Love at first sight (a Liam Payne fan fiction)

Chloe falls in love with Liam Payne from one direction.please comment if u have any ideas or question for me. Thanks! :{)


29. The wedding

chloes POV
I was anxious to get down the isle to Liam. I got down the isle and l locked my hands with Liam. I said my vows and them it was liams turn. "I promise Chloe to protect you,to make you happy,and to always love you. I was teary eyed. The wedding was finally over and we headed home. I finally got olive time with my husband...Liam. "hey Chloe" Liam said ya I replied "would u ever like to have kids?" of course! I yelled! Well how about we try some time. Ok I said.
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