Better off kept a secret

I'm Angie. I'm 17! I have light brown hair. I still live with my parents. Oh ya I almost forgot I'm not human.


3. Secret revealed

Then my brother walked by. My brother's name it Derek. He's older than me. He came and gave Harry a weird look then he said "umm Angie". I rolled my eyes and said "what Derek"? He took me off to the side. "what are you doing with this...human! And why did you bring it here?" he said. "he followed me here" I said. "he's actually really sweet" I said. "you do realize if you get close to him he'll find out our secret and run it through town then we'll have to move again"! He said. "trust me I won't get that close to him" I said. I walked to Harry. "uh bye Harry" I said. "bye I'll see you tomorrow!! I'll walk you to school at 7:30" he said. I waved as he walked away. I walked into my house. "mom and dad are bringing dinner right now" Derek said. "I'm not hungry" I said. I walked upstairs. I did my homework. Then got dressed for tomorrow. Then I heard a knock at our front door. I ran downstairs. Us vampires have super speed. I opened the door. It was Harry. "hey" he said. "hey" I said. He smiled. I grabbed my back pack and walked outside. We started to walk down the street. "so that guy yesterday was your brother"? He asked. "ya sadly" I said. "older brother"? He asked. "ya" I said. He smiled. Then a few drops of rain fell on us. Then it started to pour. We started to jog down the street. "this is a dumb question but do you believe in vampires" he asked. "uhhhhh ya" I said. "I bet you they are ugly" he said giggling. "Uhhh" I said. He smiled and held my hand as we ran through the rain. We ran into the hallway. We giggled. I hugged him. Then I looked into his eyes. They were the prettiest green. Then we had a kiss. I stopped it. "no" I whispered. He leaned back in. "no Harry"! I said loudly. " you don't know me" I said louder. I walked away from him to my first class. I felt bad for him. After school I walked up to him. "hey Harry I need to tell you something" I said as I pulled towards me. "Harry I'm not uh human" I whispered. I gave him a kiss. He stopped it. "wait then what are you"? He asked me. I said "I'm uh we'll a vampire".
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