Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


33. 33


Week after week passed. I wasn’t really doing anything except being with Eleanor and Abby. Niall was right. She just had to get used to it, and it didn’t take long before she was becoming one of us. It was nice having someone who finally understood it.

The day my dad came home from China, Abby was around the house. We had been out shopping because no matter what we said the boys kept transferring money to us.

We were sitting in my room laughing and just going back to being the friends we used to be before all of this happened. Not to mention it was a Friday night so we had, had a couple of drinks at the restaurant and was now sipping wine in my room.

Dina: Okay, okay, okay I’ve got one. Who would you rather do? Zayn or Harry?

I laughed because of the reaction on her face. I knew she fancied Harry a lot, but I had seen the way Zayn and her was chatting all the time.

Abby: Harry.

Dina: Really you would do Harry?

Abby: I would! He’s so fit!

Dina: What about Zayn?

Abby: He’s Zayn!!!

Dina: But he’s hot!

Abby: They all are.

We laughed a bit after this just as my mum came into my room without knocking.

Jeanette: Dina?

Dina: Yes?

Jeanette: Can you guys go to the store for me?

Dina: Sure we actually wanted to go, to get something to drink.

Jeanette: Don’t get too much. You’re going to Ireland in two weeks, and you’ll probably be drinking there.

Dina: of course I will. I’ll be with Niall there.

Jeanette: Exactly.

I smiled all over the face just by the thought that more than half of the time had passed already and it wouldn’t be long until I was back with the boy of my dreams.

We were walking down the street laughing a lot when suddenly some fans started yelling at us. Or rather yelled at me. 

Girls: Dina! Dina! Dina! 

Dina: hi! 

I waved at them and tried to be nice. But honestly they were quite annoying because I was in the middle of a conversation with Abby. 

When we got longer down the road I saw some of the haters that had been saying a lot of shit to me lately. It was actually a shame that Melanie chose to join them. She could have been one of us instead of a hater. 

Hollie: oh look who we have here. It's the slut and her little ass licker. How's life going? 

Dina: great until I had to see your face. But I guess I just have to deal with it anyway. 

Melanie: I don't think your so called boyfriend likes the way you speak to his fans. 

Dina: well then its good we all know that he doesn't call you guys fans because you don't respect him for his choice in his private life. Toodles

I walked pass them but Abby didn't seem to be coming with me. 

Dina: Abby you coming? Harry just texted me, we have to call them on Skype when we come back home. He's with Niall.

I kept texting on my phone and looked up at her once in a while. 


I don't know what happened to the girls that 3 weeks ago were some of my best friend. I guess it was because I was with Dina and Eleanor they didn't like me anymore. 

Melanie: what are you waiting for? Leave! 

Abby: this is really how you're going to treat me just because I got friends with them.

Hollie: you're one of those girls now. Ass licking your friend, not to mention the whole band and probably annoying them as well. Leave the boys alone. 

Abby: shame we both know it's not gonna happen. 

I have here a cold glare before I pushed myself in between the two girls. 


Abby: at least she's nice plus I can be the directioner to brag about knowing the boys. Go home it's past your bedtime. 

As I left I felt something hit me in the back of the head. 


I kept texting Harry until he called me while waiting for Abby. 

Harry: what's going on? 

Dina: enjoying the view of your girlfriend fighting. 

Harry: girlfriend? Fighting? 

Dina: Abby you idiot. 

I laughed at him. I knew he fancied her. I could see it on the way he he looked down and tried not to look in love whenever they spoke. He fancied her a lot. 

Harry: what she's in a fight?! Go help her?! 

Dina: shit okay it got physically now. Harry we'll call you back later. I see the paparazzi longer down the road, so I've got to stop this. 

I heard Harry yell something but I just hung up and ran back to Abby to get her out of it. It started with them throwing something at her when she had turned around to push both of the girls in the chest. 

Dina: Abby stop it! The press is further down the road and I don't want this all over the Internet! 

I pulled her away and made her come with me, though I knew it was too late. I had already seen the paparazzi with the camera snapping a few pictures and I knew he would follow us to the store where he would be snapping pictures as well. 

Dina: you know what will happen now? 

Abby: what? 

Dina: my face will look bad and my dad's coming home tomorrow morning. I didn't need a bad story about me for him to come home to, but this is going to sell good for them. 

Abby: sorry. She's just been an asshole ever since you stopped at the school and I hate the persons they turning into.

Dina: dude you're basically going out with Harry Styles what's the problem?

Abby: I don't know if I can handle being a part of all this. 

Dina: you are a part of this already. You can't back out now. The boys will be home in two weeks and we have a triple date! 

Abby: I know. Can we please just talk about something else? 

Dina: sure. Do you need vodka? 

Abby: yes.

Dina: let's get one then. 

We went to the alcohol session where we got some beers and we got some soda as well. Shortly we got the stuff for my mum as well and then we went up to pay. I showed my driver’s license as a proof that I was 18. I hated when people asked me for ID especially in this town where everybody knew me, especially after I started dating Niall, but people knew me before because of my dad. 

We hurried back home as soon as we had gotten our stuff. 

My mum thanked us when I have her the stuff, and she stopped me when I was about to go into my room. 

Jeanette: Dina? 

Dina: yeah?

Jeanette: Melanie's dad just called. He told me you and Abby was being very rude to her.

Dina: omg what is this, 1st grade? Yes I was rude to her but in my defence she was being an asshole, and she has been that for a very long time. I'm sorry I will never treat assholes as assholes again and bla bla bla. Can I go now? 

Jeanette: sure just think about your reputation. 

Dina: well she should think about the words she chooses to grow at my face. 

I went into the room where I found a blushing Abby speaking with Harry on Skype. I had a few glasses with me and filled them with monster energy and vodka. I handed a glass to Abby before I sat down and joined the conversation. 

Dina: you taking care of my leprechaun Hazza?

Harry: yeah let me get him for you. See you in a minute love. 

He smiled to Abby who was just sitting in her own world and drooling over him. 

Dina: are you in love with him? 

Abby: what? No I haven't even met him after we have been this close and I was just a fan last time we were hanging out. 

Dina: but you fancy him and he fancies you. 

Abby: yeah but still, he might not like me when we have been out. 

Dina: I'm sure he will... 

Harry: who will what? 

Dina: nothing Hazza... Just Abby being the usual her. 

Harry: is that a bad thing? 

Dina: right now it is. 

At the same time Niall sat down beside Harry and smiled at me.

Niall: Hey beautiful.

Dina: Hey babe.

Niall: So what are you girls up to tonight?

Dina: It’s Friday?! What do you think we’re going to do?

I smiled while taking another sip of my drink. We had been drinking quite a lot already because of the drinks and the wine, so I was actually tipsy already.

We spoke with the boys for almost an hour and became more and more drunk. When we hang up Abby seemed different. We put on some music and danced around the room and had a lot of fun, but it wasn’t like before.

When it was about 2am we were lying in my kingsized bed and spoke to each other, both really drunk.

Dina: are you okay Abby?

I was playing with her hair and smiling at her.

Abby: No I’m not.

She kept texting Harry and I smiled whenever I saw him call her something sweet.

Dina: You’re in love aren’t you?

Abby: I am…


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