Here, Now Gone

Sabrina Malik is just your average teenage girl. She lives in London, England with her friend Irene and are both age 17. Their whole life changes when they meet their fave band in the whole world, One Direction. But Sabrina soon falls for 2 of them but who will she choose? What will happen in the end?
(this is dedicated for my friend Sabrina Malik)


10. What Did I Miss?

Sabrina's POV

No. Way. Did I just see what I just saw there? Irene , did Irene, my best friend, just kiss Harry Styles of One Direction? I turned my head around to see if anybody else just saw what I saw and not surprising they the exact same expression I had. When they broke the kiss, neither of them said anything after. It was all silent. Almost too silent.

"ALRIGHT! DIFFERENT GAME!" Louis yelled finally breaking our uncomfortable silence and stares.

"Okay then, what game should we play?" I asked on behalf the others.

"Uhh, why don't we just watch a movie instead?" Zayn suggested. I pondered about what movie we should watch then I spoke up.

"Sure! We could watch Toy Story 1, 2, and 3"

"Please guys?? I LOVE TOY STORY AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT." Liam chimed in.

"Okay okay. We'll watch Toy Story if that's the only way to shut you up." Zayn murmured to himself the last part.

"YAY!" Liam exclaimed.

During the movie I noticed that Irene and Harry were cuddling each other. Aww. They look so cute together. Just then, Zayn wrapped his arm around me too and I automatically snuggled into his side feeling rather safe though.

Zayn's POV

We were watching Toy Story and during the middle of the movie, I don't know what took over me to wrap my arm around Sabrina. She snuggled into my side as I did so. She was just so beautiful. Ever since I saw her, I knew I wanted to be hers from that moment on. It's just the way her eyes twinkle when she smiles or laughs and her hair frames her face perfectly. I then realized that she had fell asleep on me. "Hey, guys, I'm gonna take Sabrina up to her room. She fell asleep."

"Sure. Her room is up the stairs, down the hall, second door to your right." Irene instructed me.

I nodded in reply and lifted Sabrina up bridal style up the stairs and to her room. I laid her on her bed and pulled the covers up. I sat on the edge of the bed observing her features. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. Wow. I must have sounded really stalkery. So I quickly got up and went back downstairs soon enough to just find Niall looking through their fridge again, Louis on his phone talking to some one, must be Eleanor, his girlfriend, Irene and Harry cuddled up together talking and laughing and Liam the only who is really paying attention to the movie. I had nothing else better to do so I joined him.

Sabrina's POV

Wha-? Where am I? I looked around and finally realized I'm in my own room. Strange. I don't remember coming up last night. Was it Irene who brought me up? No. It can't be. Last time I saw her, she was with Harry. Oh yeah! I remember now. We were watching Toy Story and I fell asleep on Zayn? So it was Zayn who brought me up? How did he know which was my room? Aaah... Irene told him. How could I have not thought of that before and let me tell you, I'm not a morning person.  I got up and went to take a shower. After, I was done, I wrapped the towel around me and went back to my room and picked out a cute but comfortable outfit. I quickly put some mascara and lip gloss on and strolled down the stairs. To my surprise, Irene and the boys were all scattered across the floor. What the fuck did I miss last night? Did they like have a party and not invite me to it or what? Suddenly, I had the urge to yell to wake them up. "WAKE UP YOU FUCKING LAZY ASS MORONS!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Still, they didn't wake up. What the heck is wrong with them? Were they drinking? Well I know Irene and I can't drink because we're 17 but did the guys drink? Since yelling didn't work, I decided to use a whistle and that they woke up to. "Rise and shine you lazy bone heads!" I screamed again.

"Will somebody please shut her up?" Louis said.

"That's nice. Crashing someone else's place and telling one of the owner to shut up. That's super nice." I said sarcastically. Irene finally got up and went upstairs probably to freshen up for the day. I went into the kitchen to find something to eat but our fridge was like three quarters empty. Oh Niall.

Irene's POV

I woke up to Sabrina blowing a whistle and why were we sleeping on the floor and how did we get on the floor. It was just  the guys, Sabrina and I watching the movie, well that's how it started, then Sabrina fell asleep during the movie so Zayn brought her to her room and came back down. When the movie was over, well I don't think I actually saw the end 'cause I think I fell asleep too. What was I doing before I fell asleep? Other than watching the movie, I was talking and laughing and cuddling with Harry. Wait. What?! I was actually cuddling with Harry. Oh, well of course I was but how did he and I get so close and don't think dirty, I mean close as friends, maybe even more than friends? No. It can't be. We still hardly know each other. Anyways, while I was thinking all that shit, I heard someone say "Will somebody please shut her up?" which sounded like Louis and a response "That's nice. Crashing someone else's place and telling one of the owner to shut up. That's super nice." and that had to be Sabrina. You could tell how sarcastic that reply was by the tone in her voice. I got up, went upstairs and straight to the bathroom. I quickly stripped down and hopped in the shower. When I was done, I wrapped my towel around myself and went to my room. I picked out a cute black pullover shirt that said 'Love Pink' in white from Victoria Secret Pink, obviously, blue skinny jeans and light grey Keds. I put my hair up in a messy bun and did my makeup, the usual eyeliner and mascara.

I went downstairs to make myself breakfast but instead to find nearly and empty fridge. So I just got a bowl and poured cereal and milk into it. While eating, I was on my laptop scrolling through my news feed on facebook. Nothing interesting so I closed my laptop and continued  eating. After I finished eating, I went to wash the dishes and suddenly a pair of arms wrap around my waist and they rested their head on my right shoulder. Their hair tickling my cheek, I turned around to come face to face with a curly hair boy, Harry. I thought the boys had already left but I thought wrong for one of the boys are still here. I turned back to continue washing the dishes.

Harry's POV

I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. She turned to face me. She was thinking of something and turned back. Was she mad at me or something? Did I do anything wrong? I pushed those thoughts out of my head. "What's for breakfast?" I whispered in her ear. She turned back to me and said "Cereal and milk and milk and cereal." I chuckled at her response. I let go of her to get a bowl and poured my cereal and milk in.

"I thought you guys already left?" Irene spoke up.


"Okay then. Well I'm done washing the dishes so I'm going up stairs. Just put your bowl in the sink when your done." And with that, she disappeared upstairs. Anyways, we had to go back to our hotel. Paul will be so mad when finds out that we weren't there the whole night.

"Guys?! We have to go. Paul will be so mad if he finds out we stayed the night here instead." I said. There was a long pause. "Guys?"



Author's Note: ...yeahh I havent updated in a loooooooong time sorry. I didnt feel like it. and yaa i know its really boring right now but i promise you guys i will make it juicier during far more down the story :)

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