Afraid of Reality

Michelle has been hurt before from falling in love. That experience has scarred her for a long time and she didn't trust herself to fall in love again. Michelle decided to move to London to get her mind off of the terrible memories that she had in LA. But a trip to the coffee shop has twisted the whole plan of avoiding love.


2. Coffee Shop

Lexi's POV-

Okay I usually don't go around helping lost people...I actually avoid them. But Michelle seemed like she has a story behind her confusion, so, like curious old Lexi, I wanted to help her. The airport isn't that far from the coffee shop but I learned taht Michelle and I have a lot of things in common. We both love any type of music, we both play volleyball, and well we both didn't finish college. I told her how it was too difficult for me and I just wanted to travel...that hasn't happened yet. I didn't feel comfortable asking her why she didn't finish college, I'll just find out later.

"Well here we are, Simple Delights!" 

"Woah, I can smell the food from the parking lot"

"Haha, yup that's how the extraordinary chef, Vina, wanted it to be."

We walked in and, as usual, we heard the live singing and had a whiff of the pastry of the day.

"I'll go order, you can go take a seat" I told Michelle.

"Oh okay thanks, I'll just take a Peach Tea"

Michelle sat at a small round table and I went to go order our drinks. The group in front of me was taking forever to order. I listened to what they were ordering to see what was taking so long.

"Niall, just hurry up and order what you usally order"

"I am, why do you think it's taking so long. Don't rush me, Lou"

Oh of course they're here, i was going to just tap my cousin's shoulder but they don't deserve that kindness for taking so long. So I just poked the little blonde guy's waist.

"Hey, what's your pro-"

As he turned around he realised who poked him.

"LEXI! Hey, we were just gonna drop off this drink for you'"

Niall and I are very close we hang out all the time but he's part of a new boy band so I can only see him on the weekends.

"I thought you were working in the studio"

"Oh, something went wrong with the electricity so we have the day off, hey what are you ordering"

"Peach tea and my usual"

"Two drinks? Who ya here with"

"Michelle, met her at the airport, she looked lost so I got curious, we're sitting right there you should come join us"

"Don't worry I was gonna butt in anyway"

"I know you were, but I just offered so it wouldn't make you and your gang look rude"

We got our drinks and went to our table.










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