Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


16. 16


It had been a couple of weeks and school was soon about to start. Niall was in America with the rest of my new best friends. They had all been here a couple of days before they were going, just to say goodbye to me. They hadn’t been staying for long as I had hoped but seeing them all smile and hug them before they took off was amazing.

I was sitting in the living room reading through my tweets and looking through the pictures on my phone I had gotten with the bus they day they were here, and the ones from London. I reached to the pictures of Harry, Niall and I where they were both kissing my cheek. I changed the icon on my twitter into this picture, even though I wanted to upload the picture of Niall where he was kissing me and we were sitting on my bed.

Jeanette: What are you smiling at?

My mum and I had been left to us selves as my dad had gone out on a business trip with his work. He was going to stay in China for a couple of months.

Dina: Just the pictures I took with the boys last time they were around.

My mum sat down beside me and looked at me.

Jeanette: You miss them don’t you?

Dina: I haven’t heard from Niall in three days…

I stroke my hair down to one shoulder and looked down at the pillow that was keeping me warm on one side.

Jeanette: Sweetheart he’s probably just busy with the tour.

Dina: I know, and I told him before any of this started that it would put me in a huge pain. I just wish I could go visit him.

At the same time my phone started vibrating a lot. I didn’t look at the screen in the beginning but then turned to face my phone and to my surprise Liam was the one calling me.

Dina: Sorry mum I’ve got to answer this. Liam?

I spoke into the phone and felt my mum’s eyes stare at me as I left the room and closed the door into my own.

Niall: Hey beautiful.

Dina: Niall!!! OMG I can’t believe it’s you.

Niall: Miss me?

Dina: Yeah I was actually just speaking with my mum about it. How’s America?

Niall: Quite good actually, but it would have been better if I could see you.

Dina: Aww, you miss me that much?

Niall: As much as I think about going home to visit you next time we get a couple of days off.

Dina: Niall you should stay with the boys, it’s probably better than way.

Niall: Yeah and Paul will probably kill me if I’m going, but honestly I don’t really care.

I smiled and didn’t really know what to say.

Dina: How’s everyone?

Niall: The boys? They are all really good. They told me to say hello.

Dina: Tell them I said hey.

Niall: I will.

We went silent for a while again. We were enjoying the thought of hearing each other breathe and just knowing that the other person was there.

Niall: so when are you going back to school?

Dina: Tomorrow and I’m so not ready to face people yet. I’ve been avoiding everyone because everyone’s asking question about you guys and I’m getting really tired of my so called friends using me to get closer to you guys.

Niall: It’s gonna be alright babe. I’m sure it isn’t going to be that bad.

Dina: I know, but I’m kinda scared of the media kids at school. They’ll probably want to interview me first thing in the morning to spread the rumours about the two of us.

Niall: It’s your choice. The whole world already knows. Some of the fans have even asked about you over here.

I smiled by the thought of it. God I wish I could see Niall’s smile right now.

Niall: Babe? I better get going. We have an interview in an hour. I’ll text you tomorrow okay? Have a great first day of your last school year.

Dina: Yeah it’s okay. Thanks.

Niall: I love you.

Dina: Love you more.

We hung up and I felt tears pushing in my eyes. We had only been going out for a little more than a month and he already meant more than everything to me.

My mum knocked on the door as she heard I had stopped speaking.

Dina: Come in.

My mum entered my room and sat down beside me.

Jeanette: How are they?

Dina: good. Niall’s coming home when they get some time off.

Jeanette: That’s good isn’t it?

Dina: I guess, but management will be pissed at him.

Jeanette: It’s his choice Dina. You can’t take his decisions.

Dina: No I know. And I would love to spend some time with him.

Jeanette: Then let him deal with what he’s doing.

My mum smiled at me and got up and walked out of the room.

I got up from my bed and went to take a shower and then found out my outfit for tomorrow. I was so glad that I didn’t have to walk around in my uniform anymore. It was so much better walking around in whatever you wanted to. I found a pair of low-waist light blue jeans and a black tank top. With that I would be wearing Niall’s grey hoodie that he had left at my place. My shoes would be a black pair of high heels that would make my legs look really great.

