Here, Now Gone

Sabrina Malik is just your average teenage girl. She lives in London, England with her friend Irene and are both age 17. Their whole life changes when they meet their fave band in the whole world, One Direction. But Sabrina soon falls for 2 of them but who will she choose? What will happen in the end?
(this is dedicated for my friend Sabrina Malik)


5. Concert Time pt. 1 :)

Sabrina's POV

"Sabrina! Are you ready yet?" I hear Irene yell from her room.

"Yeah. Just give me a minute and lemme grab my bag." I yell back. I grab my wallet, my phone and keys and put them in my bag/purse whatever. "Oh shit! Almost forgot the tickets and the backstage pass!" I mumbled and mentally slapped myself.

"Sabrina you're driving this time." I hear Irene saying from downstairs.

"Okay." I walk downstairs and see Irene sitting on the couch waiting for me. Okay. So the time is 6:10 and it takes us about 20 minutes to get to the stadium, that's where the concert was held. I get in my car and I start it. Irene comes out and locks the door to the house and come joins me in the car. I put the handle to R which means reverse-to go backwards- and once we were off the driveway, I changed it back to D which means drive-to go forwards-and drove to the stadium. During our ride, we had some weird and random conversations and sang songs that came on the radio. We finally got there at about 6:40.

Irene's POV

"Sabrina you're driving this time." I say from downstairs. I sat on the couch waiting for her.

"Okay." she replies back. She comes down at 6:10. She goes ahead to start the car and I'm behind her locking the door to our house. Just after i put my seat belt on, I got a text from somebody named 'SEXY H'. Gee. I wonder who that is. Harry. Edward. Styles. Names himself 'SEXY H'. I giggled silently. This was what he sent me. 'SEXY H: Hey beautiful! See you at the concert. Come backstage after the show. Hope you enjoy it :) xx SEXY H'. Aha. This is my text back to him. 'Irene: Hey SEXY H! Nice name you got there. See you too. Of course and thanks :) xxx Irene'. Teehee. I got another text from him almost right away after i sent him my text. Like what's he doing? Staring at his phone waiting for me to text him back?.... AWWWWW. That's soo cutee. I mean like what kind of super star would usually have the time to stare at their phone waiting for someone to reply to their text message? I can actually imagine Harry staring at his phone waiting for a reply and start cheering when he gets it. *no seriously can you imagine that?soo cute!!* 'SEXY H: xxxxxxx :)'. During our ride to the stadium, me and Sabrina had some weird and random conversations and sang songs that came on the radio. We finally got there at about 6:40.

Harry's POV

The concert's about to start in 30 minutes and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Why? Because I met this really beautiful girl earlier today at the mall and her name is Irene. I don't know much about her so that's why I texted her to come backstage after the show.She should really meet the guys too. I keep seeing her in my head."Harry! C'mon man you've gotta get changed. We're on in 10." Liam snaps me away from my thought of her.

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