Afraid of Reality

Michelle has been hurt before from falling in love. That experience has scarred her for a long time and she didn't trust herself to fall in love again. Michelle decided to move to London to get her mind off of the terrible memories that she had in LA. But a trip to the coffee shop has twisted the whole plan of avoiding love.


1. Leaving



Michelle's POV-

"Why are you leaving so soon?" my best friend Kimberly asked after I told her that I was moving to London tomorrow. Kimberly is a light brunette, with a bob-cut, that usually ties half of her hair. She has a blue-ish green color iris and average length eyelashes. We were planning on leaving after college but I got sick of waiting for college to be over. "Because, I'm just trapped here, memories of him wherever i go" I replied. I have long brown hair (people think its black)which i usually leave down, with chocolate brown eyes with natural long eyelashes.

"Michelle, can't you just wait for 10 more months, remember we were planning on going together?"

"I know Kim, but you said to get over him and I can't if i see him everywhere. You know you can come with me now, you already have your ticket."

"You know i want to finish college"

"And you know I want to drop the past like you told me to"

There was silence for a few seconds then Kimberly finally let out a sigh.

"You're right Michelle, I'm sorry. It's just that it's gonna be hard living without my best friend for 10 months"

"Yeah, i get it, well I'm really going to miss you"

"Me too"

-Day of the flight-

Kim and I said out goodbyes then I was off to London. We both have always wanted to go to London, of course i am excited but still sad that im not going with my best friend. I feel more relaxed now that i know nothing in London can remind me of.....him. I fell in love with him and he told me he loved me back but it was all a lie. One day I caught him with another girl and he told me that he didn't love me. It was all a dare. Ever since that day, I can never look at myself the same way. I was a fool for actually falling for the trick. A small tear escaped my eye from the memory. No i can't cry. I have to arrive at London with a smile.

-At the airport-

Yes! I'm finally here. I can't wait to explore....but i have no idea where i am and where to go -_-. I decided to find a coffee shop to wake me up a little. I left the airport and signalled a cab...or at least attempt to. I guess I'm walking. I went on Google maps to find the nearest coffee shop but my phone is still gettind used to the new area. Oh what luck...i suddenly heard a high pitched British accent behind me.

"You seemed lost, do u need any help?"

I turn arround to see a girl with faded brownish orange hair, that is tied up, and green eyes. I nod , not knowing what to say without sounding rude.

"Hi, I'm Alexis, you can call me Lexi"


"Are you looking for a specific place to go?"

"Um, yeah, I'm kinda looking for a coffee shop. Do you know one near by?"

"Yeah i was actually heading to one too"

Lexi smiled at me then invited me in her car. I have a feeling we'll be close friends



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