Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


14. 14


We met the boys at the signing in Birmingham a couple of hours later. It had been quite a ride all the way to Birmingham, and I honestly hated driving this far.

The fans were screaming when Niall and I finally arrived. The other boys had been there for a while, and they were all crowded. Security helped us all the way to the tables where the boys were signing.

When we got up to the boys Louis jumped into my arms.

Louis: DINA!

Dina: It’s good to see you too Lou.

He laughed while he was holding on to me. When the others had gotten Louis off of me, I hugged them. Liam was the last person and actually the one I had missed the most beside Niall. Don’t get me wrong. I loved all of the boys really much, but there was something about Liam, something that I couldn’t explain. I just felt really comfortable around him. It was like I could speak with him about everything and not feel embarrassed or shy about it. He was kinda like a best friend to me.

Dina: Hey.

I smiled at him and a huge smile appeared on his face. We pecked each other’s cheeks and then let go before anyone dragged too much attention towards us.

The boys started their signing and it was just like every other signing. I tried to hide myself, but a lot of people had seen me and asked for me, so of course I spoke with a couple of fans, and ended up being a part of the signing, not to sign, but just to talk and take pictures with the fans.

Niall and I drove back to his apartment in London with all of the other boys. One of the security guards was taking Harry’s car back to London.

I was sitting between Liam and Niall all the way back. Honestly it felt kinda awkward. I don’t know why but there was something about Liam that I couldn’t explain. He was like a brother to me, but on the other hand it was like Niall envied him for the way we spoke to each other.

Liam: So how’s your friends been acting since you got home?

Dina: It’s been a nightmare. Honestly I’ve never been spammed from everyone so much in my life, because they’ve seen so many pictures of me with you guys. It’s honestly driving me crazy.

Liam: haha. You’re gonna be alright with it?

Dina: I guess I just have to get used to it if I wanna keep hanging out with you guys.

Liam: It’s gonna be alright. We’ve got your back.

He squeezed his arm around me and gave me a side-hug while we were sitting in the limo that was taking us back to London.

Niall and I were dropped off at his flat as the first people. All of the boys got out of the limo and hugged me plenty of times. Oh how I loved hanging out with these lads. They made everything so much better.

Niall wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked up the stairs to his flat. We got inside and I dropped myself on the sofa.

Niall: You okay?

Dina: Yeah just tired. What about you?

Niall: Still have ringing for my ears.

Dina: I wasn’t talking about that.

Niall: Then I’m fine?

Dina: I saw the way you looked at Liam when I said hi to him in Birmingham. What’s wrong?

Niall: Nothing Dina.

Dina: Niall are you jealous of Liam, and afraid that I might have something with him behind your back?

Niall: No?

Dina: OMG you think I like him.

I looked at Niall as he looked down at the floor. He was a terrible liar.

Dina: Niall I would never like him that way. Don’t get me wrong he’s a really nice guy, but he’s just a good friend.

Niall: It’s just stupid thoughts. Don’t worry about it. I just don’t want to lose you.

I got up from the couch and walked up to him. I held on to his shirt and pulled him close to me.

Dina: You won’t lose me Niall. Not even to Liam.

Somehow I felt tears in my eyes, but I didn’t want them to let go out of my eyes. I was in love with Niall, and nothing could change that.

I pressed my lisp against his and twirled my arms around his neck. Our lips moved against each other’s and before I knew about it we were on the couch, Niall over top of me, with my legs wrapped around his waist. We kissed passionately and forgot everything about time and place. It was only Niall and I in the moment. After a while we stopped kissing and were just cuddling on the couch.

Niall: You still wanna go out for dinner?

Dina: Whatever you prefer?

Niall: Being here with you here in this moment.

Dina: Yeah me too.

I whispered the words out as I pulled my fingers through his hair. I pecked his lips and smiled at him. He smiled back at me and looked directly into my eyes, while he was lying on me.

Dina: what?

Niall: You’re beautiful.

He smiled and I felt how my cheeks got warm.

Dina: I love you Niall.

My voice was still a whisper. Niall opened his eyes even more and kissed me.

Niall: I love you too Dina.

Dina: shit what time is it?

Niall: 11.30.

Dina: Shit my dad’s going to kill me. I was supposed to be home before midnight.

Niall: Shit!

Niall jumped up from the couch and pulled his sweatshirt over his head and helped me up from the couch. I was freezing when I got up from the couch so Niall went into his room and found one of his jackets.

Niall: Here put this on.

Dina: Niall people will know.

Niall: don’t you think they know already as the paparazzi see us leave from my flat?

Dina: you’re probably right.

I smiled at him and took his hand as we left his place. We got into the car and started driving when my phone started to ring.

Jeanette: where are you at?

Dina: Sorry mum, we fell asleep at Niall’s place. We just left London. I’m really sorry.

Jeanette: Your dad is going to be really mad.

Dina: Yeah I know. I’m sorry mum. I didn’t mean to, but we fell asleep.

Jeanette: It’s okay, but this is the last time this will happen.

Dina: Yeah I know. Sorry.

I hung up and looked down.

Niall: How bad is it?

Dina: My dad is probably going to kill me.

Niall: And if you told him you were with me?

Dina: I don’t know.

Niall took my hand and pulled it up to his mouth to kiss it.

Niall: It’s gonna be alright babe.

We pulled up in front of my house at 12.45am.

Dina: You’re coming?

I looked at him as I stepped out of the car.

Niall: I think it’s better if I go back to London.

Dina: Your loss then.

I winked at him and took my bag.

When I was at the door he caught up to me after parking the car and kissed me. We greeted my parents as we walked into the living room.

Dina: Mum? Dad? Niall’s staying here for the night.

Jeanette: sure?

My dad didn’t say anything he just smiled at me. I never really believed I was going to get my parents’ permission to let a boy stay in my room for the night, but I did.

We went into my room and closed and locked the door. I took off Niall’s jacket that I was still wearing and lay down on my bed, and was joined by Niall shortly.

Dina: Niall?

Niall: yeah?

I cuddled up to him and held my arms around him.

Dina: Please don’t ever leave my side.

Niall: I won’t.

He pecked my lips. 

Niall: I wouldn’t want to lose you for anything in the world.

Dina: so that means we’re a couple?

Niall: It does.

He smiled and leaned in to kiss me again, before we dosed off in wrapped in each other’s arms. 


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