Pinky Promise

Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will the paparazzi being to make her uncomfortable? Will this end their beautiful relationship?


7. Hey LA


As the days went by, Elise’s leg pain eased. She became a lot better with her crutches and walking with them. It was great too, because we were having a small party for her on October 20th, two days after she turned 18. It was a small party, but it would be held in Los Angeles. Elise always mentioned how LA is her dream city, so we’re going there for a few days.


My alarm woke me up at 5 in the morning. Elise was still sleeping. Her little snores were the cutest things I had ever head in my life. I kissed her on her sweet spot, right below her earlobe. She stirred quite a bit before waking up. She looked at me and groaned. “Good morning, sunshine.” I said sarcastically. I got up and put on some sweat trousers, a shirt, and a beanie to cover my bed head. “Elise, get up.” I shook her a bit. She groaned and opened her eyes. “Let’s go baby. We’ve got to be at the airport by  six.” She rolled her eyes and closed them again. I bent down and forcefully pulled her in a lustful kiss. Her tongue slipped its way into my mouth. I continued to give myself to her. She ripped the beanie off of my head and entangled her fingers in my curls.


I pulled away and we both were breathing heavily. “Awake yet?” I whispered, kissing and sucking lightly on her neck. She tried holding her moans back, but they came out slowly. I continued to suck on her neck and unclasp her bra.


“Okay, I’m awake!” She said, reaching behind her hooking her bra back on. I smiled, picked my beanie up off the floor, and stood up properly. I took her hand and helped her to her feet. She gripped the headboard of the bed and waited for me to grab her clothes. I gave her one of my shirts and sweaters and put some sweats on her. I put her fluffy boots on and beanie that matched mine. She looked so cute; I had to take a picture for instagram.


“I can’t wait to be with her in Los Angeles :) @elieisme”


Elise wanted everyone to go to Los Angeles, but I told her that I wanted to get some alone time with her. I wasn’t being selfish, I just wanted to surprise her because everyone was secretly already going to be in Los Angeles when we got there. Perrie and Zayn left with the rest of the lads last night. I wanted to make her birthday week perfect.


It was quite chilly outside, but Paul came quickly and on time. Elise was very buzzed the whole car ride and plane ride. She refused to let me sleep because she was so excited. I couldn’t help but think of how cute she was. She was like a child on Christmas morning, especially when we arrive.


Elise had never really been outside of the UK. She was always afraid to leave because she thought she wouldn’t want to go back, but I had to make it very clear to her that we were going to go back home after the trip. When we arrived, it was like a new world to her. She looked out the window to see the beaches and palm trees. It was quite light outside for it being only 7 pm, but the city lights were on and it looked incredible.


“Harry!” She said excitedly. She pointed out the window to the crystal blue beach. “It’s so gorgeous!” I smiled and kissed her cheek.


“Happy early birthday, my love.” She looked up at me and smiled.


We got off the plane with Paul, who was guarding us the whole time. The screaming girls and rude comments shocked Elise. British girls weren’t this inappropriate. The signs they made for us had nasty phrases and words, but it was humorous. There were even more girls when we stepped outside. It was hard to pay attention to them when I had to make sure Elise didn’t trip with her crutches.


We finally made it to the van and into the hotel. We had to quickly get upstairs and away from the cameras. When we got into the elevator, Elise took a deep breath.


“This place is so beautiful.” She looked at me and smiled. “Thank you for being the most amazing boyfriend ever.” I shrugged and gave her a peck on the lips.


As soon as the elevator doors opened, a large yell of ‘Surprise!’ came out. Elise pulled away and looked out the door. Standing there were Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Perrie, and Eleanor.


“Oh my god!” Elise yelled. I laughed and wrapped my hands around her waist from behind. She turned and looked at me. “You did this?” I nodded and kissed her softly on her lips.


“Well, don’t just stand there and make out!” Louis said. He helped us take our bags out of the elevator while I helped Elise out. She gave everyone hugs and thanked them for coming. Niall mentioned how they were going to go for a swim and that he wanted us to go.


“We’ll meet you guys at the pool in a few minutes.”


Elise and I got settled into the room. She sat down on the bed while I unpacked our things and put them into the drawers. She looked through her phone and was tweeting everyone. The large smile on her face never slipped away. I could feel the love and happiness she felt radiating in the room.


I sat down next to her as she clicked her mobile off. We kind of just sat there and looked at each other for a while. I felt like I should have said words, but something was holding me back. It seemed as if we were just enjoying one another’s presence. I was enjoying looking at her and her beautiful features, one of those features being her very kissable lips. I leaned my forehead on hers.


