Afraid of Reality

Michelle has been hurt before from falling in love. That experience has scarred her for a long time and she didn't trust herself to fall in love again. Michelle decided to move to London to get her mind off of the terrible memories that she had in LA. But a trip to the coffee shop has twisted the whole plan of avoiding love.


3. The Spill

Michelle's POV-

Lexi was taking forever to get our drinks, I mean I'm patient...most of the time, but I felt really thirsty. I got up to check on her when I felt something burning on my stomach and it was moving down to my thighs. I looked up and found a clumsy, but attractive, man with dark black hair looking shocked. I can tell he didn't know what to do.

"Oh my..I..I..I'm so sorry I-"

"It's okay, can you just get me some napkins"

Sure I was mad, but I'm not gonna be rude. The man came back with the napkins, but slipped on the beverage he dropped and fell. The good thing was that he was laughing.

"Sorry, I get clumsy around pretty gir-"

He stopped there and just blushed and I sorta blushed, too. He looked so cute, I just wanna..NO! I can't get attracted to him, or him soft voice, or his perfect smile that makes me want to melt....oh god... I didn't want any awkward silence so I just laughed, too.

"It's fine, I'm Michelle"

I handed out my hand to greet and to help him up.

"Thanks, Zayn."

"WOAAAAH, oh Zayn another attractive girl?"

A curly haired fellow said, purposely trying to embarrass his friend. Lexi came back with my tea..... and a blonde haired boy.Followed by another man in stripes...and another one with a buzz cut. Lexi saw me and slowly gave me my tea.

"Oh my god Michelle, I'll get your clothes later so you can change. This is my cousin Niall. And these are his friends, and band-mates, Harry, Louis, Liam..and I've seen you met Zayn, heheh"

Said Lexi motioning to each boy. Each one was laughing their hearts out while Zayn was blushing like crazy.. too cu- NO..

"Thanks Lexi, it's nice to meet you all."

I didn't notice the music until it stopped and the live singer walked off the stage, leaving it with a sign saying On My Lunch Break, I Eat Too. The singer's chocolate brown eyes and smile seemed familiar. She started coming towards me...or well the boys actually.

"Hey guys, the sign says lunch but I told Vina I'm gonna take the rest of the day off."


Said Harry, I can tell by his eyes that he absolutely adores the kind singer.

"Cause I wanted to hang out with my boyfriend and the gang, I heard about the studio"

She then walked over and put her arm around Harry. She was looking at me noticing that I looked familiar too. Who is this girl?

"Brittany meet Michelle, I met her at the airport I'll explain when we're at where ever we are going after this"

Said Lexi. Brittany..Brittany..the name is so familiar.


I just said not know what else to say. Brittany's eyes widen and a tremendous smile rose across her face. I put my hand out to greet her.


She screamed and then hugged me ignoring my hand.

"It's so nice to see you, it's been so long. At first I didn't recognise you but i knew I've seen you somewhere but then I....oh sorry you probably dont recognise me's me, your cousin!"











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