Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


18. 18


When everything had gotten back to order I got dismissed for the rest of the day. My mum wouldn’t like the idea, but seeing me this happy would make her smile. I found Niall as soon as we were on the way out of my classroom, closely followed by Melanie and Abigail.

Dina: Niall what are you guys doing here?

I hugged him tight into my body and let the smell of his perfume stream all the way down my lungs. His arms were tight around me and I wish I could stay in this moment forever.

Niall: We have an interview, so we’re staying for a couple of days before we’re going back to America.

Dina: How long?

Niall: 3 days, but its three days with you.

Dina: Niall I can’t just skip school to hang out with you guys. I’ll get behind with my homework. Wait three days? Does today count?

Harry: No we have an interview tonight, and then we’re going back Thursday night.

Dina: So I have you guys for myself for the rest of the day and until Thursday night?

Zayn: Not for yourself no. We have the interview tonight.

Dina: But beside that?

Niall: Yes.

I was about to say something when Niall crashed his lips unto mine and we stayed there for a while. I loved feelings his lips against mine, it for filled me and every time I forgot about everyone and everything around me, it was like I kept thirsting for my.

Niall pulled away from me, and my eyes begged him to keep going, but he moved away as we both heard the sound of my name.

Abigail: Dina?

Dina: Yes?

I glanced at him but didn’t let go of Niall. When I turned fully I saw Melanie there with her.

Dina: What’s she doing here?

I gave Melanie a cold stare as I looked at her One Direction shirt.

Abigail: She’s my friend, and she’s a fan. Why wouldn’t she be?

Dina: Did you even hear half of the shit she said to me?

Abigail: I did, and I know what she’s done in the past to you as well, but can’t we just move on. She really wants to meet the boys.

I looked at Melanie then and the boys who were fooling around and Niall who held my hand behind my back.

Dina: This is how it’s always going to be isn’t it? You’re going to use because of something I reach. You’re going to use me whenever I meet someone you want to meet and come up with a pathetic excuse for all of the shit you’ve told me behind their backs, and act as if nothing’s wrong as soon as you’re facing them. You really want that hug that bad, then here you go. Hug him. Hug them all. I don’t care anymore, but the least you can do is telling them the truth! Tell him what you said to me in class and what you tweeted me afterwards, because being a part of the trolls and then pretend nothing’s wrong as soon as you face them is being a fake fan.

My words had hurt her I could sure tell, and the boys seemed really upset about what had happened, and the way I was speaking about them.

Niall came up and whispered to me.

Niall: What’s going on?

Dina: Ask her, she’ll tell you truth about how she hates me, says that I’m hurting you, taking advantage of you, thinks the world would be a better place without me, calling me a whore, slut, bitch, saying she’ll kill me if I ever lay a hand on you ever again.

I could see the tears form in Melanie’s eyes, because she knew she had hurt her idol. After all I did know her pretty good, and I really did know how to break her down.

Dina: And all because her favorite is the blonde Irish guys.

I let go off Niall’s hand and turned my back to everyone and started walking. It was up to the boys now, taking care of the fake crying fan or me. I knew they would split up, and I begged with all of my heart that the boys beside Niall stayed with Melanie and Abigail while I walked out of the door to wait for them.

Soon the door was opened and I saw Liam come out as the only one. My head fell to the ground and I broke down as soon as I he lay his arms around me.

Liam: You’re that happy to see me?

Liam knew he was the one who joke around with me when I was down; we knew each other that well by now. Liam had been there for me a lot, and we had been speaking a lot at night about everything and nothing. He was probably the one of the boys that knew me best.

Dina: You’re stupid.

I was sobbing in his arms as he held me really tight.

Liam: You knew this was going to happen, that’s what I told you when we spoke the other day.

Dina: I know, but my best friend? I never expected her to give me death threats, and literally not denying it in front of my boyfriend.

Liam: You actually hurt Niall in there.

Dina: I hurt him? What about all of the shit I’ve been listening to all day. He told me last night that everything was going to be alright, and the first thing I hear and see this morning is people whispering, laughing and talking shit about me, some even directly to my face. I mean what the fuck is this? Year 3? I thought we had gotten over everything from the past but I guess not.

Liam: Don’t be so hard on them.

