Love at first sight (a Liam Payne fan fiction)

Chloe falls in love with Liam Payne from one direction.please comment if u have any ideas or question for me. Thanks! :{)


19. After the accident

Nialls POV
Me and Liam got them to open there eyes I went over to where Jordan was scooped her up kissed her and gave her a hug. " jodan never go away again" I said. I heard Chloe screaming where is Liam?! Where is he?! Liam ran over sat down leans her up against his chest and started to calm her.
Jordans POV
I heard it happened to Chloe to so I ran over and hugged her she hugged me back and asked if I was ok. Of course I am Jordan, how about u? just fine chloe.
Chloes POV
I went off to change and got a really bad head ache. I got the rest of my cloeths on and them told Liam. "um Liam, I got a really bad head ache." Could we maby take nap? Of course Chloe! Liam said. We went up to his room and laid down. He kissed me good night and wrapped me in his arms. I felt so safe. I eventually fell asleep. No Liam don't leave me! Don't! Don't go I need you! I love you! shhh Chloe. Shh wake up. it's just a dream. I woke up in his arms hearing him say this. I started to cry in his chest. He was making me feel so much better I told him about my dream and how he drove me and pushed me out the car. Liam told me to never, ever,ever, ever think that again.
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