Love at first sight (a Liam Payne fan fiction)

Chloe falls in love with Liam Payne from one direction.please comment if u have any ideas or question for me. Thanks! :{)


20. Photo shoot

Chloes POV
Today me Liam, niall, Jordan,Harry, Jacy, zayn, and perrie have a photo shoot. Liam told me not to dress to fancy my own stylist will dress me. I was so exited! We jumped in the car and drove to the photo shoot building. We ran in away from all the fans and met in Simons office. Simian said "the idea of this shoot is to show the fans how much u love each other. " so go to ur dressing rooms and get dressed." Liam showed me to my room. I walked in and found my stylist. Hello Chloe my name is Claire and I will be your stylist. Clair had blounde hair that went to her shoulders. She had brown eyes and rosey cheeks. She fiddled through a clouset to find my out fit. Ahhh here it is. She handed me black flats with a pink flowy dress. She straightened my hair and pulled my bangs back. She put in black stud earings. She put blush mascara grey eye shadow and light lip gloss. There perfect Clair said and sensed me out I was the last one out of my dressing room so every One was waiting. The photographer told us the idea again and said Niall and Jordan were up first. When they got done zayn and perrie, then Harry and Jacy then finally me and Liam. When mr and Liam got up we took pictures piggy back style, me kissing liams cheek, just plain kissing, hugging, him putting me in a dip and kissing me(the dance move dip) me blowing a flower with liams arm around me and all that good stuff. We were about to leave when I realized it was Liams birthday on friday. I went up to the photographer and asked for a copie Of all the pictures of me and Liam. He told me he could give them to me right now. Great I said! I told Liam whence got home I had to run to the gas station for a specific kind of pop he said ok. I can't beloved he bought that, I thought to myself. Instead of going to the gas staion I went to target and got a whole bunch of scap booking stuff I got gone and told Liam I would be taking a nap in his room. Ok Liam said I went to car when he wasn't looking and got the scrap book stuff.
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