I went to bed shortly after dinner. I wasn’t really in the mood for speaking with anyone or staying up. I just wanted to get every day to pass so I could be back with Niall and the boys.

I woke up when my mum pulled off the curtains the next morning.

Jeanette: Morning hun. It’s time for your last first day of school.

I just made a weird sound, telling my mum that I wanted to stay in bed.

Jeanette: That’s not going to happen. Now get up. I’ll make you some pancakes.

I dragged myself out of the bed and reached for my phone which was lying on the table. I had two new texts from Niall. I had just received one of them 5 minutes ago.

Niall: miss you hun <3 xx

I read the text a couple of times and felt the smile on my lips. I opened the text I just had received a couple of minutes ago.

Niall: Good night babe <3 xx will be home sooner than you know it. Have a good first day of school. Don’t let them get you down. It’s your last year! <3 xx I’ll call you later so we can talk about your day, okay? I love you xx

I smiled at the texts and wiped away the tears that had formed in my eyes as I started to get dressed. I went out into the bathroom as soon as I was fully dressed and did my hair, make-up and brushed my teeth, before I went out into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Soon I was back to walking the hallways of my college. I didn’t really like how everyone was staring at me and whispering my name.

When I walked into my first class which was English Abigail immediately came up next to me. She could smell Niall’s perfume on the hoodie I was wearing and she recognized it from some pictures she had seen of me and him.

Abigail: Hey stranger.

Dina: Hey.

I didn’t really take my eyes off of my phone as she started talking to me.

Abigail: Look I’m really sorry about what happened in the holidays and I really wanna make it up to you, I just don’t know how. I’m really sorry for what I said to you Dina.

Dina: I’m listening.

Abigail: I never meant to hurt you Dina. You’re my best friend. You let me meet my biggest idol. You let me hug all of the boys of my dream!

Dina: Can we please not talk about One Direction right now.

Abigail: Why it’s because of them we started fighting?

Dina: Yeah I’d just prefer not speaking about them.

At the same time Melanie walked into class. I hadn’t really spoken to her ever since I yelled a lot of her for uploading that picture of Niall and me in my hotel room in London. Melanie came up to us and sat down on the chair on the other side of the table.

Melanie: So how was the last part of your holidays?

Abigail: It was really good! I had so much fun!

Melanie: OMG that’s so awesome and what about you Dina?

Dina: It was ok I guess.

Melanie: Guessing it’s nothing compared to the first part where you were sleeping with my idol?

Dina: Just shut up. You know nothing about what I’ve done and haven’t done.

Melanie: I can see it in your eyes you know. You were a virgin last term, and now you’re back with that sparkle in your eyes that you get whenever it’s done, and you’ve turned yourself into a woman.

Dina: You know nothing about me.

Melanie: Actually I do. Ever since you started hanging out with the boys you’ve been all over twitter, you’ve been on the news and in every single magazine. You’re all over the internet and still not admitting that you’ve been with him ever since the beginning. So why don’t you just drop the attitude and tell everyone about the real you and what you’ve done to everyone’s pressures little Niall.

Dina: You don’t know us. What’s in the magazines are nothing compared to what they are like in real life. You’re just saying all this because you wish all of this had happened to you.

Melanie: You don’t even deserve him. He deserves so much better than a poor school girl from Essex. You’re probably just sleeping with him just to get attention and to get a hold on his money. Look it all starts here as you show up in school wearing his hoodie, making it smell like you. And honestly in the end that just makes you kind of a slut. We’ve all seen the pictures of how you’re kissing him, but behind his back you’re kissing the other boys as well. Just look.

She took out the phone and showed me pictures of me and Liam pecking each other’s cheek, then skipped to one with Zayn moving on to Harry and Louis.

Melanie: See you’re with all of them. Slut.

Dina: So a peck on the cheek makes me a slut?

Melanie: No more like a whore if you prefer that.

Dina: Honestly Mel I have no time for this. You can pick on me all you want, but I’m in love with my boyfriend, and he happens to be your biggest idol, which makes you the loser at the end. You haven’t met them, and I can make damn sure that you never will. So watch your mouth. 

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