Sick and Tired

James Potter begins to realize his life isn't as perfect as he firstly thought of. Hogwarts' graduation grows closer, and a war waits for him outside of the gates. A tired enemy fuels the indecision and uncertainty James feels about where he's heading, and the destiny of many might be involved into James' brand new path.

Warning: this is a Snames fic, mature content.


7. New things

“We should go to my place.” suggested Padfoot in a mutter, to not disrupt the other members of the Order who were actually engaged in coming up with plans to further slip into the Ministry. “A neighbor of mine has some weed. It's a muggle thing and it's brilliant. You two should try it.”


“Weed?” I asked. “What is it?”


“It's a green thing you smoke and it makes everything better. The guy I know knows a dealer and got some for us. You two should try it.”


By you two, Padfoot meant Moony and I. Wormtail was sitting closer to Dumbledore, listening to what was being discussed. Like he could be of any help... But at least he would fill us in, later. Lily participated of the discussion as well. Gladly. I was pretty sure weed was an illegal muggle drug, and she wouldn't approve it.


Though I wanted to try. Something to make everything better. Merlin knew I need it... My life just went downhill as soon as I stepped out of Hogwarts. I wasn't as happy with Lily as I should be. At first, it was nice to have the entire mansion for ourselves and have sex in every single room, though after a month of it... I would never admmit it out loud, but it was kind of boring. I couldn't escape from her as easily as I could in Hogwarts, either.


All I wanted to do is to go out, have fun and do as I please, though Lily was waiting me at home. Most people liked this kind of thing, but I didn't. Not yet, at least.


She would go mental if she knew what I was planning to do that night.


“I'm in.” I whispered back to Padfoot. “I really hope it's good, though.”


“Why do I feel like I'm just going to babysit both of you?” Moony said.


“Ah, well, my friend will be there too. We should put our wands away at least. It should be easier to take care of us this way, Moony. A night without magic.” Padfoot replied. “Although, I'd consider weed to be magic.”


My expectations about this só called weed were quite high when we made it to Padfoot's flat. It was a small kind of apartment, in a shady part of London, though I loved it. A lot could happen in the pubs and stripper houses nearby. That night, he said we were staying in.


“My friend will be here in a second.” Padfoot said. “Meanwhile, let's help ourselves with beer. Muggle beer. Not as good, but still...”


We all sat down by the living room and Moony drank a large sip of his own beer, antecipating the troubles Padfoot and I would possibly cause.


“What is your friend's name again?”


“It's Raphael. Lives next door. One day I was passing by, and there was a party. The good fellows there offered me weed and beer. He's chill. It's all chill.”


Padfoot acted like a very excited child around muggles and their habits. He barely knew anything about the muggle world. We were both very accepting of muggles, of course, but that didn't change the fact we always lived within wizard communities.


Ever since I started to live with Lily, I did learn a handful of things about muggle life.


There were three melodic knocks on the door.


“It's open!” Padfoot yelled.


His friend named Raphael came in. He was a fairly tall individual with perfectly combed hair, matching his aligned clothes. Made me fell like I was dressing in rags. I wouldn't expect Padfoot to be friends with such person, but I trusted his senses.


“Having fun without me already?” Raphael said, stretching his hand to Moony. “You must be the só called Moony.” Moony shook his hand with a polite smile. Then he turned to me and stretched his hand again. “And you are Prongs. Weird nicknames.”


“I like to think I'm creative.” I replied and shook his hand also.


But the hand shake lasted a couple of seconds more than I would find comfortable, and Raphael's dark eyes were locked into mine, leaving me slightly unsettled.


“You sure are.” he said in a low, silky voice. He turned to Padfoot and took out of his pocket a bag with eight handmade cigarrettes, except they weren't made with tobbacco, but with something green. “Now, here's the fun I promised.”


Padfoot grinned mischievously and grabbed the bag, opening it up and handing me a cigarette.


“I'll give you the honor of going first.”


The wands were locked away in Padfoot's bedroom.


“How will I lit it up?” I asked, maybe far too bluntly for someone who should know what a lighter is.


Raphael laughed upon hearing my question.


“Excuse my rudeness.” he said and took out of another pocket a box of matches.


Uh oh. I didn't know how to use that. Lily taught me how to use a lighter. But matches? I had no flying clue. I looked at Padfoot with a fairly scared expression. To my luck, Raphael spoke again: “Allow me.”


He sat by my side in the couch, and picked up the cigarrette, putting it in my mouth. He lit up a match and then, the tip of the strange cigarette. Needless to say, I found his closeness very weird, but I let him anyway, and I inhaled the first puff of smoke.


A couple of hours later, and all of our beers and weed cigarrettes were gone. Padfoot and Moony were out of their minds, laughing at everything, saying nonsense. I was completely normal. Perhaps a little too slow, and certain stupid jokes were far too much funny, but I was under control. Raphael seemed to be on the same boat.


“Bummer! The beer is gone!” Padfoot whined. “And I'm hungry.”


So was I. It felt as if though I was starving.


“Well, I have a suggestion. James and I can pick up some more beer and some sandwiches at a pub and you two stay here. You are completely out of yourselves.”


“Out... Of ourselves?” Moony said, very slowly, as if though it took a lot of effort to form sentences. “I'm perfectly fine! How can you say that!”


He tried to stand up from the armchair he was sitting on and apparently forgot which leg was which.


“James and I are going. Be back in twenty minutes. I know a pub with great meatball sandwiches.”


Raphael took the lead towards the door and opened it for me. Then I was on front all the way down to the street, and he followed me closely. His breath on my neck left me with a tingly sensation going down my spine.


When we reached the empty street, he was on the lead again.


“Follow me, please.”


The cold air of the night brought most of my sobriety back.


“Padfoot said weed was magical.” I said. “Don't be offended, but it wasn't that good for me.”


Raphael shrugged.


“It happens. Weed isn't a very strong drug, you see? Some people go crazy and others can enjoy it while still keeping control. Like you and I. Gladly. It would be hell to be on my own to take care of three drunk and drugged men.”


He offered me a smile while we walked.


“So Raphael... Why do you live here? You look far too well-kept to be living in a place like this. What happened?”


“Parents kicked me out of home.” he said. “No biggie, really. That's why I like your friend Padfoot, because the same happened to him. But, you know what? I like you, too.”


“You sure this isn't the weed talking?” I joked.


“No. Can you answer me something?”




“Do you and Padfoot have something going on between you two? I mean, he's always talking great things about you. I would hate to spoil anything.”


“No, we're just... Friends?”


I frowned. What was he talking about?


“Ah, well, then it won't be a problem if I do this...”


He pulled me close and kissed me on the lips. His breath smelled like weed and cheap beer alright, but his lips were soft. The kiss was só nice, I didn't even react until he pulled away.


“I'm not... Into guys.” I said.


“Are you sure? You liked the kiss.” Raphael said and kissed me again. And again. And I couldn't stop it. He pulled me even closer by the waist and sucked on my lower lip. “Let's go to the pub. We can talk it out, there.”


“O-ok.” I mumbled and I kept following him.


Not even all beer and all the weed in the world would leave me more confused than this whole situation.





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