Pinky Promise

Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will the paparazzi being to make her uncomfortable? Will this end their beautiful relationship?


1. You're Mine


I couldn't explain how excited I was to get off the plane. My hands and legs were shaking  like mad. My lips were becoming chapped from licking them so much. I could feel the pounding of my heart through my ears. I was finally going to see her again.


The boys and I grabbed our suitcases from baggage claim. I walked fast and turned my head in every direction possible. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She was looking around until her eyes caught mine. I dropped my bags and we both ran toward each other. I pulled her close as she straddled her legs onto me. Our lips reunited and her tears slipped to my shirt. I could hear the boys teasing, but I didn't care. I was finally happy again.


Elise pulled away and I gently put her down. I smiled and kissed her once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled away. "I missed you so much." She whispered. I smiled and felt the stinging my eyes. I wiped her tears away while mine ran down. We both laughed and pecked each other again.


"I love you so much Elise."


"I love you to Harry."


Niall gave me my bags and gave Elise a hug.


"How's little Elie doing?" Elise was younger than us. She was turning 18 in a week, so she was little to everyone.


"Lovely, now that you guys are back. I've been miserable the past few weeks without my love." She looked up at me and smiled. I kissed her forehead and rubbed her back. 


"Well we've got a lot if catching up to do to, doesn't it seem?" Lou said, kissing Eleanor. 


We took separate cabs. Niall and Liam are going to Liam's house where their parents are meeting up at. Louis and El are going to their flat to see Louis's family. 


I guess you could say Elie and I took things pretty quickly. We've been dating for a year and a half and are moved in with Zayn and Perrie. It's a lovely house. It's got three parts; one house where Zayn and Perrie sleep and keep clean, one for Elie and I, and one for all of us with a living room, kitchen, and a chilling spot. 


"So how has the volleyball going?" Elie is a volleyball player training for the Olympics. She's brilliant as well. 


"It's going well. I'm on that diet so that's quite depressing." I chuckled and pecked her again.


"Damn, I missed you..." I confessed. She became serious, yet so sincere.


"I missed you too. It was complete hell not being with you. I don't even know how I did it and I'm sorry I didn't call as much I was just-"


I shut her up with a kiss. It was cute watching her babble and it gave me more excuses to kiss her.


"Honey, everything is okay. We're okay."


She nodded and sighed. I slouched and nuzzled my face into her neck, and left small kisses. I closed my eyes, considering there was quite a bit of traffic and I needed rest. 


"Harry, babe, we're home."


I fluttered my eyes open. I was finally at our beautiful home with my beautiful girlfriend. When you've been away for a while, everything is so amazing.


"Finally..." I said. I opened the door and carried Elise. She let out a squeal and wrapped her arms around my neck. I kicked the door that was already half way open from the entrance of Perrie and Zayn. They're we're probably already to the bedroom which was where we were headed. I, though, had something a bit more elegant planned. 


I put Elise down and opened the door. While we were "caught in traffic" I had Gemma and my mum set up the room with rose petals, all except the bed. I made sure our driver was taking his time so that everything would be perfect.


Her jaw dropped as she walked in. I leaned by the door, shoving my hands in my pockets and smiled. 


"You little prick!" She jokingly yelled. I laughed and snaked my arm around her waist and kissed her.


"You're mine, baby." I whispered to her.


That night, it felt so good to be home.


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