Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


3. 3


[Dina’s POV]

I was sitting with my laptop when the first article with me and Niall popped up. Shortly after Abigail called me. She was furious.


Dina: Abby calm down! I can explain it to you.

Abigail: EXPLAIN?! You’ve been out on a date with Niall and you didn’t tell me anything about knowing him!


Abigail: what?

Dina: Now let me explain okay?

Abigail: fine.

Dina: Remember I told you I might like someone last night? That was Niall. He knocked on my door a couple of times. And for your next question. No I didn’t meet Louis. I’ve only met Niall and Harry, and Niall’s in love with me. We met, we hung out, we went out for breakfast and then we hung out again. And we’re going to hang out again when he’s done with the interview. I wanted to tell you but I wasn’t sure if you were going to tell anyone or not.

Abigail: Going to tell. You’ve got to tell everyone.

Dina: Why? I don’t want the attention.

Abigail: but you’re in the place where millions of girls want to be.

Dina: I know but I don’t want everyone to know about it. I wanna know where this is going.

Abigail: but there are already rumors about you guys.

Dina: I don’t care because people don’t know my name.

Abigail: I’m not sure about that.

Dina: what do you mean by that?

Abigail: look at your twitter.

Dina: I don’t want to.

Abigail: I swear someone knows it you and I promise you I didn’t say anything.

Dina: and you’re sure about that?

Abigail: positive.

I logged into my twitter and saw that a couple of people had tweeted me to ask me if it was me who was with Niall on the pictures, and a lot of people had just concluded that it was me so I guess the media would know about it soon.

Niall called me shortly after.

Dina: Sorry Abby. I gotta answer this. It’s Niall.


Dina: yeah and a kiss on the cheek. Now shut up.

I answered my phone and blushed a little.

Dina: Hi sweetie. What’s up?

Niall: There might be some problems.

Dina: what’s going on?

Niall: The reporter asked me about you.

Dina: Trust me I know about that. Some kids on twitter know that it’s me on the pictures from earlier, so they’ll know soon.

Niall: What do you want me to do?

Dina: just keep it to yourself. I think that’s for the best for now.

Niall: I guess it is.

Dina: Are you coming over after the interview?

Niall: Yeah I might bring the rest of the boys so they can meet you.

Dina: Oh okay.

Niall: Or you can come with us for our dinner tonight and meet them there if that’s what you prefer.

Dina: Yeah sure! That would be great!

Niall: good. See you in half an hour.

Dina: yeah see you.

I hung up and went back to my conversation with a screaming friend.


Dina: He invited me out for dinner tonight with the whole band.

Abigail: OMG Do you know I would kill you right now just to be there instead of you?

Dina: Yeah I know. That’s why I wanna show you this.

I showed her the picture of Niall and Harry kissing my cheeks that we took last night.

Dina: This is my first meeting with Harry and my second with Niall.

Abigail: I hate you. You know that right?

Dina: yeah I know.

Abigail: you should change that to your twitter icon.

Dina: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just wait a little bit. It wouldn’t be worth it with all the drama going around right now.

Abigail: yeah maybe you’re right about that.

Abby and I spoke for a long time until someone knocked on the door.

Dina: Sorry Abby. I’ve got to go now. I think that’s Niall.

Abigail: Can you please ask if I can say hi to him?

Dina: Sure but no screaming! And no telling anyone!

Abigail: I promise.

I opened the door and Niall stood there.

Niall: Am I early?

Dina: No you’re not.

Niall: good.

Dina: Sweetie. One of my friends was wondering if you would say hello to her? She’s on skype.

Niall: sure?

Dina: are you sure? Just tell me if you don’t want to.

Niall: No it’s okay.

Dina: Abby? Are you still alive?

Abigail: No.

Dina: Fine then I’ll just hang up.

Abigail: No don’t!

Dina: I’m gonna turn my laptop around now so you can see him.

Niall: No need to.

Niall lay down in my bed so Abigail could see him on the webcam.

Niall: Hi Abby how are you?

Abigail: I’m good thank you…

She was shaking and crying. She couldn’t believe what was going on.

Niall: don’t cry sweetie.

Abigail: I can’t help it. You’re just so amazing.

Niall: aww thank you.

Abigail: Niall I’ll promise you I won’t say anything about you and Dina. Just promise me that no matter where this is going you’ll take care of her because she’s my best friend.

Niall: Of course I’ll take care of her.

Abigail: Good!

Dina: Abby I think we’ll go now. Niall and I have a lot to talk about and you need your moment to freak out. Bye.

Abigail: bye.

I hung up and shut my computer down, and put in on the table.

Niall: are you okay?

Dina: Yeah I think so.

Niall: No tell me what’s going on.

Dina: It’s just…

Niall: It’s what?

Dina: I’m falling for you okay. And I hate talking about it because I know it’s never gonna be anything real. But you’re so nice and so real. And every time I look into your eyes I blush and I just feel like holding you close and kissing you and everything is just so…

Niall blocked me by moving closer and closer to me. Our lips met and the warm feeling of being in love suddenly sparkled all over my body. Not only in my stomach. It was like I had been carrying a bomb that suddenly exploded inside of me. He was there and he was real. Our lips were moving against each other in a rhythm of love. We kept kissing over and over again. It was like we couldn’t stop. Our bodies just connected each other’s and we were melting together like water and sand on the beach.

When we finally stopped Niall was blushing.

Niall: I’m sorry about that. I just couldn’t resist it anymore.

Dina: don’t be sorry.

I kissed him on the cheek as my way of saying what he had done was okay and that I actually liked it.

Niall: But don’t tell me that this can’t be real because what I feel is real. Don’t make me less a person than anyone else just because my job is to sing.

Dina: Niall you know that’s not what I meant. It’s just you’re traveling all the time and I’m stuck here in England. I wouldn’t be able to drop out of school just to come with you. And to be honest I would miss you too much when you’re away.

Niall looked sad.

Dina: I’m sorry babe.

Niall: No it’s okay.

Dina: No it’s not. And I know that.

Niall: do you know how hard it is for people like me to fall in love? 

Dina: no but I could imagine how hard it is, because you always have to be sure that people aren't playing with you just to get a bit of attention. But trust me when I say that's never gonna be me. I don't like the cameras or the attention. I actually like you for who you are. 

Niall: yeah I know. 

He hugged me but it wasn't like the other hugs. It was like he was hugging a stranger. 

Dina: tell me what's wrong? 

Niall: nothing's wrong. 

Dina: you seem annoyed and sad. What did I do wrong? 

Niall: you didn't do anything. I did. Maybe loving you was a wrong thing to do from the beginning. 

He got up from the bed and was about to leave. 

Dina: what's that supposed to mean? 

Niall: nothing. 

Dina: don't you think you can just leave without telling me! I told you I'm in love with you. But it's difficult for me too okay? I know it's hard for you to be in love but don't think it's any easier for me when you're my best friend's biggest idol. Niall don't leave. 

Niall: fine... 

I got up from the bed and hugged him. I lay my hands around his neck and looked him directly into the eyes. 

Dina: I love you because you are you. Not because you're a superstar. I wanna be with you because you're sweet and kind and a great person. 

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