Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


31. 31


Dina: El what are you doing here? You're too old for college. 

I giggled when I let go of her and smiled all over my face. I was actually really happy that she was here and that she was okay after what happened in town the other day. 

Eleanor: your mum told me you were here, and then she gave me this. 

Eleanor held out a note with a credit card stick to it. 

Dina: let me guess you're taking me out of school to let take me to London to go shopping? 

Eleanor: no actually I was thinking about taking you to Manchester but London sounds great as well. 

We laughed a bit for ourselves when my teacher looked at me with a strict face. 

Mr. Johnson: Miss McMahon, are you done interrupting my class with your chatting to your friend? 

Dina: you can't just talk to us like that. Do you even know who she is and who we know? I'm just snapping my fingers and security will be over us, you know that right? 

Mr. Johnson: pardon? 

Dina: Well let's just keep it there shouldn't we? 

I smiled at him and walked back in the middle of the class where my bag was. I took my bag, jacket and scarf and smiled at Eleanor. 

Dina: well I guess I'll see you guys around. 

I smiled sarcastically to the three girls I used to be really close to. And left the classroom. 

Eleanor and I was walking down the hall. She actually did have a security guard with her this time. I guess it's because she heard what happened last time when the boys were here. 

We were walking down the hall chatting when suddenly I heard Abby call my name. 

Abigail: Dina wait.

Dina: yeah? 

I smiled at her when she dropped all of her stuff at the ground in front of me. 

Abigail: can I come with you? Just for the sake of our friendship? Nothing else. 

I knew how much Abby wanted to go, but letting her hang out with Eleanor would be letting her into the inner circle and honestly I didn't know if I wanted to do that. 

Dina: El can you give us a minute? 

Eleanor: sure meet me in the car. 

Dina: thanks sweetie. 

When Eleanor had walked out of the door I turned to Abigail and looked at her with a serious face. 

Dina: what are you doing? 

Abigail: trying to keep our friendship. I know this seems strange, but I'm not doing this so you'll get me closer to the boys. I love them a lot, but seeing you like this and having people talk shit to you like this is, not even One Direction is that worth. You're my best friend and have been for 2 years and I don't want to lose you just because Melanie can't handle how cool you are. 

She smiled at me and honestly I smiled because of her words. 

Abigail: so we're cool? 

She held out my hand but I shook my head and hugged her instead. 

Dina: we're cool. BUT NO FANGIRLING! 

Abigail: I promise my lips are sealed! 

Dina: good. Let's go shopping! 

Abigail: wait wont we be in trouble for skipping school? 

Dina: depends on who you are. I can do pretty much what I want to now. I'm 18 and my mum will get me transferred to home studies as soon as possible. 

We walked out to find Eleanor in a car right in front of our school. We had a driver who was taking us to London. We got into the car and Eleanor smiled when she saw Abigail. 

Eleanor: hi I'm Eleanor but you can call me El. 

She shook hands with Abby and waited for her to introduce herself. 

Abigail: I'm Abigail. But call me Abby. 

Eleanor: so where do you girls wanna go first? 

I looked at Abby who looked at me with a big smile on her face, we then turned to Eleanor who was smiling as well. 

Eleanor: Starbucks? And then forever 21? 

Abby: perfect! 

We laughed a bit for and then I reached down in my pocket to the note Eleanor had given me. Beside my own credit card it had a lovely message from my mum and Niall. I smiled when I saw his curves on the paper and felt the need to text him but resisted. 

Eleanor: come on Dina our loud! 

Dina: hey babe. El told me you girls would be doing some shopping while we're in America so here's your card back. I transferred £500 so you girls can have some fun together. I miss you already! Take care while I'm gone and watch out for each other. Can't wait to come back to you. See you soon. Nialler xx 

Abby: aww that's so sweet. 

I looked at Abby with a serious face. She meant it as if it would have been sweet no matter who wrote it. Not because it was Niall Horan from One Direction. 

Eleanor: Niall is very sweet. 

Dina: he's lovely. Always trying to make me feel better. 

Eleanor: that's Niall. 

Abby: what did your mum write? 

Dina: dearest Dina. I know things in school aren’t as last year so I asked Eleanor to pick you up after Niall left her number for me. Go out and have some fun you girls. I'm getting the school fixed so you will start home study next week. But maybe you should call Abby? You two seemed to be having a good time despite the fact that she is a fan. Try to get along and get the best out of it. We can't have you lose all of your friends just because of what happened in London. I'm cooking Italian for you girls tonight so don't be home too late. Love you. Mum xx 

I looked at El confused. Did my mum actually ask me to spend more time with her so I would feel better? 

Dina: that's why you didn't go back? 

Eleanor: yes. 

She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. 

Dina: thanks! 

I was still new around the boys and I didn't really want to put a pressure on Eleanor but she seemed to enjoy hanging out with me. 

We chatted about everything and nothing until Patrick who were our driver stopped outside Starbucks.

Patrick: girls we have arrived. Where and when do you want me to pick you up? 

Eleanor: thanks a lot Patrick. If you could pick us up down by Trafalgar Square at 4pm it would be great thanks. 

Patrick: yes Miss Calder. 

We stepped out of the car and went into Starbucks where we found a small group of girls staring at us and whispering about us. El and I just smiled at each other but Abby kept looking in the direction of the girls. 

Dina: Abby it's not polite to stare. 

Abby: they are talking about us and they have a magazine with your face on the front.

Dina: my face has been on the front of every magazine lately because of Niall. 

Abby: I guess. 

Dina: just order what you want. 

I smiled and gestured her towards the counter and heard her order a cappuccino. 

Eleanor who had already gotten her coffee looked at us and smiled. 

Eleanor: I'm gonna go find a table over here. 

She pointed in the direction of the girls and I guess she wanted to test Abby because I had texted her in the car that I didn't want Abby to hang out with us if she was fangirling and just being a typical fan in front of her. Lucky for me Eleanor understood that because she had been scared that I would have done the same when she met me the first time. 

We sat down by the table next to the fangirls as soon as we had gotten our coffee. The girls looked at us with wide eyes and I could tell that Abby was trying her very best not to freak out both on and with them. 

Dina: El you never told me what happened the other night with you and Lou. 

I tried to start a conversation that didn't have to be too private, and for it to be something Abby could be a part of. 

We talked for a long time and then went out to shop. We tried so many different things on and actually I was surprised of just how calm and casual Abby was around El. Those two really seemed to get along very well. When it was 4pm and we had shopped till we dropped Patrick picked us up and took us to my place.

I think hanging out with Abby and El at the same time made me realize that I really did need someone like Abby in my life. She was keeping me grounded and that was what my mum secretly meant in the note she had written for me. 

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