Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


12. 12

This week with Niall and the boys had probably been the best week of my life. Niall had been fighting a lot with people at the interviews because they kept pushing him to speak about me. I think it would be good for him to go home to Ireland for a couple of days, to get it out all off his mind.

My holidays in the city centre was about to come to an end. I was really sad leaving. I had grown really close to Niall and the boys and I never knew when I was going to see them again. They were busy people, but what Niall and I felt for each other was real. 

My mum knocked on my door as I was packing the rest of my bags. 

Jeanette: how's the packing going? 

Dina: it's okay mum. 

Jeanette: what's up with you today? You seem really sad. 

Dina: it's just... I don't want to leave mum. I wanna stay with the boys. Niall and I are getting along really well and I'm really going to miss him when we leave tonight. I never know when I'm going to see him again. 

Jeanette: he's a lovely kid Dina. He really is, but you've got to keep it real. He's famous... 

Dina: but that doesn't change the way we feel for each other mum!! He loves me! 

At the same time someone knocked on the door. My mum went to open and I smiled when Niall walked into the room. 

Niall: hey beautiful. 

He smiled at me as he pulled me in for a long hug and kissed me gently on the lips. 

Dina: what are you doing here? I thought you had an interview today. 

Niall: we did but it finished early and I told the others that I wanted to spend some time with you before you're going home. 

He smiled that really adorable smile of his while looking deeply into my eyes. 

Jeanette: Well I will leave you two alone then. Niall it's been a pleasure meeting you and you should know that any time you want our doors are open for you. 

My mum and Niall shook hands and then she left the room, before she closed the door she turned around to face me. 

Jeanette: we're leaving at 9pm so be ready to go there. 

Dina: yeah. 

I turned to Niall as I heard the door close. 

Dina: so what are we doing the last few hours we have together? 

Niall: well at 6.30 we're going out for dinner with the boys, so whatever you wanna do until then. 

I cuddled up to Niall who was sitting on my bed. 

Dina: I just wanna stay here with you without thinking about that we'll be separated soon. 

I lay my head on his chest and tightened my arms around him. 

Dina: I'm gonna miss you a lot Niall. You're the most amazing person I've ever met. 

I whispered while crying into his cheat.

Niall: babe don't cry, we're gonna see each other soon ok? I promise I won't stay away from you. I'm gonna visit you before we're going to America. Deal? 

Dina: deal. 

He softly wiped away my tears with his thumbs and then kissed me again, but this time it was different. It was filled with passion and he held me really close. We smiled on each other’s lips as they moved against each other. When he kissed me like that I knew he meant what he said. He really didn't want to leave me here. 

I got up and packed the rest of my stuff beside the clothes I was going to wear tonight. 

Dina: fancy or casual tonight? 

Niall: fancy, we're going this really fancy place that Harry and Zayn picked out. It should be quite good. 

Dina: so this dress or this dress? 

I held out two different very beautiful dresses in each hand. 

Niall got up from the bed and took a green dress from my suitcase. 

Niall: what about this one? 

Dina: IDK it's more like a party dress for a really fancy party or prom. 

Niall: I'm sure you'll look really sexy in it. 

He winked at me and handed me my dress. I took the dress and went out into the bathroom to change into the dress. I changed into the dress, my heals, my necklace and put my hair up. This was how I wanted to look at the restaurant. (

Niall spit out his water when I walked out in my dress.

Niall: wow…

Dina: Isn’t it too much?

Niall sat with his mouth fully open.

Dina: You know you should take a picture. It’ll last longer.

Niall: very funny.

He got up from the bed. He was biting his lip. This meant that that he thought I was really attractive. We walked up to me and kissed me. I was just as tall as him now that I was wearing my heels.

Niall: You’re beautiful.

He kissed me, first on the lips, then my cheek and then moved down my neck. He moved his hands down my back. It gave me goose bumps, but I kinda enjoyed it anyway.

Dina: Niall, I’m not going to stay in this close. There’s like 4-5 hours till we have to head out.

Niall: I didn’t plan to let you stay in that dress anyway.

He lifted me up and kissed me with a huge passion and really intense. I was kinda shocked of how fast he acted all of a sudden. We both moved closer to each other and I tightened my legs around his waist as he pushed me up against the wall. My hands were in his hair and his were under my butt. After a moment of kissing we moved to the bed. I helped Niall of with his shirt and took off my dress. He kissed me down over my chest and I let out a moan. Our breaths were deeper and longer as we ripped off the rest of our clothes while intensely kissing each other.

His fingers slowly made their way up in me and I let our several moans, and kindly bit his lips as he continued to kiss me.

Everything happened really fast, and before I knew about it he was on top of me and we were having sex. It was a wonderful feeling, and honestly he was the first guy I had ever been with this way, so I was really surprised that I wasn’t shyer than I was.  

I was having the time of my life with Niall, when someone decided to knock on the door and started asking for us.

Dad: Dina? Dina are you in there.

Dina: shit…

I suddenly broke out of the ‘trance’ that I was in and Niall quickly moved away from me.

Dina: grab your clothes and walk out into the bathroom!

I whispered it to him, as I got my sweatpants from the floor beside the bed. They had fallen out of my suitcase when I had moved it earlier. I pulled my sweats on really fast and pulled a t-shirt over my head, and while walking to the door I put my hair up in a messy bun.

Dina: Just a second dad.

I looked around the room. There was no sign in the room, that Niall and I had just had sex, so I opened the door and smiled at my dad.

Dad: You alone?

Dina: No Niall’s here as well but he’s out in the bathroom.

Dad: Oh… actually I just wanted to know if you were done packing, but I can see you’re not.

Dina: Sorry I don’t think I’ll finish until like 8.30 as I’m going out for a dinner with the boys, kinda as a good bye present from them to me. I’m gonna miss them daddy.

Dad: I understand pumpkin.

Dina: So you trust me around them?

Dad: Until they prove me that they cannot be trusted with you, I do yes.

I jumped up and hugged my bed just as Niall walked out of the bathroom.

Dina: Thank you so much dad.

My dad turned to face Niall, who looked slightly confused about what was going on.

Dad: Look I don’t trust Dina with just anyone. She’s my little princess and she will always be, so take care of her, and promise not to break her.

Niall: I promise sir.

My dad and Niall shook had. It was kinda like a very rare vision so I was kinda proud of both my dad and Niall. Niall was accepted, which meant I was allowed to date him for my dad.

Shortly after my dad left and Niall looked at me still confused…

Dina: What?

Niall: He interrupted.

Dina: Yeah but you should be really happy that you got his blessing.

Niall: I guess.

Niall came up to me and kissed me.

Niall: Wanna go out and get some food?

Dina: You’re having dinner in 3.5 hour, can’t you wait?

Niall: No I’m starving.

Dina: Aww poor thing.

I was being sarcastic when I said the last part and pulled a silly face at him. We got our stuff and I found a bra to wear under my shirt before we went down to the shop just around the corner from our hotel. Niall took my hand while we were walking the streets. He didn’t care about what people said anymore. It was time that people realized that Niall Horan had found love in life.

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