Pinky Promise

Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will the paparazzi being to make her uncomfortable? Will this end their beautiful relationship?


8. My Love

Elise's POV


I could feel kisses on my back and my neck, indicating that it was time for me to get up. I could feel Harry’s curls slowly hover across my face. It tickled. My eyes batted open and Harry was there with a beautiful smile on his face. He kissed my lips softly.


“Happy birthday, my love.” He whispered to me. I smiled weakly and thanked him. He kissed the top of my head and jumped out of bed. I watched him grab my clothes and a towel for me. I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion. He looked over at me and gave me a puzzled look. “Well you’re going to shower, aren’t you?” He put me and my clothes down in the washroom. “I won’t be helping you get undressed, but I am taking you somewhere.” He gave me a kiss and shut the door.


It was a bit of a struggle to undress myself, but I did. Harry already had the water ready for me, so all I had to do was wobble into the bathtub and stick my legs out of it. I didn’t take a long bath, but it took me a long time to get out. I sat down on the loo and dried myself off. I shook my curls out in the towel until they were bouncy again. I got dressed into the clothes Harry had picked out. They were actually very cute, but quite revealing. He brought me a thong, a lacy bra, a little shirt and shorts. I did put the clothes on. I applied my makeup and called Harry to bring my brace. He walked in and a huge smile appeared on his face when he saw me.


“You’re looking quite sexy, love.” I rolled my eyes and stuck my leg out. He put the brace on and helped me stand up. “Let’s get going, shall we?”


“Where are we going, exactly?” I asked. He shrugged and handed me my crutches.


When we got downstairs, there was a Lamborghini waiting for us in front of the hotel. I thought someone would be driving us until Harry said he was going to drive. Walking out was the hardest part. There were girls surrounding the car and the hotel. Andy and Paul held them back while Harry and I squeezed through. As soon as we were broth seated, Harry drove off. To my surprise, the girls followed. They followed us all the way to our destination: the tattoo parlor.


I looked at the building probably like a child. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo ever since Harry began getting his. I already knew what I wanted.


“Harry, I want to get a quote on my back.” I said to him. He smiled and kissed the top of my head. Then he sat me on the chair and leaned my crutches on the wall.


“How about we start with something basic?” He asked. I narrowed my eyebrows just as the tattoos artist walked in. He asked us what we were going to want for that day. Harry looked at me with glowing eyes. “Will you get a matching one with me?” I bit my lower lip and nodded.


I thought it would have taken us a long time to figure out what we wanted, but we knew what we were getting in an instant. In an hour, Harry and I had received tattoos on our pinkies that read “Promise”. It was representing the first day we met, our friendship, and our relationship. Harry and I pinky promised on everything. It was crucial to us, so we thought it would be a great one.


“That was painful!” I told Harry as we sat in the car. It was one o’clock and we were headed back to the hotel. “It hurt when it hit the bone.” I lightly traced the cursive word.


“I know, but it was what you wanted.” I looked at him. He had a sweet smile on his face. I could he was happy that we went and I knew it made him even happier that we had matching ones. I looked at his right arm which was completely free. I grabbed it and intertwined our fingers. He looked over at me, smiled, and kissed me hand.


And that’s how we got into the accident.


No I’m totally kidding, but we nearly died. Harry was driving back to the hotel when some dumb bitch cut him off. Harry hadn’t noticed until I screamed at him. He hit the brakes and out bodies hung forward and swung back. He forcefully pushed the middle of his steering wheel and muttered a few words. He then apologized to me and we continued on our way back home.


The girls had gone back to the hotel and were waiting for us there. We got out and rushed inside where there were, of course, more screaming girls. Paul quickly led us to the room and told us he would be back at 6 to take us to dinner. I sat on the bed and admired my tattoo. I could feel Harry’s eyes on me. I looked over at me and he was smiling.


“Do you like it?” He asked sitting down on the bed beside me. I nodded and looked at his hand. His tattoos were everywhere. I took his hand and admired the padlock that Ed drew. I admired his ‘I can’t change’ tattoo, his key, zigzags, and 99 pence. Most of all, I admired the promise on his pinkie. He held it up to mine and hooked it together. I smiled and took out my phone, snapping a picture.