“For the rest of this trip,” I said to her, “don’t thank me. I’m doing it because I love you and because you are the most important person in my life. I wouldn’t do this for anyone but you.” She smiled and chuckled a bit. I leaned and kissed her as she placed her hand on the back of my neck. I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Kissing her was number two on things I love about Elise. She had gorgeous lips and she knew how to use them very well.


Elise pulled away and bit her lower lip. I smiled and kissed her cheek before getting up. “Let’s start getting in our swim outfits.” I said happily. Not only did I get to see Elise in a bikini, but I also had to help her dress into it.


(I’m not even going to go into the details)


After dressing into our swim gear, I told Elise to try walking down and if it hurt too much, I would carry her. Not to my surprise, halfway down the hall she became a bit slower, so I carried her on my back. May I remind you, I also had all my other things in my hands.


When we got down to the pool, everyone was chilling in the enormous hot tub, so we decided to join them. “Looks like a real party over here.” I said to everyone. They were all laughing and smiling and just happy to be in LA. I put Elise down in the hot tub. “Why aren’t you guys swimming in the pool?”


For a while they all looked at Perrie who was blushing like mad. She turned to me and smiled. “Unless you want to freeze your balls off, I’d recommend you not go in there.” She explained how she thought it would be cool to jump in like a madwoman. It turned out that they lowered the temperature in the pool to stay cooler. “It was terrible.”


“I doubt it.” I said, taking my shirt off. I threw it on the chair.


“I’d like to see you jump in!” She protested. I shrugged and completely ran full speed into the pool. I could hear a scream from Elise followed by her maniac laughter. Perrie wasn’t joking. This pool was freezing. I swam back up and pushed my hair out of my face.


“Fuck!” I yelled, crossing my arms and running back into the hot tub. Everyone laughed at my pain, but I didn’t mind. I was down for anything. I sat next to Elise and put her on my lap for more room. “I didn’t think it’d be that cold.” I stated.


“Told you.” Perrie sneered back.


For a while, we just talked about our plans for the remainder of our stay. Niall told us that we would be going to Disneyland before we left, as well as Six Flags. Liam was going to rent out the game room in the hotel so we could play fun dance and karaoke games. Louis and Eleanor were setting up dinner reservations for Elise’s dinner tomorrow night and Zayn and Perrie were taking her out for her birthday when they got back home, considering they’re not doing anything here.


As for me, I was going to take Elise to get a tattoo. She had wanted one for a very long time, but never got one because of school. Now that she’s out, it pretty much doesn’t matter. We were both going to get matching ones, but not ones we will regret. She has a high tolerance for pain, so that was going to be easy.


“I just want to thank you guys for coming to LA with Harry and me.” Elise said. “He obviously lied to me and said we would be alone.” She gave me a look that made me laugh. “I truly do appreciate it.” I smiled and squeezed her tight, kissing her bare shoulder.


The rest of the evening was very lovely. We all ended up going in the pool for a long time, playing chicken and marco-polo. Suck for the birthday girl because she had to sit on the steps and watch from afar because of her leg. I was feeling a bit bad, so I sat down with her for most of the part. We watched together and laughed at our foolish friends. After a while, they began to leave, but Elise and I stayed behind, lying on the reclining chairs together. We watched the countable stars in the sky.


“This is completely surreal.” Elise said softly. I looked down at her and narrowed my eyebrows. “I cannot believe I have such a beautiful boyfriend and such a wonderful-” She stopped. I intertwined out fingers and waited for her answer, but she said nothing.


“Wonderful what, babe?”  She took a deep breath and huffed out the word family. “Of course, you have a wonderful family. Why did it take you such a long time to answer?” She slowly turned over on her stomach, avoiding hurting her right leg.


“I’ve never had a family. You were always my boyfriend, but I’ve never had an actual person I could call family.”


 I could see her hazel eyes turn dark brown. Her eyes showed emotion. When they were a bright green, she was happy. When they were mixed with brown and dark green, it was lust. When they turned the dark brown they were right now, it was sadness.


“You’ve called them family before.” I added.


“Yes, but its different when you really think about it. It’s like one day; I didn’t have family at all. Now, I have six people who I adore and are so thankful for.”


I counted the six people: Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Niall, Perrie, and Zayn. “What about me?” I asked quite offended. She smiled and kissed me ever so softly.


“I more than adore you.” She mumbled in between the kiss. I smiled and continued to love my girlfriend, giving her soft, sweet kisses. We decided to go back to the room and continue our kissing there. We loved with a love stronger than the world could handle.


And at the moment, everything was so perfect.

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