Pinky Promise

Elise and Harry have been dating for a while and recently made it official. Harry had to go on tour right after the confirmation of their relationship. During the time, has the hate gotten to Elise? Will the paparazzi being to make her uncomfortable? Will this end their beautiful relationship?


6. Breaking


Harry and I danced and danced. Harry wasn’t much of an ‘on the spot’ dancer, but he knew how to grind very well. A lot of people define Harry as a womanizer and I get a lot of comments on how in a few months he’s going to cheat on me, but Harry was a one woman man. The thing about Harry is that he really loves women and when he finds his own, he treats her like a friend and a lover. He’s not a womanizer at all.


I wasn’t very clumsy, but while Harry and I were walking out, a drunken girl tripped me and I twisted my ankle nearly falling. Harry had caught me, but my ankle was burning.


“Why don’t we go sit down, babe?” Harry asked. I agreed and tried to walk, but it hurt too much. I winced in pain and clutched onto Harry’s shoulder. He gripped my hip and pulled me up with every step he took. When we got to the seats, he took his other hand and put it on my waist lifting me up. “Can we get a pack of ice?” He asked the bar tender.  He knelt down and tried to move my ankle, but I flinched and nearly kicked him. He moved back and looked up at me. “I think it’s broken, babe.”


“This was a great idea.” I sarcastically told Harry, who was coming back up. He put his arms around my waist.


“You’re the one who suggested it.” I rolled my eyes and looked to my right. There was a bag of ice on the counter. Harry took it and sat down on the seat next to me. He took his sweater off and folded it, placing it on this thigh. He pulled my right leg up, taking off my shoe, and put rested my foot on the sweater. He then put the ice on top of a cloth napkin and placed it on top of my foot. “Sorry that this happened.” He said.


“Well, now I have another excuse not to go to school.” I added.


He sighed and pressed the ice to my ankle. “Honey, you know I love you to death, but I want you to be smart and finish high school because I couldn’t.” I hated when Harry pulled the school card. “At least finish high school. You don’t have to go to college.” I leaned my elbows on my thighs and rubbed my eyes. “Baby, are you okay?”


“Do you know how terrible it was for me not to see you for three months?” My voice cracked. “I had to live in the house completely empty. Every day, I slept on my side next to no one. I opened my eyes, just hoping you would magically end up next to me, but you didn’t.” Everything in my mind made me not cry. I was mad more than sad. Harry looked at me with his glowing green eyes. I took a deep breath looked away.


“Elise.” He called. I still looked away. “Elise, look at me.” I turned and saw his eyes –his damn green eyes. “Elise Anastasia Davies, I love you more than anything. You are my mornings, my afternoons, and my nights. I am only trying to keep you in school because I care about you. I love you, sweetheart.”


It tried to keep serious, but his words made me smile. “I hate you.” I joked


“Well, I love you.” He whispered.


“I love you too.”


Harry and I decided to leave. We took a cab to the hospital where they confirmed not only my broken ankle, but my broken leg too. It meant no volleyball for five months. I cried as I called my coach at two in the morning telling her that I couldn’t play for three months, making me ineligible to be in the Olympics. I didn’t mind so much because I didn’t need the fame, but it was my dream that was being crushed.


The boys picked us up in the limo and dropped us off at the house. I thought a lot about school and my leg. Since everything else was coming down in my world, it wouldn’t be bad if another thing came down.


We immediately went to the room when we got inside. Harry and I lay in our bed looking at each other.  I had to tell him my plan on how we were going to be together all the time. “Trust is the most important thing a relationship, right?” I asked. He smiled cheekily.


“Are you pregnant?” He asked. I laughed.


“No!” I said laughing. “It’s something else…” He furrowed his brows. “You want me to learn everything I know for school, right?” Harry bit his lip and nodded. “Well, I have two options for you that will work for the both of us.


