Better off kept a secret

I'm Angie. I'm 17! I have light brown hair. I still live with my parents. Oh ya I almost forgot I'm not human.


1. High school!

I was scared. Tommorow was my first day of high school! I'm not a freshman or anything I just haven't gone to high school in a long time. I grabbed my new backpack and threw it in the corner. I fell on my bed back first. I got into the covers. But I didn't go to sleep. I never do. I grabbed my lamp from the floor and put I on my nightstand. I turned it on and grabbed my book. I read it. Then I got tired so I put it down. I'm always so bored at night. I always have nothing to do. Then finally it was 7:30am! I jumped up and grabbed my jeans. I put them on. I looked through my tantops. I found one and threw it on. I grabbed my sweater and put it on. I put on my socks then my jordens. I curled my hair and put on perfume. I put on my makeup. I always make myself look darker because I'm so pale. I put on some contacts. I hated telling people I had red contacts. Especially because I wasn't wearing red contacts. I was so thirsty. I walked down the street. A man there had a gun to another man's head. "Hey calm down man" the man with the gun to his head said. I walked towards them. "Hey leave him alone" I said as the man with the gun turned around. He smiled at me. I rolled my eyes. "go" I screamed to the man who had the gun to his head. He ran. "look little girl....I don't want to hurt you" the man said still with the gun in his hand. I giggled. I ran towards him and sunk my teeth into his neck. His blood didn't taste very good. But food is food right! I walked to school. I walked into the girls restroom to wash my mouth out so it didn't smell like blood in class. These two girls were in there. "so have you seen the new guys" the blonde one said. "ya!! I heard there in a band called one direction" the other one said. I turned on the sink and started to put water in my mouth. Then I spit it out. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped my mouth. The girls walked out of the restroom. I threw the paper towel away. I walked out. I saw a giant group of people. My friend Ariana ran up to me. Ariana was the only person other than my family that knew my secret. "why is everyone over there?" I asked her. "well I heard there are there famous guys that are coming to this school" she said. Even though I didn't go to school me and Ariana would still hang out. I rolled my eyes. We started to walk to class. I walked to mine and she walked to hers. My first class was cemistry. I liked this class because I didn't have to talk to anyone because I didn't have a partner. But today I guy with curly hair and green eyes sat next to me. "hi I'm Harry" he said. I guess he was one of those new famous guys. I didn't say a word. I didn't even look at him. He turned. He turned back to me. He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote some thing on it. He passed it to me. I looked at it. It said "hi I'm Harry:)". I grabbed my pen and wrote "I'm Angie so are you new here"? He grabbed it and read it. He wrote something else and slid it back. "ya!!but every thinks of me as....never mind you want want to hear it and yo probably dont understand" it said. I grabbed the paper and threw it away. "trust me I'll understand" i said to him smiling.
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