Love at first sight (a Liam Payne fan fiction)

Chloe falls in love with Liam Payne from one direction.please comment if u have any ideas or question for me. Thanks! :{)


25. Feeling better!

Liams POV
It's getting a bit late and I don't think that she is going to wake up. I carried her up stairs and laud her in our bed and covered her up. I got ready for bed and climed in to bed with Chloe. I fell asleep listening to her Breathing.
Chloes POV
I woke up and felt super hyper! I got up and woke up Liam. "wake up sleepy head!" I said. He woke I gave him hug and ran down stairs. "come on Liam" I yelled to him. He came down stairs still looking sleepy. "let's do something fun today" I told Liam. Like what? Liam said. " about swimming?" ok he said. I put on my new swimsuite and put on coverup. I grabbed us some towels and sunscreen. "let's go I said!" we waked to the car,well I ran and headed to the beach. We got to the beach and I ran picking a spot in the sand threw our stuff and took off my cover up. I ran to the blue ocean and jumped into it. I waited for Liam to cone running in. He grabbed me and threw me out farther. I spang back up and splashed him. I stared body surfing and Liam joined me. I stomach started hurting from body surfing so I headed in. I grabbed a towel. I laid there with Liam and watched the sun set. It was orange and pink all over the sky. It was getting chilly and I started cuddling into his warm chest. "I'm guessing your ready to go back to the flat?" Liam said. I agreed and packed up our stuff. We headed home and I was to tired to do anything else so I just went to bed. "Liam our you coming?" I yelled. Ya I'll be up in a bit I'm going over to Niall's,he said. Ok I yelled back.
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