Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


20. 20


When we arrived at the Alan Carr show we were mobbed by fans. Niall took my hand and led me throw the crowd of people while we were protected by the security. As soon as we got in we were greeted by Alan’s crew and shortly Alan himself.

Alan: BOYS!

He greeted them all with a hug and stopped and looked at me as if there was something wrong.

Alan: You’re Dina McMahon aren’t you? Welcome to my show!

Dina: Thank you very much sir!

Alan: So I’m guessing you’ll be joining the boys for their interview?

Dina: No I’ll be here backstage waiting for them till they are done.

Alan: Nonsense! You can join them! I’m sure the fans will have loads of questions for you two!

He pointed at me and Niall and I soon felt really uncomfortable about the situation I had gotten myself into. Zayn was the first to notice. For some reason he had been caring a lot about me today.

Zayn: You okay?

Dina: Yeah don’t worry it’s nothing.

He took my hand and squeezed it.

Zayn: I’m here if you need me.

He took off to get ready with the rest of the boys. Niall stopped shortly before he left with the rest of the boys.

Niall: You coming?

Dina: No I’ll just stay out here for a while. I need some time to think.

Niall: You sure?

Dina: Yeah I’m fine.

Niall: Just text me if you want me to come out love.

He came up to me and embraced me in a hug, and put his lips on mine. I was standing on the tip of my toes as he was almost 5 inches taller than me, and I was only wearing TOMS for once.

Niall: See you later okay?

Dina: Yeah, I’ll just find some place to crash.

I winked at him and then we separated. I found a couch and crashed down on it and started playing with my phone. I wanted to tease people, so I tweeted a picture of me and the sign behind me that said Alan Carr.

@DinaMcMahon guess where I’m at? Xx

The picture was a part of the tweet. It didn’t take long until people knew I was with the boys and then turned on their TVs. I could see all of the tweets that filled my mentions. Beside the rumors about the boys being in the country had already spread when they appeared at my school.

Niall: babe?

Niall appeared behind me and smiled at me. He was looking really cute.

Dina: Yeah?

Niall: We’re going on now. Can you hold my phone while we’re in there?

Dina: Sure.

We pecked each other’s lips when he handed me his iPhone 5.

Dina: Good luck.

Niall: Thanks. See you in a bit.

I smiled and followed the boys some of the way so I could see them on a screen, close to the entrance of the stage.

They were all called down and I smiled as they appeared on the screen in front of my. Honestly I was kinda scared that I was going to be asked to go down stairs. They were fooling around for a long time, until Alan spoke up.

Alan: Speaking about girlfriends. Niall are you and Dina officially dating?

Niall: Yes, yes we are.

Alan: I knew that, I just wanted you to confirm it yourself. You two looked so sweet together backstage. Look at this.

He showed the picture of Niall and I kissing backstage just before.

“IS SHE HERE?” someone in the audience was yelling down to Alan and the boys.

Alan: Oh yeah for the person who asked for Dina, she actually is here. Isn’t she?

Niall: She is.

Alan: So you two going out tonight to how loads of fun?

Alan teased Niall and the other boys just tried not laugh from the expressions, movements and words that came from Alan.

Alan: So tell us a bit about Dina.

Niall was blushing, and didn’t really know what to say.

Niall: She’s a sweet girl.

Alan: Aww look how sweet he is, blushing all over his face. What about you other, have you met her?

Harry: Yeah actually we met her quite close to each other. Niall and I met her in London a couple of months back, and shortly after the rest of the boys met her, and we just got along really well. She’s a good friend to all of us.

Zayn: Yeah and we actually went to her college to surprise her today. She’s in her last year and she didn’t know we were coming back home for a couple of days. So we went to her school to pick her up.

Alan: Aww you guys are such gentlemen!

Louis: You should have seen her face when we stormed into the classroom. It was priceless. She’s really someone we can all just be around and still be boys.

Alan: shouldn’t we invite her down, and let her tell a bit about what it’s been like to hang out with you guys?

Niall: I don’t know, she doesn’t really like the attention.

Alan: Come on Niall go get her!

Soon Niall came running up the stairs. He had turned his microphone off so people wouldn’t be able to hear us.

Dina: Niall I can’t do this. I have stage fright.

Niall: Come on babe you’ll have me. Beside it’s already official.

Dina: I know but I just can’t…

Niall leaned in and kissed me and then carried me down the stairs while someone was trying to put a microphone on me.

Dina: You’re so gonna pay for this later.

Niall: I know.

He smirked at me and put me down as we reached the couch the rest of the boys sat on.

Alan: Aww look at those two! Happy couple huh?

Alan was trying to be as positive and funny as possible but sometimes he just seemed too weird for me.

Alan: Dina welcome to you! How are you?

Dina: I’m good thanks. What about you?

Alan: Polite? You caught the right girl there Niall. I’m great! So Dina, tell us how did you become friends with Harry and Niall?

Dina: uhm I was on vacation with my parents here in London-

Alan: you don’t live in London?

Dina: No I live in Essex about an hour from here.

Alan: Oh, so you were on vacation here in London?

Dina: Yeah I know it’s odd but whatever. So I was actually asleep when a douche knocked on my door and I had to open it at 1am, that’s when I met Niall and we started speaking. Shortly after I had another knock on my door from both Harry and Niall about something and it was really strange. It was easy to tell that it was all about just speaking with me.

Alan: So you boys just kept her awake in the middle of the night?

Harry: Niall kept her awake.

Alan: Pfff. Harry you sure wanted to be a part of what was going on as well. After all we do have this picture.

Alan showed the picture where Harry and Niall were kissing my cheeks.

Dina: That’s actually from the night we met.

We spoke for a long time and I became quite comfortable with sitting there. When we got off we spoke a bit with Alan backstage before we all went to Niall’s place.

Niall and I were the first to arrive at his place.

Dina: Where are the others?

Niall: gone to the store to get some beers and stuff.

Dina: Party?

Niall: Yes.

Dina: What are we celebrating?

Niall: Well since you didn’t tell me about your birthday two weeks ago, we’re celebrating it now.

Dina: Turning 18 is no biggie Niall.

Niall: You’re old enough to drink, so let’s do it.

While the other boys weren’t at Niall’s place we enjoyed the time we had alone. We kissed on the couch, Niall lying on top of me. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and used them to hold him really close to me.

When the rest of the boys were there neither of us was wearing our shirt that had been taken off shortly before. I was sitting on top of him, facing him and continued kissing.


He laughed shortly after and then came in with the stuff followed by the rest of the gang.

Niall covered me up with a pillow until he found my shirt his gray hoodie and handed it to me. I took it on and zipped it up until I found my own shirt and put it on.

After that I went out into the kitchen to steal a beer from Louis’s bag.

Louis: Hey?!

Dina: That’s for storming in and interrupting me twice today!

I winked at him and opened the beer. Let the party begin.

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