Here, Now Gone

Sabrina Malik is just your average teenage girl. She lives in London, England with her friend Irene and are both age 17. Their whole life changes when they meet their fave band in the whole world, One Direction. But Sabrina soon falls for 2 of them but who will she choose? What will happen in the end?
(this is dedicated for my friend Sabrina Malik)


7. Meeting One Direction :O

Harry's POV

Ahh. The concert's over. I have to go shower and get ready before Irene comes backstage. I got in the shower and came out about 5-10 minutes later. I get changed and go to the backstage lounge. The boys were already there either talking, goofing around or eating (Niall). I chuckled at Louis and Liam who were on the couch and they were pretending to play sword fighting with pool noodles. I have no idea where they got those from... So I grabbed one from the bag that was laying down on the floor and joined in. And obviously I won. Just kidding. I actually lost once I joined because they both teamed up on me! No fair! Just then, there was a knock on the door.

**knock knock**

"I'll get it!" I yell pushing through the lads to open the door. Irene. just as I expected. Looking beautiful as ever. And she brought a friend. "Irene! Nice to see you again!" We gave each other a quick hug.

Sabrina's POV

We just got backstage and Harry Styles opened the door and I did not expect to hear what I just heard."

Irene! Nice to see you again!" Harry says to Irene. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped all the way to the ground. WHAT DID HE MEAN AGAIN?!?!?!?!

"Hi Harry. Nice to see you again too." Irene replied and gave him a quick hug. My jaw was was still on the ground. WHAT DID SHE MEAN AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!


"Oh right... I kinda forgot to tell you that I met Harry when I went to the washroom this afternoon when we were at the mall. Haha surprise?" Irene said with very obvious sarcasm.


Author's note: Sorry this was such a crappy and short chapter :(. have lots of homework so i might not be updating for a while again.

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