“I love it.” I replied. He smiled and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.


We killed time for the rest of the day until dinner. Harry and I went downstairs to the pool and tanned for a while, with the exception of kisses here and there. When it turned four, Perrie and El came up to our room looking stunning. They were all ready, but they kicked Harry out.


“It’s my room!” He said while Perrie was pushing him out.


“Yes, well we want it to be a surprise so get out!” Perrie said, struggling to kick my boyfriend out. He pushed through her and gave me a kiss before Perrie grabbed him and threw him out. I would hear him laughing from behind the door.


“I love you, Elise!” He yelled.


“I love you too!” I yelled back. Eleanor was just laughing until she got me up on my feet and to the vanity seat in the corner.


“Now for makeup…” She said pursing her lips.


Eleanor did my makeup while Perrie did my hair. Eleanor started with the eyeliner so I could close my eyes for the remainder of my beauty session. I could feel Perrie’s molding my hair. I couldn’t really make out what she was doing, but I let her be.


I lost my sister a few months ago, so I really do appreciate these girls. They’re like my best girlfriends and I would do anything for them in a heartbeat. They mean the world to me, just like Harry. I love them so much.


I was beginning to fall asleep when Eleanor called my name. I didn’t open my eyes, but I paid attention to way she was saying. It had to have been an hour later, and we would be leaving soon. Eleanor gave me permission to open my eyes. I was a bit nervous that the makeup would be a bit too dramatic, but it looked great. My eye shadow was a mixt of gold, brown, and black; the colors match my dress. My lips were the perfect shade of red. My cheeks had a natural red tone to them, so there was no need to enhance them. My blemishes were all covered by the foundation. For once, I felt like a stunner.


As for my hair, Perrie had parted my hair on the left and French braided my hair on the right. She pulled all of my hair into a bun and put a black ribbon in the back. I touched the bun and smiled.


“Do you like it?” Eleanor asked with a huge grin on her face.


“I love it!” I squealed in reply. Perrie helped me up so I could give both of them a hug. Afterwards, they both looked at each other quite mischievously. “What?” I asked.


“Eleanor and I wanted you to wear these adorable shoes,” She started, holding up a cute pair of wedges with a bow at the ankle, “but you can’t walk.”


“So,” Eleanor said, taking my hand. “we want you to walk around a bit in the room.”


“And if it hurts, you can sit back down.” Perrie added. I thought about it for a bit. Was I really going to take this risk? It had only been a week and a half into my broken leg. I wouldn’t want to make it worse or to the worst. On the other hand, I wanted to be able to walk with Harry “You don’t have to if you don’t want to love.” Pere reassured me.


“I want to.” I said back.


Before we began walking, Pere reached into her bag and brought out an icy hot roll on. She rolled it all over my leg and my ankle. It stung, but eased the pain. Next, she put numbing cream in the same areas. Lastly she handed me an aspirin to help. When she finished, she put all the supplies in the purse I was using. She said it should last until the end of the night, but I would have it handy if it didn’t.


Eleanor helped me walk around the room. Her support was generous, but because of Perrie’s remedies, I let go sooner that I thought I would have. I put the shoes on and walked around like I used to. Sure, the icy hot burned, but it was helping. I walked around and did a little spin. Of course, I was still a bit slow, but I was definitely ready for a lovely evening.


They dressed me into the beautiful gold dress I bought before I came. The outfit all together made me look like a model. I actually looked like a pretty girl. I nearly cried seeing myself. I was like a whole new person.


“Elise, you look amazing!” Eleanor said.


“Thank you so much!” I said, giving them huge hugs.


“Happy birthday, love!” Perrie said. I smiled and looked at myself again. I was so satisfied, it wasn’t funny. I felt so conceited, but so proud. “Alright, it is 6:30 and the boys have been waiting for us downstairs.” Perrie said, looking at her phone. “Let’s go!”


The three of took the elevator to the lobby. I was nervous to think of what Harry was going to say. What if he didn’t like it? What if it was too much? My stomach began getting butterflies. Why was I stressing out over this?


