Here, Now Gone

Sabrina Malik is just your average teenage girl. She lives in London, England with her friend Irene and are both age 17. Their whole life changes when they meet their fave band in the whole world, One Direction. But Sabrina soon falls for 2 of them but who will she choose? What will happen in the end?
(this is dedicated for my friend Sabrina Malik)


9. Truth or Dare?

Irene's Pov

The bottle was pointing at Harry so that means he has to ask me. Btw, we are playing it in reverse. Whoever spins the bottle and lands on whoever else, that person asks the one who spun the bottle truth or dare and yes. The bottle was pointing at Harry so that means he asks me truth or dare. I usually go for truth but I don't want to look wimpy in front of them so I'm going for dare.

"Truth or dare?" Harry says emphasizing the 'dare'.

I boldly and strongly say "Dare".

"Alright. .. I dare you to kiss me." Harry smiling that cheeky smile of his. Urg. He's so damn cute with his dimples. But I don't know what to do should I kiss him or should I change to truth? I don't know what to do. Will somebody please help me!? I am stuck between and rock and a chance to kiss Harry Styles from One Direction. What the friggin hell am I supposed to do? I thought long and hard, yet nothing pops into my brain of what to do. I didn't think twice and..

I kissed him.

Yup. I. Kissed. Him. Boy was he a hottie and a really good kisser. I looked around to the others and they were all wide-eyed with their jaws to the ground. Ha. I'm not passing a chance to kiss a hottie like him go away to trash.



Author's note: sorry haven't updated in soo longgg and yaa this is another really short crappy chapter :/

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