Dina: Hard on them? You should have heard them and seen them Liam. They were saying words that could have torn me apart. If you guys hadn’t walked in when I was standing in front of the class they would probably just have laughed.

Liam: Really?

Dina: Really. They think I’ve changed through the past 2 months.

Liam: Maybe you have.

Dina: I might have changed, but enough to give me death threats?

Liam: It’s gonna be okay sweetie.

He hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek, just as the rest of the rest of the boys came out. Niall came up to me and hugged me.

Niall: You okay?

Dina: No…

Niall: Hey come on don’t be mad at me.

Dina: You didn’t believe what I said did you?

Niall: Dina, don’t be like that…

Dina: Did you?

Niall: Dina, come on, she was a fan, what would you want me to do? Just turn my back on her?

Dina: Yeah.

Niall: You know I’m not like that.

Dina: Well would you have walked away if you had seen and heard about the way she’s been treating me through the day?

Niall: She would still be my fan…

Dina: She’s not your fan she’s obsessed. She’s a bitch, she threatened to kill me.

Niall: Dina, just listen. I can’t just run away from the fans like that. She was crying…

Dina: And she deserved to!

I turned my back on him and followed Liam to the car. Liam put a comforting arm around me and tried to make me feel better.

Niall’s POV

Harry and Louis was fooling around behind the body guard, Liam had his arm wrapped around my girlfriend trying to comfort her, and here I was all alone, until Zayn patted my back and made me follow him.

Zayn: Just give her a couple of minutes to calm down. She’ll be fine soon. Liam can do something about it.

Niall: Yeah I know, but Liam isn’t the one who’s supposed to comfort her when she’s sad.

Zayn: Maybe it’s just better that it is him for now.

Niall: I guess…

I looked at the ground and tried to comfort myself.

Niall: Zayn was what I did wrong? Just letting her walk out of the door...

Zayn: You shouldn’t do it too many times… She might end up never coming back, and it’s not a secret that you love her Niall.

Niall: Thanks…

Dina’s POV

When we got home I went directly to my room even though I could hear my mum call my name from the kitchen. Neither of the boys walked into my room, they knew I needed some time to just calm down. I was still pissed at Niall for just speaking to her, after everything she said and did to me.

I heard a knock on the door, and shortly after my mum walked into my room.

Jeanette: What are you doing home so early? What are the boys doing here? And why aren’t you enjoying your time with them?

Dina: Nice to see you too.

Jeanette: Please answer my questions Dina.

Dina: You all said it wasn’t going to be a hell to go back, even after all of the hate I’ve gotten through the internet from my so called friend. You know who’s the only one who’s been treating me nice beside my teachers? Abby. She’s the only one who still sees me as me, and even she took advantage of me.

Jeanette: Sweetheart what happened?

I told my mum about everything the other’s had said at school and how everything had just been a chaos as soon as the boys showed up, and the part with Abby and Melanie showing up.

Dina: And who do you think followed me when I left at last? Beside a stupid bodyguard.

Jeanette: who?

Dina: Liam.

Jeanette: What about Niall?

Dina: Stayed with Melanie and Abby.

I felt the tears ago as there was another knock on the door. Niall popped his head in and looked at me.

Niall: Sorry Mrs. McMahon, can I speak with her alone?

My mum got up and left Niall and I alone.

Niall: You still mad?

Dina: No…

Niall: Babe, please don’t. I’m sorry… what I did was wrong. I should have gone with you instead of putting my fans in the first place.

I still refused to speak to him.

Niall: Dina, please don’t be like this. I’m really sorry. I just wanted to surprise you and make you happy. Aren’t you happy to see me at all?

Dina: Of course I am, but seeing you choose someone who threatened to kill me over me really hurt me Niall. I really hoped that you were the one coming through the door back at my college instead of Liam…

Niall: I’m sorry. I wish I had done so.

He took my hand and moved closer to me. Out foreheads met as he looked directly and deep into my eyes.

Niall: I won’t ever do something like this to you again. I’m sorry.

He whispered the last words before leaning in and letting our lips find each other. He lay me down on the bed so he was lying on top of me and continued kissing me. His hands were under my shirt on my back and holding me close to him.

Niall: I’ve missed you.

He whispered in between the kisses and pulled me closer to him. 

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