The Eye of Love

I never thought that having a love life would be so hard. What will happen when Amelia starts taking things to personal will her perfect relationship with Zyan end in tears or will she meet the eye of love.


1. School begins

" Beep Beep Beep " went the alarm as Amelia woke " guess I have to get ready " said Amelia. " Am's come get your brekkie ", "OK mum but also Don't Call Me AM'S " cried Amelia. When Amelia finally finished getting ready she said goodbye to her mum and dad then she left for school. When she was just around the corner from West Point High School she heard someone's front door open so she jumped behind a bush "bye mum" called a deep voice, "OH MY GOSH is that Zayn but it can't he said that he lived in a massive mansion on the other side of west point " thought Amelia. When Amelia looked left to checked if Zayn had gone, he wasn't there she looked to the left and guess who was sitting right next to her Zayn." why are you in my yard " asked Zayn, " oh sorry I dropped an er an um earring " answered Amelia " ok but do you want to walk to school with me " said Zayn ," yeh what ever " replied amelia.At lunch Amelia told all her friends about what happened " wow your so lucky " said Zoe " yeah and guess what he asked if I wanted to watch him play soccer and if every thing goes well we might even be more than friend " anouced Amelia wellsee you guys later. When Amelia got home she told her mum about what happened " wow Amelia sounds like your in love but just remember no boyfriends until your sixteen ok " said her mum " but mum that's two years away" moaned Amelia " no exceptions " anouced her mum. After dinner Amelia went upto her room and dreamt of all the things that might happen by the time she finished her mum hollered"Amelia go to Bed now " and so she did
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