Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


19. 19


We had been in my room for quite a long time, and honestly I kinda felt sorry for the rest of the boys who were in the living room with my mum. Though the boys always had fun when they were at my place. They made themselves at home, and my mum loved having them around, even though Niall was the one who would always eat us out of the house.

Niall and I continued lying next to each other and just enjoy some time together before we would be interrupted, by Louis.

Niall: You okay?

Dina: I guess I’ll just have to get used to all of this…

Niall: You’re not going to go through it alone sweetie.

He kissed my forehead and continued playing with my hair.

Dina: No I have 5 amazing boys who’re helping me. Honestly my life would have been so boring right now without you, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have the hate…

Niall: So you’re regretting that we’ve met?

Dina: Never regret anything that made you smile. That’s something I live by. I’m not going to regret meeting you, but I won’t stop wishing things were different.

Niall: It’s gonna be okay. Trust me. We’re gonna make it stop.

He leaned in and kissed me again, when Louis stormed through the door without even knocking. He jumped up on the bed and kept jumping on Niall and me.


Dina: Louis don’t jump in the bed.

Louis: GET UP!!!

Soon he was joined by Harry and Zayn, with Liam standing in the door and drinking what smelled like coffee.

Dina: Guys, guys, guys!! You’re hurting my Nialler!

Louis jumped right down on top of Niall and hugged him close.

Louis: MINE! I don’t wanna share!

Harry then joined in and before I knew about it Liam was part of all this as well. I couldn’t stop laughed, but it was actually really heavy having them all lying over me as little kids.

Zayn started tickling me so we both ended up on the floor, him lying over me.

Zayn: Hey beautiful.

He smirked at me and then winked, before helping me up from the floor. I caught Niall’s eyes when Zayn called me beautiful. Apparently he didn’t really like when the boys were calling me beautiful, because he gave Zayn a cold stare. It was actually really cute that he went jealous when the others were nice to me.

Jeanette: Dina? Boys? Dinner is ready.

Dina: Already?

Jeanette: It’s 5.30

Zayn: we have to get going soon.

Jeanette: Oh where you guys heading to?

Zayn: The Alan Carr show. We have to be there in 2 hours, so we’ll be leaving in 45 minutes.

Jeanette: Then you better hurry with the food.

My mum smiled before she closed the door to my room again and left us alone.

Dina: Guys get up or you won’t get any food before you’re back in London for the show.

Niall pushed all of the guys aside and then all stormed after him out into the kitchen. I laughed for myself still standing in my room. I decided to fix my hair and put Niall’s hoodie back on, before I went out to the table.

When I walked out my mum was in a conversation with Liam, Niall was stuffing himself with the food, Louis and Harry was kinda having a little food fight, and annoying Niall. Zayn on the other hand was actually showing some manners and ate like a normal human being. I sat down between him and Niall and got myself some food.

Zayn: So?

Dina: What?

Zayn: What were you guys doing before we came in?

Dina: Just talking about what happened earlier.

Zayn: Oh so you were talking?

Zayn winked at me and gave me an elbow.

Dina: Zayn if you’re suggesting that we had sex, I probably wouldn’t have been dressed when you guys stormed the room without knocking.

This stopped all the others around the table and they all started staring at me, beside Niall. He was still eating.

Dina: What? It’s true.

Louis pushed Niall who was in another world.

Niall: What? 

Jeanette: Now that’s enough. Are you guys ready for tonight?

Niall: Shoot! What time is it?

Zayn: We have 10 minutes till we leave.

Niall ate even faster and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Louis: hey Dina you wanna come with us to the show?

Dina: To the interview and meet more of your fans? No thanks.

Louis: COME ON!

Dina: Louis no…

Niall: You can stay at my place so you won’t have far home afterwards.

I bit my lip and then looked up at my mum with puppy eyes.

Jeanette: Dina no, you have school tomorrow.

Dina: But mum the boys are only in the country for a couple of days and I don’t know when I’ll see them again.

Jeanette: The answer is no Dina. You can’t just skip school.

Dina: mum please, only this time.

I kept begging her for 5 minutes.

Jeanette: Fine but it’s only this time!

Dina: Yes ma’am.

I laughed a bit.

Liam: You better hurry up; we have 5 minutes before we have to leave.

Dina: Sure, I’m just packing some clothes and then I’ll probably have to change in the car or something. Give me 3 minutes to pack my stuff.

The boys all widened their eyes as I ran off to pack my stuff that I would need for staying at Niall’s place. 2 minutes later I was back with a huge back with clothes, shoes, make-up etc.

Zayn: Oh dear God. How much will you need for one night?

Dina: You said to hurry up, so I didn’t have the time to choose my clothes so I just brought like a couple of sets…

Harry: a couple?

Dina: fine 5…

The boys and I laughed and just as we were about to leave my mum came out in the hallways.

Jeanette: Now you take care of her. I don’t want her dad to get news all the way over in China about his teenage daughter running around with One Direction.

Liam: Yes ma’am.

We laughed even more and then left in different cars. Niall and I were driving alone in one car, while the rest of the boys were in another one. Niall was driving while I crawled in behind to change into something different. I didn’t want people to see me in the clothes I had been wearing in school, when I was with the boys so I changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a striped oversized shirt. (You know, like the clothes Selena was wearing when she had a sleepover with Justin at his grandparent’s place in Canada? No okay

I went with my hair down and took Niall’s gray hoodie out over my shirt again.

Niall: Have you even washed that?

Dina: No it’s the first day I’ve been wearing it since you left. I needed it to keep your smell so I would feel better.

I smiled at me and took my hand as soon as I was back in the front with him. 

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