Love at first sight {One Direction}

I never thought a normal trip to the city centre would be the thing that changed my entire life. I never thought it was going to be the reason I had to drop out of college, getting new friends, travel the world and feeling loved for real. I never thought it would be the reason for me to get 7 new best friends and for me to lose the people I grew up with.
All that because you knocked on the wrong door and seduced me with your bright shining blue eyes. Dear Mr. Horan, you were my love at first sight.


10. 10


I dragged my attention to the TV as soon as I heard Alan Carr say One Direction. They spoke for a long time about everything and nothing. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about. Every time Alan looked at Niall and asked him something I felt my heart skip a beat. I went out to the bathroom to get myself something to drink. I knew I had a bottle of water standing out there. While I was out there Alan started speaking about me on the interview.

I don’t really know what happened at this point, because it all happened really fast, but when I got back into my room and saw that there was a picture of me and Niall. Not the one that had been going around on twitter, but my profile pictures from facebook. I quickly spit out the water I had in my mouth and as I did my dad knocked on the door.

Dad: Dina, open the door!

He was really angry with me, and I didn’t really know what was going on, but I opened just to try not to make everything worse than they were.

Before I knew about it he had grabbed my arm and pushed me up against the wall.

Dad: I told you that you to stay away from these boys! And yet you lie straight to my face!

Dina: I never promised you to stay away from them.

I was struggling to get loose of his grip, but he didn’t let go of me.

Dina: Let go of me!

Dad: You’re never going to see those boys again you hear me!

I looked up at the screen as I saw Niall blushing whilst speaking about me. The pictures changed and there was one where we were at the signing.

Dad: You hear me?!

He turned around and saw what I was looking at. And he didn’t like the vision at all. Before I knew about it I felt his hand over my cheek, and I fell to the floor crying my eyes out as he let go of me.

Dad: Pack your bags. We’re going home.

With those words he left the room, and left me crying on the floor. I didn’t want to go home, what about my dinner date in my room with Niall, when he had finished the interview. I looked up at the screen, he looked really nervous talking about, me but smiled all the time anyway.

Alan: Niall come on tell us the truth about this girl?

Niall: There’s nothing much to tell. She’s just a really good friend of mine, and she’s a really nice person.

Alan: But what about this picture, that has been making twitter impossible to work with over the past hours?

I saw the picture of me and Niall kissing and cried even harder, I just wish he was here right now. Niall was blushing and he couldn’t even say anything.

Niall: It’s like the picture with me and Katy Perry. That’s only a peck.  

Even though I knew he was trying to cover up for me, his words hurt me really bad. I didn’t want him to lie. I just wanted to feel his arms around me, and warm me with his comforting words. It didn’t take long before the interview ended and I heard another knock on the door.

When I got up from the bed I was shaking all over my body. I was really scared that my dad was the one on the other side of the door, but when I opened the door I saw my mum with a sad expression on her face. She saw my swollen face and didn’t say anything just hugged me.

I pushed her away from me; I was just as angry with her as I was with my dad.

Dina: Why did you marry that monster?! He’s done nothing but harm us over the past years!

Jeanette: Dina I’m sorry.

Dina: Get away from me! I’m not going home! Not yet!

Jeanette: Dina listen I’m really sorry about what’s happened!

Dina: Forget about it! Just leave me alone! I’ve heard enough already! I’ve been harmed enough! Don’t you think that I’m being punished enough with that picture all over the internet?!

Jeanette: Dina I understand what you’re going through is tough, and therefore I think it’ll be best if we’re going home!

Dina: I’m not going home. I’m staying here. I’m staying here because that was what you promised! You promised I would get some time off of the town!

My dad came in after a while where me and my mum had been fighting. He regretted everything he had done, that was easy to tell.

Dad: Look Dina, I’m really sorry about what happened. I totally lost control.

Dina: You disgust me.

Dad: If it makes you feel any better we’re staying, but if I’m seeing you near those boys again!

Dina: Then what dad? You’re gonna hit me again, and try to convince me that you did nothing wrong? I’m turning 18 soon, and you still treat me as if I was a kid.

Niall knocked on the door as I was arguing with my parents.

Niall: Dina food’s getting cold!

He was happy, I could tell. The boys and he had probably been fooling around all the way back to the hotel.

I went up to the door and let him in. He hugged me while carrying all of the bags with food and drinks. When he saw my parents he immediately stopped and looked at me shocked. This is when he realized about my cheek, but he didn’t say anything about it.

Niall: Sorry I guess I came at a bad time.

Dina: No actually now is perfect. Mum, dad, this is Niall. He’s a sweet boy that I met a couple of days ago, and he happens to be in the boy band called one direction. Dad I know you don’t like how I hang out with boys, but know you’ve met him, and does he really look that dangerous to you?

Neither of my parents said anything, they just left speechless of how I was capable of speaking to them as soon as Niall was around.

Niall: What was all that about?

Dina: I’ve been arguing with them ever since the first picture of us popped up on the TV. My dad doesn’t like that I’m around boys, he still treats me like a little child, but I don’t care anymore. How am I ever supposed to stay away from you?

I hugged him and again felt the tears in my eyes. I hated crying, but I didn’t want to let go of Niall.

Niall: Shh… it’s okay. Don’t cry beautiful.

Dina: He hit me Niall…

I barely manage to get the words out of my mouth but I did it. I told him what happened. I felt how Niall was stiff all over his body, incapable of moving.

Niall: He. Did. What?

Niall was spitting the words out through his teeth. He was furious and honestly I could imagine how it must have felt for him.

I sniffed and buried my head in his chest. I didn’t want to speak about it. I just wanted him to hold his arms around me, and let me feel loved. 

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