Love at first sight (a Liam Payne fan fiction)

Chloe falls in love with Liam Payne from one direction.please comment if u have any ideas or question for me. Thanks! :{)


10. Liam :)

Chloes POV
Jordan had came over and hung out with us. Jordan and Niall were in love like big time. I decided to stay another night with Liam but this time we were going to sleep in his room. We went up to his room and he put on all three toy story's. He cried during all of them and new every line. He always made me laugh when he impersonated woody. We had tickle fights during little breaks and he always won. Liam told me he loved me so much and would always protect me . I told him "now I know I will always be safe". I hugged and kissed him and he did it back. I love u Liam I said. I borrowed his sane pajamas and we cuddled in his double sized bed.we watched hocus pocus on abc family and could say almost all the lines. We started making out and then fell asleep.
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