When we got downstairs, we looked for the boys and found them right in front of the door. Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall came to greet us. Of course, I was looking for Harry. I looked around and I spotted the back of his head. He was looking out of the window into the back lot of the hotel. There were fountains and trees with little lights on them. His hands were shoved into his pockets. He was wearing a blazer and his burgundy shirt was sticking out in the back.


While everyone was getting into the car, I smiled at the man I loved. “Harry.” I called out. He turned around and had a huge grin on his face. I slowly walked toward him, which made him even more astonished. His jaw dropped, he still had a happy expression on his face.


“You look gorgeous.” He said, snaking his arm around my waist. He pulled me to him so that our bodies connected. He kissed my cheek and looked at me. “I see you’re walking.”


I looked down and smiled. “Yeah, well Perrie completely drugged me.” Harry laughed and pecked my lips. “Let’s catch up, yes?” He nodded and we walked outside.


There was a limousine outside waiting for us. The lads were in the car and once we got in, we were on our way. It didn’t take long to get to Maggiano’s, the restaurant we were going to. Not even joking, we looked like we were going prom. Before we got in, there was a guy there that Harry hired to take pictures of us, so we took a group picture in front of the limo. Harry was holding me, Louis was holding El, Perrie was in Zayn’s arms, and Niall and Liam were the goofballs in the front. They were on the floor doing sexy model poses.


We sat down and ordered our drinks. It was very nice to see everyone looking lovely in their formal attire. I smiled while everyone was laughing and enjoying the evening. It was quite hard to concentrate when there was a man taking pictures, but Harry distracted me quite a bit.


“How are you, babe?” He asked. I nodded.


“Of course, I’m okay. Why wouldn’t I be?” He shrugged and held my hand from under the table. “It’s a beautiful evening; I’m with my best friends…” I leaned my forehead against his. I was going to let the clicking of the camera ruin my night. “And I’m with the boy I am completely, madly in love with.” Harry’s breath hit my face until his lips molded with mine. I could barely hear the cameras. All I needed was my boyfriend’s lips. My heart was racing and my stomach was exploding with butterflies. Tonight was going to be-


“Lemonade for the couple.” The waitress said, interrupting mine and Harry’s kiss. We pulled away and looked at the drinks. I blushed so hard, she laughed at me. “You guys are so cute. I believe it’s your birthday?” I nodded while Harry put his arm around my waist. “That’s great! How long have you guys been together?”


“We’ve been together for a year and a half.” Harry replied.


“How sick!” It surprised me that the waitresses here talked like that. In England, they’re more proper and less fun. “My daughter loves you both. Her name is Claudia. She sings and plays volleyball.”


“That’s lovely.” I had a huge smile on my face and so did Haz. “Tell her we say hello and we appreciate her support.” The waitress smiled and agreed. She took our orders before leaving to the kitchen.


“She was sweet.” Harry said. I agreed and sipped my lemonade.


When the food came, it smelled like heaven. I had ordered a chicken and Harry ordered pasta. We shared and the two combined were delicious. It was the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in a very long time. The fact we were with everyone we loved made it better. We laughed and had a lovely time. I felt overfed when the food was gone.


The table became quite when Harry caught everyone’s attention. “I would just like to thank you guys for coming. I am so glad we could all be here for Elie as a family.” He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. “Elise, I have been waiting for a girl like you for a long time. I dated good people and bad people. I think that you and I are going to be together for a very, very long time.” I smiled and looked down because I could feel my cheeks becoming hot. “I love you with all of my heart and I hope you are having a great time on your special day.”


Everyone was clapping at Harry’s speech while Louis and Niall were shouting ‘Get some!’ at the table. I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot. I put my hands on the back of Harry’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. Louis and Niall laughed and whistled. I smiled, but continued to kiss Harry. He pulled away and was breathing heavily.


“I love you too.” I said to him.


We received the check and went back to the hotel. My leg was beginning to hurt again, so Harry tried to get me to the room as quickly as possible. He carried me in the elevator and to the room.


“Thank you so much.” I told Harry as I slid the hotel key in the slot. I opened the door and Harry walked us in. “It was so beautiful. I wouldn’t have changed the night one bit.” Harry plopped me on the edge of the bed and laid me down. He straddled over me and kissed me hard and lovingly.


“The night isn’t over yet.” He whispered. He kissed my neck and unzipped the back of my dress.

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