I was really hung over and just wanted to sleep more.

Dina: dad? Welcome home from China! How was your trip?

Dad: Save it and tell me what happened!

My dad was actually really pissed. He didn’t like seeing my face in every magazine and he certainly didn’t like when I got drunk.

Dina: Dad please… I don’t feel good and you just got home.

Dad: You shouldn’t be drinking! Ever since you started hanging out with these boys you’ve been drinking way too much!

Dina: Just drop it already. You like them don’t you?

Dad: Yes but…

Dina: No but. What happened yesterday is a story, and I know this doesn’t look good but I can’t fix it okay? Beside nothing happened, they’ve probably made it looks worse than it is.

Dad: Drunken pictures, fighting and buying alcohol at the store?

Dina: It’s better than stealing it isn’t it? Dad this is how it is now. People know me. People take my picture. People get money on my story.

Dad: I’m gonna call the magazine.  

Dina: Wait let me read it before you do.

Niall Horan’s girlfriend, Dina McMahon, seen in a fight with friend Abigail Daniels in their hometown of Bishop’s Stortford on Friday night.
It seemed to be a nice silent night in the small village when the two girls were walking down the road waving a saying hi to the One Direction fans on the streets, but some fans were just more lucky than others.
“We were just trying to have a casual conversation with the girls. After all we used to go to school with both of them, when they started being really rude to us.” Say Melanie Matthews who seems really surprised over the reaction that were coming from both of the girls, her and friend Hollie Barry had been walking down the street trying to reach the girls for a long time.
“I guess this is just what ‘fame’ does to certain people. I mean I used to be great friends with Dina when we were younger, but she’s changed so much since she started hanging out with the band.” Says Hollie as she looks through her tweets on her phone.
Both girls are very shocked over the situation they were in last night, but it seems to us that something more might have been going on between the girls, as we go through all of the mean tweets they both have been sending Miss McMahon. But are they right? Did Niall Horan find an aggressive girl who just doesn’t like the fans?
The two girls (Dina and Abby) continued their walk to the local store after the fight were a lot of alcohol was bought and brought back to Dina’s house in Bishop’s Stortford.

I looked shocked at the article and the pictures that had been manipulated. This was all a lie and it would be all over the internet. I knew my dad was right this time. We had to do something about it.

Abby was still half asleep hugging her phone while it was charging when I made my way out of the bed.

Dina: Before you’re doing anything I have to reach Niall. He needs to know the truth.

Dad: Hurry up then.

I took out my phone and reached a very sleepy Niall when he finally picked up the phone.

Niall: Hello?

Dina: Hey babe. Sorry for waking you up, but we might have a tiny problem.

Niall: I’m listening.

Dina: Abby was in a fight but on the pictures that have been taken it looks like I’m pushing one of your fans really hard in the chest.

Niall: shit.

I could hear by the way that he had gotten out of the bed not to wake up the others.

Dina: Worst is they mention me as your girlfriend with first name and surname and they mention Abby with first and surname as well. It’s real shit this thing. My dad is out calling them in a minute but honestly I think I should be the one talking to them. I don’t know what to do about this.

Niall: Mention it on twitter. People will figure out sooner or later and you have to defend yourself. I’ll be there supporting you. It’s gonna be okay babe. We’ll be in Ireland soon.

Dina: I know. Well I better go call them.

Niall: You should. And I should get some sleep. Love you.

Dina: Love you too. Call me later okay?

Niall: Sure. Bye love.

Dina: Bye.

I hung up and put my hair up in a messy bun before I walked out into the kitchen where my dad was sipping the morning coffee. It was 10am and I wasn’t feeling good at all.

Dina: dad?

Dad: Yes princess?

Dina: Can I please go freshen up before we’re calling them?

Dad: Sure but hurry up.

Dina: sure…

When I went back into my room Abby was sitting up. She looked really sick, and fresh at the same time.

Dina: You alright?

Abby: Yeah just a bit tipsy from last night.

Dina: The fight is all over the news. The boys know. I just spoke with Niall. I’m gonna freshen up and then me and my dad will go speak with the magazine on the phone. Though I think meeting up in London and kick their ass would be a better thing.

Abby: What?

Dina: The fight from last night. Beside that Hollie and Melanie have been lying to the magazine so you better get up and get ready because we’re going to London if they won’t listen to me on the phone.

I went to freshen up and before I knew it both Abby and I was ready. We were both in jeans and a sweatshirt and messy high ponytails with no makeup when we went out into the kitchen.

Dina: So just let me lead, if they won’t listen we’ll take the car and go to London. Deal?

Abby: deal.

Dina: Dad?

Dad: Yes?

Dina: Did you want to be a part of the conversation with the magazine or should we just take it with them?

Dad: Just take it with them.

Dina: Great. Can I borrow your car?

Dad: For what?

Dina: we’re going to speak with the writer in person. They should know the truth.

Dad: Dina just because you’re dating Niall doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to.

Dina: Watch me. I’m not gonna sit back on this, and I don’t think calling them would help anything.

Dad: You’re calling them before you’re doing anything else.

Dina: Fine…

I found a coke for both me and Abby, it would make us both feel better and then we sat down by the little table in the kitchen.

Abby: What are you going to say to them?

I just smiled at her and took a deep breath as I put the phone up to my ear.

***The magazine is/was a Norwegian one originally, but I just liked the name so this is fictional!***

Lady: xPress magazine how may I help you?

Dina: Hello I was wondering if you could put me through to journalist Mrs. Emily Hunter?

Lady: Sure, may I ask whose calling.

Dina: Yeah sorry. This is Dina McMahon from Bishop’s Stortford.

Lady: Just a second.

I looked at Abby who looked really worried for what was about to happen when the phone was picked up again.

Emily: Emily Hunter speaking.

Dina: Emily! Hey, this is Dina McMahon.

Emily: Hello, how may I help you?

Dina: Take the shitty pathetic shit you said about my best friend and I down, and write an apology. Those girls were lying straight to your face. We know them, we went to school with them, but they have been harassing me, which was the reason I left college at the end, and probably the reason Miss Daniels will be leaving soon as well.

Emily: Pardon?

Dina: You heard me.

Emily: I have no attention of taking down that article Miss McMahon.

Dina: Well if you won’t take it down I will come to London with an agent and make sure it’s being taken down myself… it’s your choice.

Emily: You can’t do that.

Dina: You’ll definitely be surprised about what I’m capable of.

Emily: Miss McMahon the article is published and there is nothing I can do about it.

Dina: I’ll make you a deal Emily. You take the article down from your website and write an apology and I give you the story from our point of view, and a never before seen photo of One Direction.

Emily: I’m listening.

Abby looked at me as I started telling the story about everything that had happened. She gave me her email where I sent her picture of the boys together with me from when we were in London. It wasn’t really a personal picture at all so I knew they wouldn’t mind. Beside I got what I wanted.

The rest of the day Abby and I were just chilling around. She went home around 10pm because she was going to skype with Harry.

I went to bed early so I missed my call from both Liam and Niall. It had been a really weird day and I just wanted to get it all off of my mind, so I slowly dozed off while watching Grease. 


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