Pinky Promise

Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will the paparazzi being to make her uncomfortable? Will this end their beautiful relationship?


5. Party and Bullshit


Harry's Pov

Elise and I were stuck in traffic on the way home. It was an unexpected hour wasted. It was now four o’clock and Elise was in a rush to get home. She hadn’t seen the girls, Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade, in a while and she was quite intimidated. She’s engrossed by their fashion even though her fashion is perfectly okay. When we arrived at the house, Elise let out a deep breath. She was focused on getting inside and making herself look good –even though she was perfect.


We walked inside and shut the door. We were practically dripping everywhere. Perrie and Zayn’s heads jerked in our direction. Their jaws dropped in unison. Perrie smacked her gob and walked to Elise.


“Your hair is completely drenched!” She took a good grip on her shoulders and led her to our room. “Let’s get you cleaned up, shall we? You can’t go to the Funky Buddha looking like this.” Perrie came back out and tossed me two towels. I took my shirt and my trousers off so that I was in only my underwear. I wrapped one towel around my waist and used the other to dry my hair. I shook it out and wiped my face.


Zayn’s jaw was still hanging. I walked to over to the couch and his eyes followed my every move. He went to his room to grab something. When he came out, he tossed my some shorts. I put them on and sat down, pushing my hair out of my face. Zayn’s maniacal laugh ruined the silence. “Shut up, mate. It’s not funny.


He tried to stop laughing, but couldn’t. I glanced at him, giving him a dirty look. “I’m sorry, Haz. It’s not funny.”  He took his last chuckle and wiped the nonexistent tear from his eye. “What happened?”


“Elise had to clear her head so she went for a drive and little did she know that her car would break down. She wasn’t too far from Niall’s, so she walked there in the rain.”


Zayn’s laugh was so loud, Elise yelled, “Shut up, Zayn!” all the way from the room. He slowly fell over and buried his head in a pillow.


“It’s not funny, mate. If she gets sick, then-“


“You won’t be able to kiss?” He teased. I rolled my eyes and continued.


“She won’t be able to practice or go to school.” He nodded and shrugged, continuing his television show.


I leaned back and rubbed my eyes. I wondered if Elise had thought about her sister recently. I mean, she did not to recent and since they buried her, she hasn’t said one word about her. I could understand that she doesn’t want to be morbid, but if Gem died, I wouldn’t stop talking about her for a while. Elise and Jess were close too, but I don’t understand why she isn’t sad.


“Ouch!” Perrie’s voice echoed throughout the house and there was a loud thud. Zayn stopped laughing in his pillow and his head shot up.


“Not so funny when it’s your girl, is it?” I muttered. He gave me and dirty look and cocked his head. He got up and walked to the room. I followed.


We opened the door, not caring if anyone was decent. Elise was in per bra and some shorts. Perrie was the quite opposite; She was in a singlet and some underwear. There wasn’t any blood, which was good, but Perrie was on the floor looking at her knee.


“What happened?” Zayn asked. Perrie shook her head and got up.


“Just fell, that’s all. There’s definitely going to be a bruise on my knee though.” She sat on the bed and looked at her knee. It was a bit swollen and there was a bruise forming.



“I’ll get you some ice.” Elise said. She ran out of the room and into the kitchen. Zayn sat next to Perrie on the bed and made her flex her knee quite a bit.


“Well that ruins my dancing plans tonight.” She said staring at her knee. Elise brought back some ice and stood by me. I put my arm around her waist as we watched Zayn tend to Perrie and watched the bruise change colors: from green to purple in an instant. Zayn pressed the ice to her knee. “Ouch! Babe, that hurts.”


“Of course it’s going to hurt.” He stood up and took her hand. “Just stand up for me. It might hurt when you walk.”


Perrie stood up and walked around the room. “It doesn’t hurt too bad, but I’m certainly not going to wear heels tonight.” She walked to Elise and took her hand. “Let’s get dressed before sundown.”


“Are you sure you still want to go? I can stay if you’d like.” Perrie made a face as if she was disgusted with Elise’s suggested.


“Uhm, no. I am not missing an opportunity to party with my girlfriends and my boyfriend. We are getting ready right now.” She let go of Elise’s hand and took hold of Zayn’s arm and mine. “I love you boys, but get out.”


“Let me grab some clothes.” I said. I grabbed a black button up and some jeans.


“Do we get kisses?” Zayn asked. She laughed and pecked Zayn on the lips, pecked my cheek, and vice-versa with Elise.


“Now leave.” She closed the door on us. Zayn and I stood there for a while.


“We might as well get ready then.” He said, walking to his room. I straight up changed in the living room. We lived on a private lot anyways. No one watched up do crap.


Of course it took Zayn and the ladies a while to get ready. As for me, it took to hair shakes to fix my hair and nothing for makeup. When half an hour passed, Zayn walked out of the restroom. After another half an hour passed, the girls came out looking stunning.


“Pere, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to wear heels.” Zayn said.


“Don’t ruin my good mood.” Perrie said


I never though Elise needed to wear her anything to try to please me, but when she did, I never argued. At the moment, she looked very gorgeous. She had a black dress on that fit her like a glove. It looked absolutely amazing on her.


“Trying to impress someone, I see.” I said, walking to her and encircling my arms around her waist.


“You’re one to talk, Styles.” She mumbled before kissing me. “You look very handsome.” And she kissed me again. The kiss gradually turned into something deeper. Both of us forgot that we weren’t the only ones in the room.


“Let me get a picture of you guys!” Perrie exclaimed. Elise pulled away and laughed a bit. I handed Perrie my phone and had her take one with mine too. “1… 2… 3!” She snapped three photos: one with her phone and the other two with mine. I had one nice, normal looking picture and a weird, funny, looking picture. “You two are too adorable!”


“Liam messaged me.” Zayn said looking at his phone. “Him, Niall, Ed, Louis, Eleanor, and Niall’s special lady friend are coming in a limo right now.”


There was a honk coming from outside and a bit of yelling.


“Zayn, Harry, Perrie, and Elise, please come out of your house. This is officer Niall speaking.” Niall stuck his head out of the sun roof and yelled at us with his megaphone. “We are going to the Funky Buddha.”


We laughed and rushed outside into the enormous limousine. Ed was already drinking and cussing. I greeted Louis and Eleanor who I hadn’t seen in a while and took a seat with Elise. We blasted Viva La Vida by Coldplay and sang and drank. It was like a pre-party.


Louis asked the driver to drive around the city for a bit so we could all have some pre-party fun. We talked to Ed about his touring and our album. Elise and I talked by ourselves for a while.


“When are you guys touring?” She asked.


“May of next year.” I knew she hated when we toured because we were away for so long. She leaned her head on my shoulder.


“Will you take me with you?” She asked. I chuckled and nodded.


“Of course. I’ll fly you out for a while. We won’t be apart very much because you’re going to get flown out often; you and Eleanor will.”


“Fucking school is getting in the way, though.”


Dammit, that’s right. She still had school. “We’ll figure something out, babe.”


“Okay.” She intertwined her fingers with mine. I kissed her head and continued to listen to the boys banter about Rihanna and Katy Perry.


After the long, lively drive, we finally arrived at the club. I certainly was not up for getting wasted and Elise wasn’t either because she couldn’t go to school hung over. When we got in, we immediately hit the dance floor. I don’t want to get into detail, but I certainly did not mind Elise dancing practically on top of me. There were a lot of cameras there and they took a lot of pictures. I didn’t mind, though. We were having an awesome time bullshitting ourselves.

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