“Option one: I either take the course for the final test.” It mean that I would study on Sunday for English and have a test Monday. Then study on Monday night for Math and have a test on Tuesday morning, and so on. “I would start next week and be done on Friday.


“Option two: The semester ends in a month. I would drop out without anything and go with life. There won’t be any studying hassles or drama.” Harry looked at me with the reflection of the moon in his green eyes. “I loathe myself as much as you loathe me right now, but I can’t be away from you for so long again.” Harry smiled and pulled my close to him. My head was resting on his bare chest.


“Elie, I love you. If you really think this is going to work out, then you can just drop out.” I raised my eyebrows.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yes. You’re a straight A student even when you’re balancing you school schedule, your volleyball schedule, and my schedule. I realize that you’re lonely and I don’t want to upset you.” He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. He began humming Little Things and lulled me to sleep.


When I woke up, I was still clutched to Harry’s body. His chest was so warm. I remembered about my broken ankle and how I really couldn’t move. “Harry…” I whispered. I kissed his collarbones and his neck. He smiled and opened his eyes.


“Morning beautiful.” He mumbled.


“No time for sweet talk, mister.” I said. “Help me up.” He groaned and got up from the bed. He ruffled his hair and walked to the other side of the bed. I turned over and kicked the cover off with one foot. Harry grabbed my legs and swung them over the bed. He gave me my crutches and helped me up. I gripped the crutches and caught myself.


“How does it feel?” He asked, putting his hands in front of my, making sure I didn’t fall.


“It hurts, but I’ll make it to the couch.” He laughed and walked into the bathroom, reassuring that I was okay first.


I knew Zayn didn’t cook, so I assumed the smell of bacon was coming from Perrie’s cook, but it wasn’t her either. Liam, Niall, Louis, and Eleanor were also in the house. They were all in their pajamas and the pullout couch and blow up mattress were out. Eleanor was the one cooking.


“What are you guys doing here?” I asked. When I reached the chair, I tried putting my crutches but nearly lost my balance. Luckily, Louis caught my fall. “Holy shit.” I mumbled.


“Watch it, Little Elie.” Louis said, picking me up and sitting me on the chair. “You could’ve broken your bum too.” I laughed and ran my fingers though my hair. Lou grabbed a glass of water and a pain reliever and gave it to me. “We thought you’d be at school. We didn’t think it’d be that bad.”


Oh shit, they didn’t know about my dropping out. “Yeah… school.” I said. “There’s something that I’d like to tell you guys.” They all looked at me. This was going to be weirder than I thought. “First of all, I’m ineligible for the Olympic.” There was a simultaneous ‘WHAT?!’ and loud arguing.


“You’re so good though!” “That’s not fair!” “It’s only five months!”


“I’m not done!” I said over the six voices in the room. “I’m decided to drop out of school as well.” They didn’t seem too shocked about that, but it was still a big deal. “I have the education of a second year in college. I’m in my last year of high school being taught at a second year level. Harry and I agreed on it.”


It was silent for a while. Eleanor was still cooking, but didn’t say a word.


“It’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Harry said. He was leaning on the bathroom door smiling. “She’s going to be able to go out with us for our tour and when we go out of town.” He walked over and gave me a kiss. “Plus her birthday is Saturday and we’re having a party.” I rolled my eyes and laughed.


“Yay! You guys are going to finally be legal!” Niall joked. Everyone laughed and got back to what they were doing. Niall walked over to us with a sharpie in hand. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to sign your cast.” I laughed and shook my head.


“I’m next!” Zayn called out. “I want to draw a picture.”


“I call the foot though!” Liam said.


“I want the calf!” Perrie and Eleanor said in unison and they argued for it until breakfast was served.


I realized that I was so happy where I was. I had the perfect boyfriend and I may not have had a family, but these boys and Eleanor and Perrie were my family. They were my older sibling who cared about me. I loved them so much. I couldn’t have asked to be with someone more special.

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