Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


11. 11


Niall and I had finished our food and were sitting on the bed looking through the comments that had popped up on my twitter.

Niall: How do they even know your twitter?

Dina: Some of the girls asked for it before I shut down the twitcam the other day, and I spelled it out for them. So I guess that’s how.

Niall: oh…

Dina: Oh look at this. Dina, don’t listen to the haters. They are just jealous of what you’ve got. I’m glad Niall found someone. He looks happy.

Niall: That’s sweet.

Dina: I know, some of them are taken it really easy.

Niall: Yeah they are really sweet. But not as sweet as you.

He turned around and looked at me and leaned in to kiss me. We lay down in the bed and kissed each other for a long time until someone knocked on the door and I could hear Louis scream.

Louis: Love Birds are you in there!? Come watch a movie with the rest of us!

I got up from the bed and opened the door.

Louis: Woah was I interrupting something?

Louis was staring at my hair; it was probably a mess right now after everything that had happened.

Niall: Yeah Lou, we were having sex!

I blushed a bit but Louis just started laughing.

Louis: Yeah as if Nialler. Come watch a movie with me and the boys!

Louis ran into the room and jumped on Niall on the bed.

Louis: Come on Niall! Come on Niall!

It was really joyful to watch it.

Louis: Come on Dina help me get him out of bed! We’re going to watch a film in Harry’s and his room!

Dina: Fine fine fine!

Niall tackled me as soon as I tried to help Louis and both Louis and I ended up falling on top of Niall. He was kinda hurt but we couldn’t stop laughing.

Dina: Babe, are you okay?

Niall: Yeah I’m good.

I leaned in a kissed him just as Louis pulled me up and throw me over his shoulder and took Niall’s hand.

Louis: Now come watch a film with me and the boys.

Neither of us could stop laughing but I would have preferred walking by myself. When we got into Harry and Niall’s room I saw Liam, Harry and Zayn waiting for us.

Louis: I caught them!

Zayn: Caught them? What?

Louis turned around and showed everyone how I looked.

Louis: Looks like Nialler has been getting some action!!

Louis was screaming out really loud and just really enjoyed being his noisy him as he threw me on the bed on type of the three boys.

Dina: Louis I did not have sex with Niall, even though that’s what you keep saying!

Louis: Whatever you say.

He smirked at me and lay down at the end of the bed.

Harry: What are we going to watch?

Louis: I thought you were going to find a film while I got those two out of their room.

Zayn: Yeah we were about to when Harry started doing something weird.

Louis: haha okay well… Dina what do you wanna watch?

Dina: I don’t care.

Louis: Fine horror film it is!

Dina: what?

Louis: You said you didn’t care, so I chose horror film and we’re going to see The Ring.

Dina: Ew Lou no it’s disgusting!

Louis: Good you have a cuddle buddy then.

He winked at me and put the film on. I cuddled up next to Niall on the sofa they had in their room. He was sitting in the corner of it. I took the quilt from the floor and threw it over me and Niall before I cuddled up to him.

Zayn was sitting in the other end of the sofa, and Louis, Harry and Liam was in the bed. Louis cuddled all up to Harry every time he got scared. It was actually really cute. Liam had one point where he got really scared and cuddle up to both of them, but I think the time that they got scared the most was when I screamed because I got a shock.

Louis: OMG don’t ever do that again! I might get a heart attack.

I burst out laughing. I laughed so much that we had to stop the movie to let me finish up.

Louis: It’s not funny.

Dina: aww poor boo bear! Do you need a hug?

I teased him a bit and tried to hide my laughter while he was giving me a fake sad face.

Louis: Yeah you better.

Dina: I wasn’t talking about me. You can hug Harry if you need a hug.

I laughed a bit for myself before I walked up to Lou and hugged him really tight. Niall might be the guy I’m in love with but nothing will ever beat Louis’s hugs. Those were the best hugs I had ever gotten.

Louis: Aww you do care after all.

I laughed as he messed my hair up and hugged me tight.

Dina: Of course I care.

I smiled as I walked back and cuddled up to Niall under the quilt. Through the rest of the movie he was holding my hand and I was resting my head on his shoulder.

Niall: You look tired.

The film had just ended and we all looked really sleepy. Honestly I knew why the boys looked tired sometimes. They had had a really long day, and I was exhausted just from the part I had been a part of even though it was only 9.30pm.

Dina: I am…

Niall: Here let me take you to bed.

He took my hand and helped me up from the sofa.

Dina: I’m heading off to bed guys. It was really awesome being with you! See you tomorrow?

Harry: Yeah we have a day off tomorrow, so we’ll probably be going shopping or something.

Dina: Sounds good. You can just come and knock on the door if I’m allowed to come.

Liam: Of course you are! You’re more than welcome.

Dina: sounds good. Well good night guys!

I hugged all of them including Niall, because I didn’t expect him to come with me.

Niall: Aww do I get an extra hug?

Dina: what?

Niall: I’m going with you for a couple of minutes.

Dina: oh.

The other boys winked at me and Niall as we walked out of the room. I giggled a bit about it but I knew nothing was going to happen. I just met Niall and I wasn’t really ready for anything like this yet. I just wanted a cuddle bear.

I went out into the bathroom to change into a pair black pair of hot-pants and a pink tank top. This was what I was sleeping in. I took off my make-up and put my hair up in a messy bun.

When I walked back out into the other room of my hotel room Niall was lying in my bed watching telly.

Dina: Anything good.

Niall: Beside the sight of you? No.

Dina: You’re such a flirt.

Niall: I know, that’s why you love me.

He smirked back at me and tapped the bedside next to him.

Dina: are you going to stay here or what?

Niall: If you want me to and its okay with your parents.

Dina: I don’t care about my parents Niall.

Niall: But I care about you and I don’t want you to get hurt.

Dina: You can call them and ask them if you want to.

Niall: Yeah right…

I took my phone and called my mum, she picked up very fast.

Dina: hey, sorry about earlier. BTW Niall has something he wants to ask you.

I handed my phone to Niall before I heard my mum’s answer.

Niall: Hey Mrs. McMahon.

Jeanette: hey Niall.

Niall: No sorry I can’t do this, it is too weird.

Dina: Come on Niall, it’s just my mum.

Niall: Yeah that’s why it’s weird.

He handed me the phone back and I got up from the bed to speak with my parents.

Dina: I was wondering if you would have anything against Niall sleeping in my room…

Dad: Definitely not going to happen.

Dina: Dad come on. I promise you, nothing will happen. I’m not that type of girl, and I never will be.

Jeanette: If you promise us that nothing will happen I’m okay with it. You’re almost grown up, it’s time you get some experience in life, and I think you’ve proved to us that you can handle being with a boy.

Dina: Thanks mummy!

Dad: I still don’t like it hun.

Dina: Dad please.

Dad: fine, but you’ve only have one chance. If you mess it up it’s your own fault, and we will be going home.

Dina: I know dad. I know. I’m sorry I lied to you.

When I had said that I hung up on my parents. One thing people would never understand was the relationship I had with my parents. It was so confusing and we argued a lot and I was blamed for a lot of things that I never really did. I guess they just wanted to take care of me.

I smiled when I walked back to Niall and cuddled up beside him.

Dina: Wanna stay here for the night?

He just smiled at me and kissed me. Shortly after we cuddled up to each other under the covers. I enjoyed every moment of lying on his bare chest whilst he was stroking my hair.

Niall: goodnight princess.

Dina: Goodnight baby.

I kissed him softly on the lips before I lay back down on his chest and hugged him close into me. 

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